The One & Only

Chapter: 554

Lin Haiping is angry!
The best man friends around him, as well as his subordinates, including those from the Guo family, were all glaring at Chen Ning.
Lin Haiping sank his face and looked at Chen Ning coldly: “Boy, you are dying!”
Upon seeing this, Zhang Jie hurriedly said: “Young Master Lin, I don’t think Tong Ke and Chen Ning deliberately offended you. Don’t be angry, I will let them apologize to you.”
Lin Haiping raised his face and said arrogantly: “Apologize?”
“Yes, you make him kneel and apologize, and then crawl out from here like a dog. I can consider letting him go once.”
Zhang Jie looked at Tong Ke and Chen Ning with a complex expression: “Tong Ke, you also know the identity of Young Master Lin. It is not something you and Chen Ning can afford to offend. Let Chen Ning apologize quickly!”
Tong Ke shook his head: “Zhang Jie, we used to be good sisters in school, so I came to be your bridesmaid.”
“You promised me before that they won’t coax the bridesmaids vulgarly!”
“I’m sorry now, I won’t let Chen Ning apologize to them.”
After Tong Ke finished speaking, she wanted to say goodbye to Chen Ning and leave.
However, Lin Haiping and a group of people blocked the way.
Lin Haiping said with a sullen face: “I want to leave if I am offended, it’s not so cheap.”
Chen Ning looked at Lin Haiping, intentionally or unintentionally, “What do you want?”
Lin Haiping sneered: “It’s very simple, I want to break your legs, two!”
After he finished speaking, he said to his best man friends and his subordinates: “Don’t do it yet!”
In an instant, a group of best man, and a few strong subordinates, rushed toward Chen Ning aggressively.
When the people around saw this, they all exclaimed.
Chen Ning snorted when he saw that the other party did it first, and confronted him decisively.
Bang bang bang…
A group of best man, as well as Lin Haiping’s men, were all beaten off by Chen Ning in the blink of an eye.
Lin Haiping was stunned, not thinking that Chen Ning was so skilled.
He still didn’t come back to his senses, the figure flashed before him, and Chen Ning had already appeared in front of him.
Chen Ning said coldly: “Just now you asked me to kneel down and apologize?”
Lin Haiping still didn’t speak, Chen Ning already put a hand on his shoulder.
He only felt Chen Ning’s hand as heavy as a mountain, which made his feet unsteady. He knelt on the ground with a plop, and he grinned in pain.
He raised his head and met Chen Ning’s murderous Ling Ran eyes.
Chen Ning said indifferently: “Just now you said you wanted to break my feet?”
Lin Haiping was so frightened that he screamed, “Boy, do you know who my dad is? And do you know who the parents of the best man you just injured are?”
“You dare to move us, I promise my dad will come with their parents, and you will be dead.”
It turned out that Lin Haiping and the best man were both members of a gang of Taining City, and the elders in the family were all leaders of Taining City.
The people around were also looking at Chen Ning with pitying eyes, whispering that Chen Ning dared to beat the gangs of Taining City, and he would soon be out of luck.
Young man, impulsive punishment!
Even the bride, Zhang Jie, said to Tong Ke with a pale face: “Tong Ke, your friend injured our son of a group of leaders in Taining.”
“The leaders above will investigate it. Not only will you two have to eat and walk around, but our family will also follow the bad luck.”
“It’s over, it’s all over now.”
Tong Ke knew the secret of Chen Ning’s identity. She was very confident in Chen Ning, so she didn’t panic at all, and argued with reason: “This is Lin Haiping and they both picked it up, no wonder Chen Ning.”
Lin Haiping moved out of his Shizun father, and other elders in the ya Nei family to scare Chen Ning.
Unexpectedly, Chen Ning’s movements really stopped, and Chen Ning’s face still showed a thoughtful expression.
He thought his threat worked!
So, he looked at Chen Ning with a grin: “Are you scared?”
“When my father and other leading uncles arrive, you will be completely finished.”
Chen Ning nodded and said faintly: “You are right, this matter can’t just kill you all.”
“Children have to ask their parents to deal with things together. Moreover, your elders are leaders of Taining City. Such vulgar and vulgar behaviors often occur in Taining City, which is also related to their inaction!”
After Chen Ning finished speaking, he took out his mobile phone and made a call to Dian Chu: “Notify all members of the Taining City leadership team and come to Guo’s house to see me within ten minutes!”
Lin Haiping, who was kneeling on the ground, was dumbfounded!
The injured gang members are also dumbfounded!
Zhang Jie, the bridesmaids, and the people around were all dumbfounded!
Chen Ning wounded Lin Haiping and a group of Taining City officials. They didn’t run away or begged for mercy. They also took the initiative to call and ask a group of Taining city leaders to come and see him within ten minutes?
Is this kid crazy?
And it’s far from the city government!
Unless there is a drag racing, otherwise, according to normal driving conditions, the city leaders will not be able to arrive within ten minutes.
Lin Haiping sneered and said, “Ho ho, my dad held a monthly meeting with a group of leadership team members today, saying that the meeting will be held for a whole day!”
“Who do you think you are? It’s a joke to have all the leaders of Taining city come to see you within ten minutes!”
Chen Ning said coldly: “I want them to come in ten minutes. Even if they break their legs, they will crawl to see me.”
Lin Haiping smiled furiously: “Pretend, you continue to pretend to me!”
“There is a kind of you let me make a call to Taining Police Station. Although my dad and them are in a meeting, but I have a call, the police chief Liu Shu, he can come in at most ten minutes, dare you let me? Call?”
Everyone looked at Chen Ning!
Chen Ning said coldly: “If you fight, you’d better use all your resources and call in all your backers.”
Lin Haiping thought that Chen Ning would really allow him to call and move the soldiers!
He was frightened and furious, and said that you are kind, and then took out his cell phone to call Liu Wei, chief of Taining police, “Uncle Liu, this is Haiping.”
“We were attending the wedding at Guo’s house and we were beaten by an outlandish mad boy. You can bring someone here quickly.”
After Lin Haiping finished the call, he looked at Chen Ning with a sneer: “Well, you wait for it to be done!”
The corner of Chen Ning’s mouth rose slightly: “Okay!”
The people around looked at Chen Ning and shook their heads. Everyone felt that Chen Ning would dare to fight Lin Ya and was dead.
Time flies!
It will be almost ten minutes soon!
Outside the door of Guo’s house, a sirens suddenly appeared!
There was also a roar of car engines, and a burst of sharp brakes.
Countless vehicles arrived at the same time!
Lin Haiping said excitedly: “The siren sound, haha, it must be Uncle Liu here, Chen Ning, you are dead.”
Many people came out of Guo’s house one after another, stopping and watching.
But what shocked everyone was that it was not the detective who came.
Instead, two traffic police motorcycles opened the way, followed by a large number of Volkswagen Passats and Audi A6s, all of which were the cars of city leaders.
I saw a middle-aged man in a gray jacket, wiping his sweat with a handkerchief, and hurriedly got off the Audi A6!
When the people around saw the middle-aged and elderly man, they couldn’t help but exclaim, “Lin Shizun!”
It turns out that this middle-aged and elderly man is the city zun of Taining and Lin Haiping’s father, Lin Qiang.
In addition to Lin Qiang, several important members of the Taining City leadership team also got off the other cars.
Lin Haiping, his shocked eyes are about to fly out!
With a call from Chen Ning, several leaders of Taining City actually rushed in like a fire on their ass.
Lin Haiping looked at Chen Ning in horror!
Oh my!
Who is this guy?

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