The One & Only

Chapter: 547

After Chen Ning attended the first lady’s birthday party, the next day he took his daughter and his men to return to Jiangnan Zhonghai.
In the afternoon!
The flight Chen Ning and the others took has successfully and safely arrived at Zhonghai Airport.
Song Pingting, Tong Ke, Song Zhongbin, and Ma Xiaoli had already waited anxiously at the airport exit.
Song Qingqing, who was holding the big hand with Chen Ning’s small hand, couldn’t help but cheered when she saw Song Pingting, and then rushed towards Song Pingting.
Song Pingting finally let go of her worry when she saw her daughter.
She greeted her, hugged her daughter, slapped her daughter’s cheek, and said excitedly: “My little baby, you can count as coming back. You scared my mother and your grandma to death.”
At this moment, Chen Ning walked over with Dianchu and Bahuwei smiling.
When Song Pingting saw Chen Ning, it was just like a young wife saw her returning husband. Her eyes were full of tenderness and warmth, and she said softly: “Chen Ning, you go to the Li’s house in the capital to bring Qingqing back. They are not in trouble for you. Right?”
Song Zhongbin, Ma Xiaoli and Tong Ke all looked at Chen Ning together.
Chen Ning smiled and said: “There are no, and I have taught them a little lesson. They know they were wrong now and have already thought about it behind closed doors.”
Song Pingting, Song Zhongbin and Ma Xiaoli were stunned when they heard this!
Chen Ning actually taught the Li family in Beijing, and the Li family dare to admit mistakes and think about it?
Is this the imposing and domineering Li family style?
For a time, not only Song Zhongbin and Ma Xiaoli felt that their son-in-law was omnipotent, but Song Pingting also felt that her husband’s strength was becoming more and more incredible.
Chen Ning smiled and said, “Let’s go back and talk about it!”
Song Zhongbin nodded after hearing the words, “Yes, Chen Ning is right, this is not the place to talk, let’s go home and talk about it.”
Chen Ning and the others are ready to get on the bus and leave.
However, at this time, a group of people came in front, a group of very conspicuous African men!
The head of this group of African men is tall, with bull-eyes, full face and thick lips, looking ugly and scary.
He is the powerful warrior of the chief chief of the African armed tribe, Ma Long.
Behind Ma Long was followed by a tall and thin black soldier in camouflage uniforms, and eight black men in suits.
When Chen Ning saw Ma Long’s group of people, based on their appearance, physical characteristics, and footwork, they could easily determine that these guys were all fighters, and they were veterans who had been battle-tested.
Chen Ning frowned slightly, looking at these uninvited guests.
Dian Chu and Eight Tiger Guards secretly guarded.
Song Pingting and others looked at the menacing blacks like Ma Long in surprise.
Ma Long and his party stopped in front of Chen Ning.
Ma Long squinted his eyes like an African lion staring at a group of sheep, and fell on Chen Ning and others.
He glanced at Song Qingqing intentionally or unintentionally, and after confirming that Song Qingqing was the little Eastern girl that Great Chief A Jin wanted, he smiled at Chen Ning and said, “If I didn’t admit my mistake, you should be Chen Ning, right?”
Chen Ning said nonchalantly, “Are you from an armed tribe in Africa?”
Ma Long grinned, showing a mouthful of crippled white teeth, and grinned: “Since you know where I come from, then you must know who we are.”
“Our Great Chief Ajin, sent me to pick up Li’s protagonist Song Qingqing. I wonder if it is convenient for you to take this little girl to us now?”
Song Pingting’s face turned pale when she heard the words, and she hugged her daughter tightly, hiding behind Chen Ning, and staring at Malone and the black Africans vigilantly and angrily.
Song Zhongbin and others were frightened and glared at each other.
Chen Ning’s eyes flashed with a cold light, but his face remained calm, but his voice became colder: “We have nothing to do with the Li family. The Li family wants to send someone to Africa to be a proton, and I don’t have a dime relationship with my daughter. ”
Ma Long said: “Hey, our Great Chief Akin has taken a fancy to this little girl, and now it’s not your turn to make the final decision.”
Song Qingqing, who was in Song Pingting’s arms, looked at the tall, dark-skinned Ma Long and others with only white teeth, just like looking at a group of fierce gorillas.
She hid in Song Pingting’s arms and said timidly, “Dad, I’m so afraid of them.”
Chen Ning looked at Ma Long and said indifferently: “My daughter doesn’t want to see you, you can get out. I only give you half a day to get out of China. If you are still in China tomorrow, you will be at your own risk!”
Song Pingting’s family saw Chen Ning forcefully let the blacks like Malone go, and let the other party get out of China.
They were all nervous, their eyes fixed on Ma Long, for fear that this group of African blacks would violently hurt people.
Ma Long raised his mouth and smiled: “Hoho, okay, I won’t bother you anymore, see you later.”
Ma Long took his nine men and turned to leave.
The tall and thin black man wearing camouflage uniforms couldn’t help but whispered: “General Malone, why don’t we just do it, kill them all and take the little girl away?”
This tall, thin black man, without a name, was codenamed Black Mamba. He was a famous sniper from an armed African tribe.
Ma Long patted the black Mamba on the shoulder and said with a smile: “This is China, not our African tribe. Although we are killing people in Africa, we have to be careful in China.”
“There are many special police officers in this airport. This is not a good place for us to do things.”
Hei Mamba heard the words and looked around. Indeed, there are a lot of security guards around the airport, and there are even many special police guards who are in charge of maintaining public order.
He asked Ma Long: “General, when is the right time for us to do it?”
Ma Long grinned and said, “Didn’t Chen Ning ask us to leave China before sunrise tomorrow, then we will do as he wishes.”
“Let’s do it tonight, kill Chen Ning’s family, and take Song Qingqing back to Africa to see the Great Chief!”
The black mamba and the eight other African fighters all smiled.
Everyone said one after another: “We have killed a lot of people, but we haven’t tried the killing in China!”
“Tonight, our group of African lions can enjoy a feast of killing, hahaha.”
Chen Ning and his party came out of the airport and drove home.
On the way!
Song Pingting hugged her daughter, her pretty face faintly worried.
She could see that Ma Long’s group of blacks was aggressive, and anyone with a discerning eye could see that Ma Long’s group was not good.
When Ma Long just left, he said see you later.
She is very worried now that Ma Long’s gang will come back soon, which is not good for her daughter.
Chen Ning noticed the worried expressions of Song Pingting, Song Zhongbin, and Ma Xiaoli. He smiled slightly and said, “My wife, don’t worry, there are not a few barbarians in our Chinese territory.”
“Don’t worry, I will take care of these guys.”
Soon, he returned to his home in Jiangbin Community.
Song Pingting and others took Song Qingqing home, and Ma Xiaoli personally cooked and cooked food for her baby granddaughter.
Dian Chu came to Chen Ning calmly at this time, and whispered: “Master, we followed your instructions and stared at the Ma Long gang, and found that the gang did not intend to leave.”
“We found out that Ma Long and the others are planning to attack your young master tonight, planning to kill your family, and take away the young lady.”
Chen Ning snorted coldly: “The jackals are coming with shotguns, you guys prepare for it and greet these jackals tonight.”
Dian Chu said solemnly: “Yes!”

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