The One & Only

Chapter: 552

All of Ah Jin’s gang were arrested and handed over to the International Court of Justice.
Everyone in the Li family really saw Chen Ning’s strength this time!
Chen Ning was able to put the lair of the African chieftain thousands of miles away in one sentence. Ah Jin, who was once known as the African tyrant, had absolutely no resistance in front of Chen Ning.
The Li family was shocked and grateful to Chen Ning.
They thought behind closed doors, learned morals and etiquette, and cultivated outstanding children.
Ten years later, a lot of talents were really produced, and later they became a first-class family in Beijing. This is not to be mentioned.
After solving Ah Jin’s problem, Chen Ning spent two more days in the capital with his family, and then returned to Jiangnan Zhonghai City.
Recently, Ningda Group has received continuous domestic and foreign orders, and its production capacity cannot keep up. Song Pingting discussed with the senior executives of Ningda Group to build a new factory.
Chen Ning accompanies his wife every day, takes and takes care of the children, and enjoys this rare warm life.
at night!
While the family was eating, Tong Ke suddenly told everyone: She was married when she was a sister in college, and she was going to the northern city of Taining to attend the wedding and be the woman’s bridesmaid.
It is normal to attend a wedding, and it is also common to be a bridesmaid for a sister.
However, after Song Pingting heard about Taining in the north, she frowned slightly, because she had seen a piece of news on the Internet before, saying that Taining had a vulgar habit of coaxing bridesmaids, and it was too much.
So, she smiled and reminded Tong Ke: “It is said that there is a bad habit of coaxing bridesmaids there. You have to pay attention to it. If you can be a bridesmaid, it’s better not to be.”
Ma Xiaoli also said: “That is, the bridesmaids are not casual. Being a bridesmaid will give her fate to the bride.”
“It is said that you can’t get married after more than three times, Xiao Ke, you should just stop being a bridesmaid.”
Tong Ke can’t laugh or cry when she hears this. She is not superstitious, and she doesn’t believe that being a bridesmaid three times will not get married, but if there is a vulgar habit of coaxing a bridesmaid over there, she is still quite scared.
But the married sister had a good relationship with her before, and she had already verbally agreed to her, and now it’s not good to go back.
So she became embarrassed and didn’t know what to do.
In the end, Song Pingting came up with an idea: “Since you are declining by law, why not do that? Let Chen Ning accompany you. It would be better to have him protect you.”
Tong Ke was pleasantly surprised when he heard the words: “Let my brother-in-law accompany me, can you?”
Chen Ning still didn’t speak, Song Pingting smiled and said, “Anyway, he hasn’t had anything to do recently, what’s wrong.”
Tong Ke still looks at Chen Ning, wanting to see whether Chen Ning is willing or not?
in fact!
Chen Ning naturally doesn’t like to participate in this kind of entertainment, but Tong Ke is his sister-in-law, and he can have a relationship with him. He naturally doesn’t feel relieved that Tong Ke will go to Tai’an City, which has the vulgar customs of coaxing bridesmaids by himself.
So he agreed: “If there is nothing to do, I will accompany you.”
Early the next morning!
Chen Ning and Tong Ke took a plane to Tai’an City.
In the afternoon, Chen Ning and Tong Ke arrived in Tai’an City and came to Tong Ke’s sister Zhang Jie’s house.
The Zhang family is also considered a wealthy family in Tai’an. The mansion covers a large area, the courtyards are antique and the residences are luxurious and luxurious.
Everywhere in the Zhang family there are lanterns and festoons, people coming and going, preparing for a wedding banquet.
The bride Zhang Jie heard that Tong Ke was here, came out in a hurry, greeted Tong Ke affectionately, and then took Tong Ke and said, “Go, the other bridesmaids have changed their bridesmaids’ skirts, and I will take you there. ”
Chen Ning was taken to the living room by the Zhang family to sit for a while!
There were many guests in the living room, but Chen Ning didn’t know him, and he was also very happy, sitting alone in an inconspicuous corner drinking tea.
How long is it!
Tong Ke, who changed into a pale pink bridesmaid off-the-shoulder dress, stepped out on a pair of stilettos.
