The One & Only

Chapter: 550

Everyone in the Li family looked at Li Zangzhuo’s body on the ground, filled with righteous indignation.
But they dare to be angry but dare not speak!
Ah Jin is a well-known demon tyrant in Africa, let alone killing the Li family’s children, even if all the Li family is slaughtered, it is nothing to Ah Jin!
The old prince said humiliatingly: “Give him a new set of tableware!”
The servant of the Li family added a new set of tableware to Ah Jin, and several daughters-in-law and daughter-in-law of the Li family were forced to serve Ah Jin to drink and eat.
The old lady and a group of Li family men all stood up and left.
Ali and dozens of African warriors who have experienced many battles stood expressionlessly behind Ah Jin. Ali coldly said to the old lady and the others: “Our great chief wants you to kneel and listen and wait!”
Everyone in the Li family became more and more angry when they heard this.
The old lady looked at Ah Jin and said angrily: “Warchief, don’t deceive people too much.”
A Jin sneered slightly at the corner of his mouth: “You know?”
“The most spoken word of those who died in my hands is to look at me in fear and tell me not to deceive people too much.”
“As everyone knows, I did this just to see you hate me, but I can’t get rid of me!”
The faces of the old lady and the Li family became extremely ugly.
This African armed tribe chief is simply a pervert who likes to torture his opponents, and there is no common sense at all.
A Jin hugged the Li family’s daughter-in-law, triumphantly looking at the shocked, embarrassed old Taijun and the others, faintly ordered: “Don’t you kneel down?”
People have to bow their heads under the eaves!
The old lady and others were preparing to endure the shame, and knelt down.
However, at this time, Li Cangfeng hurried in from outside.
Li Zangfeng said angrily: “Who dares to let the Li family kneel down!”
The old lady of the Li family and others were surprised and happy when they saw Li Cangfeng, and said quickly: “Cangfeng, didn’t you go to see Mr. Chen? What did Mr. Chen say when I came back so soon?”
Li Cangfeng looked at his brother’s body on the ground, his face was full of anger, and he said loudly, “Grandma, Mr. Chen has promised to protect us!”
The marshal promised to protect the Li family!
My God, this is great news!
Hearing this, the old lady and the others were all excited and inexplicable. With the Chinese God of War protecting their Li family, do they still need to be afraid of this African chief?
When Ah Jin saw this, he frowned slightly, wondering who Mr. Chen, how come the people like the Li family were all beaten up with chicken blood after hearing about Mr. Chen?
He said coldly: “What are you talking about, I let you kneel down, do you hear it?”
Li Cangfeng held up his chest and said loudly: “You dare to let our Li family kneel down, do you know that my grandmother’s grandson Chen Ning is now the Chinese God of War?”
Chinese God of War!
A Jin trembles imperceptibly when he hears this. Although he is far away in Africa, he has also heard of the prestige of the Chinese God of War!
Three years ago, the powerhouses of 18 countries formed a team to secretly enter the northern border of China, wanting to behead the marshal of the northern border.
However, the allied forces of the masters of the Eighteen Nations were single-handedly killed by the young marshal of the North, and blood flowed into a river of corpses.
Since then, the prestige of the God of War of China has reverberated throughout the world, and has become a nightmare in the hearts of China’s enemies.
Although Ah Jin is called an African tyrant, he still has an inexplicable fear of the Chinese God of War in his mind.
He suddenly heard that the God of War of China was the grandson of the Li family, and he was really taken aback.
However, Ali, the deputy behind him, said in a deep voice in time: “Warchief, don’t listen to them bragging.”
“If Huaxia Ares is their grandson of the Li family, they would show off to us when they invested in Africa. How could they wait until now to come up with it?”
After hearing the words, Ah Jin came back to his senses, and quickly judged that what the Li family had said was a lie, and tried to move out of the Chinese God of War to scare him.
If the Chinese God of War were really the grandson of the Li family, the Li family had previously invested in Africa and were blackmailed by Ah Jin and the others, the Li family would have moved out of the Chinese God of War.
How can it be announced today, it must be fake!
A Jin looked at the old lady and the others, and sneered: “Ho ho, use your Chinese God of War to scare me!”
“I kill fewer people in Africa than your Chinese God of War. Do you think I’m afraid of Chinese God of War?”
“If the Chinese God of War dared to appear in front of me, I would personally cut off his head, soak it in a glass jar of formalin potion, and admire it as an ornament!”
Li Zangfeng said angrily: “You are so arrogant, when Chen Ning comes, I hope you can still be as mad as you are now?”
Ah Jin was startled when he heard the words, and immediately sneered: “Fucking!”
“After doing it for a long time, it turns out that the Chinese God of War, Mr. Chen, you are talking about killing my subordinate Chen Ning!”
“Didn’t you say that Chen Ning is the shame of your family? Why is it that you have become the God of War again? It is not good to lie, and the front and back are not matched.”
The relationship between the Li family and Chen Ning is really complicated to say, and it is estimated that Ah Jin would not believe it.
Li Zangfeng didn’t give much explanation, but said loudly: “You only need to know that the God of War is Chen Ning, and the God of War of China has just promised to protect our Li family.”
“If you dare to continue to be rude to our Li family, then you must finally write a big word of regret on your forehead.”
A Jin sneered: “I’ll give you one last chance, don’t you kneel?”
The old lady of the Li family noticed a murderous look in Ah Jin’s eyes, her face changed drastically, and she spoke first: “Let’s kneel!”
“Old Madam!”
Li Shunping and Li Zangfeng all became anxious. If the whole family kneel down, it will be spread out that the Li family will never be able to lift their heads in the circle of nobles!
Don’t the old lady of the Li family know?
It’s just that Akin in front of him is a big demon who kills people without blinking, and he can do it.
If the Li family refuses to bow their heads and kneel down, it is estimated that Akin will kill.
The old lady was helpless and could only bear the humiliation and was ready to take everyone to kneel.
However, at this moment, a cold voice came from outside the door: “A group of African natives, dare to come to our Huaxia to go wild and dignified Huaxia, how can it be justified to kneel to the barbarian?”
Everyone at the scene was shocked when they heard this!
Everyone looked towards the door together, and then saw Chen Ning coming in with Dianchu and Bahuwei.
“Mr. Chen is here!”
“The God of War of China is here!”
When everyone in the Li family saw Chen Ning, they cheered together!
The old lady of the Li family who was about to kneel down and the others, when they saw Chen Ning, instantly gained confidence and subconsciously straightened their backs.
A Jin looked at Chen Ning, who was tall and tall, and squinted his eyes, and said with a smile: “You are killing my men. They boasted that they were Chen Ning, the Chinese God of War?”
“You came just right, you can save me a lot of effort and let me solve all the problems at once.”
Chen Ning said coldly: “Just rely on you barbarians?”
Ah Jin said angrily: “I am the chief of dozens of armed tribes in Africa. With me, it is enough to kill you people a hundred times.”
Chen Ning sneered and said: “Soon you will no longer be the great chief of Africa. I just called the UN peacekeeping force and asked the peacekeeping force headed by China to attack your country, disintegrate your regime, and liberate those long-served Africa that you have enslaved. civilian.”
“You African tyrant, it’s over.”
Ah Jin was surprised when he heard this. Chen Ning called the United Nations peacekeeping force to give him his nest?

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