The One & Only

Chapter: 546

Li Cangfeng also knelt down!
Thump Thump…
Li Huaishun and Li Zangzhuo also knelt down!
Everyone in the Li family was full of gray faces, sweaty, and trembling all over.
Chen Ning looked at the old lady and others who were crawling on the ground, and said coldly: “Raise your heads and look at me!”
As a last resort, the old Taijun and others honestly looked up and looked at Chen Ning in fear.
Chen Ning said indifferently: “You say my mother is a shame to your family?”
“You said my father is a nouveau riche in Tubaozi?”
“You say I am a little bastard, is it the shame of your Li family?”
The old lady tremblingly said: “Chen Ning, the old man is wrong, our Li family is completely wrong.”
“We shouldn’t oppose your mother being with your dad back then, let alone turn a blind eye to your mother, and die.”
“We shouldn’t say that you are a shame to our family!”
“On the contrary, you should be the pride of our Li family!”
Li Huaiping, Li Huaishun, Li Cangfeng, and Li Zangzhuo couldn’t help but stare at Chen Ning.
The old lady is right, Chen Ning should be the pride of their Li family!
Because half of the blood flowing in Chen Ning’s body is from the Li family.
Chen Ning sneered upon hearing this!
He squinted his eyes and looked at the Li family coldly, his eyes falling on the old lady.
He said indifferently: “It’s wrong, if you don’t have to sever relationship with my mother, you don’t have to watch my mother die in poverty and disease and die.”
“If you haven’t said so much about insulting my parents, you haven’t insulted me.”
“Then I should probably call you grandma now. You should have a grandson who is a marshal.”
“Unfortunately, all of this caused your cold blood to be ruined by your own hands!”
Hearing this, the old lady almost fainted on the spot with black eyes.
Chen Ning’s gaze fell on the two brothers Li Huaiping and Li Huaishun again, and said coldly: “You two were originally my mother’s younger brothers.”
“You two should have a commander-in-chief nephew who guards the border and has 300,000 soldiers.”
“Unfortunately, you also let your viciousness and cold blood be ruined by your own hands.”
After listening to Chen Ning’s words, Li Huaiping and Li Huaishun couldn’t help but Qi Qi’s blood pressure soared, qi and blood surged, his throat was sweet, and both vomited blood.
Chen Ning’s eyes finally fell on Li Cangfeng and Li Cangzhuo.
He said coldly: “You two brothers, there should have been a cousin known as the Huaxia Jade Bi, the God of War.”
“But your vicious heart, vicious words, and despicable behavior have also ruined this beautiful relationship.”
Both brothers Li Cangfeng and Li Cangzhuo confided in remorse, lowered their heads, and slammed their heads on the floor, bumping their foreheads.
The two were ashamed and indignant, kneeling like ostriches, their foreheads knocked on the ground and dared not look up.
They both regret it too!
If they did not intend to use Chen Ning’s daughter as a proton, did not force Chen Ning to change his surname, did not threaten Chen Ning’s life or death, did not say so many vicious things, then Chen Ning was their cousin!
With Chen Ning, a relative of the Chinese God of War and the Northern Marshal of the Li family, it is not a problem to become the first-class giant in the capital.
It’s a pity it’s too late now!
What they did not only caused them to lose such a patron that could reach the sky, but also made them and the marshal become enemies.
The old Taijun and the others, at this time, regretted suicide.
The old lady repented and said in a trembling voice: “The old man is guilty, our Li family is guilty, please marshal, you punish severely…”
Wang Yun said coldly: “You are indeed guilty, you Li family are all guilty!”
Tian Weilong even asked Chen Ning in a deep voice: “Marshal, please order how to deal with the Li family.”
Everyone in the Li family looked pale, like death row prisoners waiting to be shot.
All the eyes of everyone at the scene fell on Chen Ning.
Everyone is very curious, will Chen Ning destroy the Li family directly?
Chen Ning watched the shivering Li family crawling on the ground, and his mother’s shadow flashed in his mind.
If he destroys the Li family now, I guess his mother will not be happy, right?
Chen Ning looked at the Li family coldly, and slowly said: “Remember, I said a word of mine can make your Li family disappear.”
The old lady and the others had white lips. Chen Ning did say it, but at the time they thought Chen Ning was bragging, and now they know that Chen Ning really has such strength.
Chen Ning saw that everyone in the Li family dared not say anything, he continued: “It was like someone dared to kidnap my daughter and wanted to use my daughter’s life and happiness in exchange for the benefits of their family. According to my character, I had already killed them all. .”
“However, since you were my mother’s relatives, I will not kill you.”
Hearing this, everyone in the Li family squatted their heads quickly: “Thank you, thank you, Marshal…”
Chen Ning snorted coldly: “Don’t thank me in a hurry, you can avoid death and living sins!”
“I ask you Li family to retire for ten years from now on!”
“In ten years, all the people in your Li family will not be allowed to engage in politics or business. Except for the students who are going to school, everyone in this ten years will stay at home and think behind closed doors!”
“You confess your mistakes, learn what family affection is, learn how to behave, and cultivate the correct three views.”
“Ten years from now, if your Li family is knowledgeable and reasonable, then your Li family will be able to go out of office and do business again!”
Everyone in the Li family was dumbfounded.
After retiring for ten years and not going to be an official business, everyone except the children who went out to study must learn morals and etiquette at home.
The Li family will suffer heavy economic losses!
Ten years later, the Li family is estimated to fall out of the wealthy circle.
Tian Weilong snorted coldly: “The marshal did not destroy your Li family, so you are considered lucky.”
Wang Yun glanced at Chen Ning with profound meaning, and then faintly said to everyone in the Li family: “The young marshal is not punishing you anymore, this is saving your Li family.”
“Order your Li family to retire for ten years, imprison all of you from going out at home and learn moral etiquette.”
“After ten years, you have become a family of poets and calligraphers. Why can’t you rise again?”
The old lady’s eyes lit up and looked at Chen Ning in surprise.
She realized at this time that Chen Ning had profound meaning for the punishment of their Li family.
Wang Yun continued: “On the contrary, if the marshal just punishes you casually, you will soon heal the scar and forget the pain.”
“At that time, your old attitudes will come back to you, and you will once again cause the destruction of the door. That will really be the day when your Li family perishes.”
“So the marshal punishes you, and also gives you the Li family a chance to be a new man. Are you still thanking the marshal?”
The old Taijun and others heard the words as if they were initiating, and they suddenly realized.
They all bowed down to Chen Ning, and said in a sincere heart: “Thank you, the young marshal, for giving the Li family a chance to reform!”
“Our Li family retired for ten years after three days. After thinking behind closed doors, the whole family learns morals and etiquette, and the opportunity given by the marshal will not fail.”
After the Li family thanked Chen Ning, they helped each other and left.
At this moment, an African passenger plane slowly landed at the Jiangnan International Airport.
An African man with a height of more than two meters, a dark complexion, sharp eyes, thick lips and white teeth, and a group of his men slowly stepped off the plane.
This man is the powerful warrior of the African warchief Akin, nicknamed the Ogre’s Malone.
Akin has the terrifying nickname of an African tyrant in Africa!
Akin likes killing people for fun, cannibalism, and pedophilia.
The most famous deed is that Akin decapitated all his enemies, soaked their heads in a formalin glass bottle, met with these enemies every day, and from time to time showed off to the enemy’s head.
Ah Jin fell in love with Song Qingqing. He, a perverted demon king, was fascinated by Song Qingqing, a jade-carved oriental elf.
He personally sent Ma Long to China to take Song Qingqing to Africa.

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