The One & Only

Chapter: 551

Ah Jin was shocked at first, and then sneered: “Haha, what are you bragging about, can you give me a call to my nest in Africa?”
“They brag you as the Chinese God of War, so you really think you are the God of War!”
Ali and the dozens of other African soldiers looked at Chen Ning with a sneer.
Chen Ning opened a chair casually, sat down with a calm expression on his face, and waved his hand at the same time, indicating that the Li family’s female relatives would all retreat.
As if they were rescued from the fire pit, the family members of the Li family cast grateful gazes toward Chen Ning, hiding behind the old lady and standing with everyone in the Li family.
Li Huai and the Li family were relieved to see that their beautiful wives were saved.
Their precious daughter-in-law, if they were defiled by the African barbarian leader Ajin, then they would be embarrassed when it spread out.
The appearance of Chen Ning can be said to have preserved the dignity of their Li family.
At this moment, all the members of the Li family are grateful to Chen Ning.
Chen Ning sat on the chair, looked at Ah Jin with a smile, and said faintly: “It doesn’t matter whether I am the God of War of China or not!”
“The important thing is that your lair has been taken. After you are no longer an African chief, I want to see what your face will look like?”
A Jin sneered: “Take my lair out, relying on your bragging mouth?”
Chen Ning smiled and said: “Am I bragging, at most in half an hour, there will be good news from Africa!”
Ah Jin opened his eyes wide, and he said angrily: “Ho ho, I’ll wait for you for half an hour. I want to see how you sit in Huaxia and give me my nest in Africa!”
“But I tell you in advance that in half an hour, it will be your death date!”
Ah Jin’s words changed the expressions of everyone in the Li family slightly.
Time passed by every minute and every second!
Half an hour passed quickly.
Ah Jin looked at the Rolex gold watch on his wrist, stood up and said loudly: “Time is up, it turns out that you are all liars, Ali, kill them all.”
Ali and dozens of African subordinates are now ready to kill people!
But at this moment, Ah Jin’s cell phone rang frantically.
It turned out to be a call from Africa!
Ah Jin was stunned and quickly told his subordinates to stop first. He picked up the phone and hurriedly connected the call.
The call was from Arudo, his capable man who stayed behind in the nest in Africa, and there was a faint rumbling of guns.
A Jin’s face changed drastically, and he asked quickly: “Arudo, what’s the matter, how did I hear the sound of guns, how could there be a fight?”
Arudo said in a crying voice: “Warchief, who did you offend? A large number of UN peacekeepers attacked us, and the untouchables we enslaved, also helped the UN peacekeepers attack us!”
“Our soldiers have surrendered, and we are going to perish.”
“I heard that the peacekeeping forces came to attack us. It was the Chinese God of War who instructed the United Nations and demanded that you be a tyrant, Chief, how did you offend the Chinese God of War?”
As if struck by a thunderbolt in the blue sky, Ah Jin trembled all over, and the phone could not be held steady. He slammed and fell to the ground, smashed and shattered.
He looked at Chen Ning in horror!
It was this Chinese man with a calm face that, with a phone call, turned him into an exiled monarch directly from his lair that was thousands of miles away.
The old lady of the Li family and others couldn’t understand those foreign languages ‚Äč‚Äčthat came out of Ah Jin’s phone.
Can’t understand what Ah Jin said when he called?
But they know how to watch their words and colors. Judging from Ah Jin’s shocked face, fearful eyes, and the frightened performance of his mobile phone, they knew that what Chen Ning said must have become true.
Chen Ning made a phone call, and Ah Jin’s old nest was taken.
Oh my!
This is amazing!
Everyone in the Li family looked at Chen Ning with fiery eyes, and looked at Chen Ning with all their faces. Chen Ning was like a god in their hearts as omnipotent.
Chen Ning looked at her face green and white, and finally turned into a desperate and gray Ajin.
He took out a cigarette from the cigarette case, smiled slightly and said: “Now, you are no longer the chief of the African armed tribes. And the United Nations is pursuing you around the world, and will send you to the International Court of Justice to sanction you for killing people over the years. Atrocities.”
“Now, are you going to surrender, or are you going to go your own way and continue to kill?”
Everyone looked at Ah Jin together!
This guy’s lair has been taken away, saying that it sounds better is the exile monarch, if it sounds bad, it is the most wanted man in the world.
Is he going to appoint and surrender honestly, or is he crazy to the end?
A Jin looked at Chen Ning with complex eyes, fear, regret, and hatred, unwilling to follow anger.
It was this Eastern man who looked like a star in his eyes and dragged him off the throne directly, making him a wanted criminal.
His former power, glory and wealth, have nothing!
He has been killing many people over the years and is known as the African tyrant. If he goes to the International Court of Justice, it is estimated that he will inevitably be executed by hanging.
Never surrender and die!
Kill Chen Ning and then blackmail a huge sum of money from the Li family. He returns to Africa, has the money to buy weapons, and has the opportunity to make a comeback!
That’s it!
The panic, panic, and confusion in Ah Jin’s eyes disappeared, replaced by cruel and hostile colors.
He looked at Chen Ning with a smirk: “Boy, you are so cruel, just one phone call gave me my nest in Africa.”
“If I want to surrender, I will kill you first!”
“Ali, do everything and kill Chen Ning and them all for me.”
Ali and dozens of African soldiers on the scene touched their waists together, ready to pull out their pistols.
But at this time, Chen Ning took out the lighter and lit the cigarette in his mouth.
At the moment when Chen Ning’s lighter rang!
Bang bang bang…
All the windows of Li’s house were smashed by bullets instantly.
Everyone on the scene was shocked!
Then, Ah Jin and the others were horrified to see that outside the Li’s house, I don’t know when, already crowded with Chinese soldiers in military uniforms.
Countless submachine guns have been pointed at them all.
They froze in an instant, and the movement of taking out their guns stopped, for fear of being beaten into Ma Fengwo.
Moreover, each of Akin and them has red dots aimed at by the laser of the sniper rifle, which means that there are many snipers who have already targeted and locked them!
A domineering man in the uniform of a major general came in with a team of men.
This major general is the command of the capital garrison troops, Tian Weilong.
Tian Weilong and others saluted Chen Ning together: “I have seen a young marshal!”
Chen Ning nodded slightly!
Then, he turned his head and looked at Ah Jin and the others who were full of horror and raised their hands.
He smiled and said: “A Jin, how dare you play guns in our China, but you can tell me how many times these submachine guns and sniper rifles can kill you?”
Ah Jin knelt down with a thump!
Ah Jin begged with desperate trembling, “China God of War, I…I know I was wrong, please let me go!”
Thump Thump…
His men also knelt down one after another, begging for mercy.
Chen Ning snorted coldly: “I let you go, but did you mean to let us go just now?”
After speaking, Chen Ning told Tian Weilong: “Grab all these guys, send them to the International Court of Justice, and send them all to the gallows!”
Tian Weilong said loudly: “Yes, marshal!”

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