The One & Only

Chapter: 549

There was a thunder in the sky, and heavy rain poured down.
Chen Ning calmly ordered: “Clean up these dross!”
Dian Chu: “Yes!”
Chen Ning turned and went back to the house. Dian Chu and Bahuwei methodically took advantage of the night and thunderstorms to quickly clean up all the bodies of Ma Long.
The people of Ma Long disappeared forever.
Three days later!
African armed tribe, in the palace of the great chief.
Great Chief Ah Jin, who was full of flesh, bloated, and dressed only in a bathrobe, sat on the sofa.
Several young girls of different skin colors are rubbing his shoulders and legs.
In front of him stood an officer in camouflage uniforms, and there were many guards with live ammunition around him.
The officer’s name was Muhammad Ali, and he was Akin’s deputy!
A Jin looked at Ali, who was stalwart, with a short beard and looked very resolute, and asked coldly, “Do they have any information, Ma Long?”
Ali didn’t look squint, and said loudly, “Report to the Chief, Ma Long and the others have completely lost contact.”
A Jin was shocked and angry after hearing this: “What’s the matter?”
Ali said, “Ma Long went to China to find Chen Ning, and he was going to take back the little Eastern girl whom you had fancy to the Chief Chief. At that time, they lost contact with each other the night they did it. I’m afraid they are already fierce?”
A Jin said angrily: “You mean Chen Ning dared to kill my powerful warrior?”
“Call Huaxia Li’s family and ask them what they mean?”
Ali smiled bitterly: “I have already contacted the China Li family.”
“The Li family has acted abnormally recently and has taken care of us. They even decided to abandon their investment in Africa regardless of the previous investment losses.”
“It is said that the Li family has offended China’s top dignitaries and was ordered to think behind closed doors. They have sold all their business and will not do business in the next ten years.”
Ah Jin was completely stunned when he heard this!
After a while, he came back to his senses.
He said bitterly: “Fucking, the Chinese Li family is playing tricks on us, and we have been busy withdrawing funds from them.”
“Moreover, the little oriental beauty whom I promised to send has a shadow, and it caused me to lose a general, damn it!”
When he said this, he said sternly: “This matter can’t be forgotten, Ali!”
Ali solemnly said: “The subordinate is here!”
Ah Jin ordered: “You must gather a group of elite men. I want to visit Huaxia in person. The Huaxia Li family must compensate for my economic losses. And Chen Ning has killed my powerful fighter, and he must die!”
Ali saluted: “Yes, Warchief.”