She who is in Xiaojiabiyu on weekdays, with a little makeup at this time, looks slim and extremely beautiful.
Tong Ke saw Chen Ning in the corner of the living room and immediately came over and asked with a smile, “Brother-in-law, do you think I’m pretty?”
Chen Ning smiled and said, “Pretty!”
Tong Ke smiled like a flower, and suddenly couldn’t help asking: “Then do you think I am beautiful or my cousin is more beautiful?”
Chen Ning said indifferently: “In my mind, your cousin is nothing compared to others!”
Tong Ke of course also knows that she and her cousin, the business goddess, are inferior to each other, but when she heard Chen Ning’s words, she couldn’t help being a little disappointed, and said depressed, “Brother-in-law, can’t you deceive me and make me happy? ”
Chen Ning smiled and said, “You bridesmaid, if you don’t stay with the bride and other bridesmaids, why do you run out?”
Tong Ke gave Chen Ning a white look, and Yi Anyi said with joy: “I’m not afraid that you will be bored alone, so I specially sneaked out to talk to you.”
Just now!
A grandiose man’s voice rang in his ear: “Ah, it’s Tong Ke, you, we haven’t seen each other for a long time, I really miss it!”
Chen Ning and Tong Ke looked in the direction of the sound.
Then I saw a young man wearing an Armani suit, and later followed by a few entourages.
When Tong Ke saw the Armani man, he couldn’t help but frown slightly.
Because this man was Lin Haiping, who was also a classmate of her university back then, and he was a famous playboy in the university. She played with a lot of college girls. She always looked down on this guy.
Moreover, during college, Lin Haiping pursued her several times, but she refused.
I never thought of seeing this guy again at Zhang Jie’s wedding today.
Tong Ke said lukewarmly: “Lin Haiping, I didn’t expect you to come too.”
Lin Haiping smiled and said, “The bride, Zhang Jie, is my college classmate, and the groom Guo Jiayong is my faculty member. Of course I will attend their wedding, and I am still one of the best man today!”
When Lin Haiping said this, he noticed Chen Ning beside Tong Ke.
Chen Ning is tall and straight, his eyes are like stars, and his temperament is extraordinary. Even if he sits peacefully there, he feels like a peach and plum without words.
Lin Haiping looked at Chen Ning vigilantly, and asked vaguely hostilely: “Tong Ke, who is this, won’t you introduce me?”
Tong Ke noticed that Lin Haiping still had bad thoughts about her, she said decisively: “His name is Chen Ning. As for what he has to do with me, I don’t need to explain to you. Anyway, he is very close.”
Very close relationship!
Couple? !
Lin Haiping looked at Chen Ning’s eyes, instantly full of hostility, obviously treating Chen Ning as a rival in love.
Chen Ning knew that Tong Ke was deliberate and his face was still calm, but he was smiling bitterly in his heart. This sister-in-law could really help him!
at this time!
A bridesmaid came out to look for Tong Ke, and Tong Ke said to Chen Ning, “Sit down here, I’ll go in.”
Chen Ning said lightly: “Okay!”
After Tong Ke left, only Chen Ning and Li Haiping were left on the scene.
Lin Haiping pulled a chair and sat down, looking greedily at Tong Ke’s slim back, knowing that Tong Ke had disappeared from his vision, he turned his head to look at Chen Ning.
“Get to know, my name is Lin Haiping, and my dad is Taining City Zun. Everyone in the circle calls me Lin Yanei.”
Lin Yanei tilted Erlang’s legs and said lightly: “I like to talk straight to the point, so don’t be angry. I tell you directly, I don’t like you very much.”
“In addition, Tong Ke is the woman I like. I don’t care what your relationship is with her, you’d better disappear from her forever, or I will let you disappear forever.”
“Do you understand what I said?”
After Lin Yannei finished speaking, he and several of his entourage stared at Chen Ning with a smile.
Lin Haiping thought that revealing his own identity would make Chen Ning look bloodless and frightened, and honestly disappear from Tong Ke.
What made them think is that Chen Ning’s expression didn’t change in any way, only his eyes became colder.
Chen Ning said coldly: “Have you finished talking about your nonsense? You can go away after talking.”
Lin Haiping was stunned when he heard this!
Several of his followers were also stunned!

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