The One & Only

Chapter: 548

late at night!
The night wind roared, dark clouds in the sky rolled, lightning flashed, and thunder came faintly.
Obviously, a thunderstorm was approaching in the middle of the night.
In the Jiangbin Villa community, except for the street lights in the public areas, the lights in every household have basically been turned off, and the people in the entire community have basically gone to sleep.
A group of figures appeared in the community and quickly swept towards the small villa of Chen Ning’s house.
These uninvited guests at midnight are Malone and his men!
Ma Long and his men were all wearing combat uniforms at this time. He told the Black Mamba: “You find a suitable commanding height, monitor the audience, and give us sniper support at any time.”
The tall and thin black mamba, carrying a light sniper rifle, moved quickly towards the villa opposite Chen Ning’s house.
Like an ape, he quickly climbed directly to the top of the opposite building and found a suitable sniper position.
Ma Long took the other eight men and quickly surrounded Chen Ning’s house.
However, they are still not close to Chen Ning’s house!
Suddenly discovered that a group of people stood silently in the dark, waiting for their arrival.
Ma Long and others suddenly widened their eyes!
This group of people are the eight most elite fighters in the Chen Ning Guards, the Eight Tigers.
Chen Ning stepped out at this time, standing in front of the Eight Tigers, looking at Ma Long and others, indifferently said: “Jackals from Africa, I’ve been waiting for you for a long time!”
Ma Long looked at Chen Ning in shock. Chen Ning unexpectedly guessed that they would come tonight, and even prepared in advance?
Malone was frightened and angry, facing the communicator on the collar, quickly said: “Black Mamba, kill him!”
In the distance, the black mamba on the commanding height of the building immediately executed the order, ready to aim the sniper rifle at Chen Ning, planning to kill Chen Ning first.
He didn’t even aim at Chen Ning!
Suddenly a warning sign in my heart!
This is the instinct of African wild dogs for danger!
Hei Mamba realized something, his face changed drastically, and he turned the muzzle without hesitation and aimed at the roof of a house on the side.
On the roof of the house, there was a tall figure standing, who was the King of the Spear King in the Northern Army, Dian Chu!
Dian Chu stood with his feet like nails, his waist straight, and a sniper rifle in his flat end, already aiming at the black mamba.
The sniper rifle is heavy and has great recoil!
Even if it is a light sniper rifle, the average sniper needs to use it on the ground. It is very rare for a sniper rifle like Dian Chu to hold it flat.
Because ordinary snipers are very difficult to control!
When the black mamba saw Dian Chu holding the gun, he knew that he had met a master.
He had just aimed his scope at Dian Chu, but Dian Chu’s scope had already locked him.
The eyes of the two passed through the scopes of their sniper rifles!
Hei Mamba can even see Dian Chu’s self-confident mouth!
And Dian Chu could also see the horrified eyes of Hei Mamba, but Dian Chu did not hesitate to move, so he squeezed the trigger!
A gunshot!
The bullet came through the air, directly smashing the scope of the black mamba sniper rifle, and then shot it in from the black mamba’s right eye.
The bullet penetrated the black mamba’s head, flew out from the back of the black mamba, and brought out a lot of red and white pulp…
The weapon in Black Mamba’s hand fell, and he raised his head and fell and fell heavily to the ground.
The African gunman was killed on the spot.
on the ground!
Ma Long didn’t wait until the black Mamba was able to fire his guns. Instead, there was a gunshot from the opposite building, and there was no movement in the black Mamba.
“Black mamba, black mamba?”
Ma Long yelled to the communication device twice in a row, but he didn’t get the slightest response from the black mamba. He vaguely felt that the black mamba might have been more ill-fortuned.
The African tribal gun king, the black mamba, known as the god of death in Africa, was killed inexplicably with a single shot.
Oh my!
What the hell is this?
Was China Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon everywhere, or was it the Black Mamba that was unlucky and was shot to death by accident?
at this time!
There was no more gunshots on the roof of the building opposite!
Ma Long didn’t care about thinking so much, and decisively shouted to the eight elite men around him: “Do it, kill them, beware of cold guns, and make a quick decision.”
The voice falls!
The eight elites around Ma Long rushed towards Chen Ning.
They are all veterans who have experienced many battles in the African battlefield.
The Eight Tiger Guards beside Chen Ning also moved.
Moreover, the speed is faster and the shot is more ruthless!
Meet each other!
There were a few black fighters who were directly hit by the eight tiger guards, vomiting blood and fell to the ground.
Ma Long looked stunned!
His black subordinates are all top-notch masters in the African armed tribes. On the battlefield tomorrow, they will be able to defeat one hundred!
The combat effectiveness of these eight men on the battlefield is comparable to that of two infantry battalions.
However, when facing Chen Ning’s subordinates, how could he be killed as soon as he met him?
Malone was frightened and angry!
Chen Ning’s strength far exceeds his estimation!
But now that he was already riding a tiger, he roared and shot himself at Chen Ning like lightning.
Catch the thief first!
If Chen Ning can be defeated in one fell swoop and Chen Ning is held hostage, then Chen Ning’s men will certainly not dare to act rashly!
Ma Long held a military dagger in his hand, swished close to Chen Ning, and pierced Chen Ning’s shoulder with a sharp knife.
Chen Ning raised his hand and grabbed Ma Long’s wrist.
Ma Long’s pupils were instantly enlarged, showing an expression of disbelief.
Chen Ning didn’t wait for the other party to resist, and he broke Ma Long’s wrist even more with a squeak.
Ma Long is also worthy of being a veteran on the battlefield who came out of the dead. Even if his right wrist was broken, he was still in a panic.
He groaned in pain, but he didn’t get into trouble when he was in danger. He flew up like lightning and kicked Chen Ning’s head in shock.
Chen Ning raised his hand, grabbed Ma Long’s ankle, and caught the opponent’s foot abruptly!
Malone’s eyes widened!
He was caught by Chen Ning with such a powerful kick?
Chen Ning grabbed the foot swept by the opponent with his left hand, and hit the opponent’s foot with a fist with his right hand.
Ma Long’s foot was also interrupted by Chen Ning.
Chen Ning raised his foot and kicked Malone in the chest.
Ma Long’s entire chest sank deeply, and directly sprayed out a mouthful of blood mixed with pieces of lung lobes, then flew out and fell heavily to the ground.
He is dying, his breath is like a gossip!
And all his subordinates around him fell in a pool of blood.
He stared at Chen Ning fiercely, his eyes were extremely complicated, and he trembled: “Who are you?”
“I cross the battlefield of African tribes, and I have encountered countless masters, and there is no one as powerful as you. Who are you?”
Chen Ning said coldly: “It doesn’t matter who I am!”
“The important thing is that you foreign soldiers must remember one sentence, Huaxia is your forbidden place. If you dare to step into Huaxia’s territory wearing military boots and war swords, there will only be one end, and there will be no mercy!”
Kill without mercy!
Ma Long looked at Chen Ning, who was so domineering, and he remembered a person in a daze, that is, the God of War of China who once killed the allied forces of the Eighteen Nations.
He looked at Chen Ning in horror: “I know who you are, you are the God of War, no wonder, no wonder…”
After Ma Long finished speaking, frightened, he spit out a big mouthful of blood, fell to the ground and died.

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