Chen Ning, Song Pingting, Song Qingqing, Song Zhongbin, Ma Xiaoli, Tong Ke, as well as Dianchu and Bahuwei, were taking a passenger plane to the capital.
It turned out that Song Pingting was named one of the top ten model workers in the country.
A model worker is an honorary title given by Huaxia to make a significant contribution to social construction!
This time, Chen Ning’s family accompanied Song Pingting to Beijing and accompanied her to the commendation ceremony. At the same time, the family also took the opportunity to travel to Beijing.
Arrived in the capital!
Accompanied by her family, Song Pingting participated in the commendation meeting and won the medal and honor of model worker.
After attending the commendation meeting, the family went to Quanjude to eat roast duck that night.
When I finished paying for the roast duck, I was told that someone was helping to pay for it.
Chen Ning’s family was a little surprised. Quanjude roast duck is not cheap. Their family ordered a lot of dishes. It is estimated that the meal cost thousands of dollars. Who is so hospitable to help buy the order?
Chen Ning asked the hotel manager: “Who bought us the bill?”
The hotel manager pointed to a man in a white suit not far away and said, “This Shao Li bought you the bill!”
Chen Ning and the others only noticed that Li Zangfeng, the young master of the Li family in the capital, was standing on the side.
Li Zangfeng hurried over at this time and respectfully said to Chen Ning: “Hello, Mr. Chen.”
In fact, Li Cangfeng wanted to call his cousin good.
But he knew that Chen Ning was hating their Li family now, so he didn’t dare to ask for fun, so he had to call Mr. Chen honestly.
When Chen Ning saw Li Zangfeng, she said coldly: “Didn’t I let your Li family think behind closed doors and not get out of the door?”
“You haven’t thought about it at home, what are you doing here!”
Li Cangfeng showed a panic expression, and said hastily: “Actually, I learned that Mr. Chen, you have come to the capital, and I came to see you specially.”
Chen Ning frowned slightly: “What kind of love do I have with your Li family, why are you coming to see me?”
Li Zangfeng said truthfully: “In fact, our Li family is facing a catastrophe, come and beg Mr. Chen to help us.”
Chen Ning sneered: “Your Li family is getting into trouble again. What does it have to do with me? Why should I help you?”
Li Zangfeng said with a sad face: “Mr. Chen, you let our family retired for ten years. If you don’t have an official position within ten years, you can’t do business. Our Li family did so.”
“We sold off all our business, including investments in Africa.”
“But it is precisely because of our divestment that we have offended the chief of the African armed tribe, Ah Jin, who is already planning to come to China to care about us.”
Chen Ning was a little surprised when he heard this: “Ajin is coming to China?”
Li Zangfeng said: “Yes, I came to settle accounts with our Li family, and I also came to settle accounts with you, Mr. Chen.”
“He asked our Li family to compensate him for the loss of 10 billion U.S. dollars, and he also said that he would kill you and avenge Ma Long.”
Song Pingting frowned when she heard the words. She couldn’t hide her worry. She found that their family was trapped in the vortex of African armed tribes.
Chen Ning had a calm face and said to Li Zangfeng faintly: “If this is the case, you Li family don’t have to worry about it. Just think about it behind closed doors, and I will solve it with Akin.”
Li Cangfeng was overjoyed when he heard this!
He excitedly said: “Yes, Mr. Chen.”
Li Zangfeng thought excitedly, a young marshal promised to help, how dare a few African chiefs dare to be presumptuous?
But what they didn’t know was that Ah Jin had already appeared at Li’s house in the capital at this moment.
Bang bang!
In the Li family mansion in the capital, there were two door claps from the closed door.
Then, the small door next to the gate opened with a creak.
A few servants of the Li family came out and looked at Ah Jin, the bloated black warchief in front of them, as well as a group of fierce men behind Ah Jin, and said uncertainly: “Who are you?”
Ah Jin deals with Chinese people all year round, and his Mandarin is even more standard than his African.
He said with a faint smile: “I’m from Africa. There is an old saying in China that you are happy to have friends coming from afar. Don’t you hurry up to inform everyone in your family to come out and welcome this chieftain?”
Among the servants, the head of the mustache said: “Go and go, our Li family recently thought behind closed doors, the old lady ordered not to see any guests, you niggers hurry up and get out, don’t come to our Li family to make trouble.”
When Ah Jin heard the words, Ho Ho smiled and said, “Ali!”
Ali, his deputy, strode out upon hearing this.
The mustache looked at Ali and said in horror: “What do you want to do?”
There was no expression inside, his right hand protruded like lightning, and the huge right palm wrapped the moustache’s face.
Five fingers hard!
Blood and brain splatter!
Ali actually squeezed the moustache’s head with his hands!
When the other servants saw this, they screamed and ran into the mansion.
Upon seeing this, A Jin smiled slightly, and led Ali and his men, slowly walking in.
The old lady of the Li family, Li Huaiping, Li Huaishun, Li Zangzhuo and other family members were having dinner around a large round table.
Unexpectedly, Ah Jin brought a group of men to the door, and the family was shocked.
A Jin looked at the Li family sitting at the table, his eyes fell on the delicious food on the table, he sniffed his nose, grinned and said: “Chinese food, I also like to eat, give me a bowl chopsticks.”
He pointed to Li’s daughters-in-law and said, “These young beauties, pour me wine and wait for me to eat.”
He pointed to the old lady of the Li family and Li Huaiping and said humanely: “You old lady and the men on the scene, all kneel down and wait for my message.”
Everyone in the Li family was shocked and angry when they heard this.
The young and energetic Li Zangzhuo slammed the table top, stood up and said angrily: “You dare to be presumptuous in our Li family!”
A Jin looked at Li Zangzhuo and smiled: “Ali!”
Ali behind him moved again, as fast as a cheetah on the African grasslands.
As soon as the figure flashed, Ali appeared in front of Li Zangzhuo.
Ali Ling waited for Li Cangzhuo to react, and he had already raised his hand and punched Li Cangzhuo’s face.
Li Zangzhuo’s head was directly blown by Ali, and there were no screams, and he was killed on the spot.
When everyone in the Li family saw this, their faces were pale and trembling.
A Jin smiled and said, “Now, who has any objections?”

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