The One & Only

Chapter: 558

Chen Ning turned to Song Pingting and said, “You move to the box for dinner first, I’ll take care of it here.”
Song Pingting nodded, holding her daughter, and Song Zhongbin, Ma Xiaoli and Tong Ke, led by Dong Tianbao, went to the box for dinner, and handed the scene to Chen Ning to handle.
At the scene, the other guests were basically gone.
Apart from the restaurant staff who stayed away, only Chen Ning and Jiang Tianqiao were left.
Chen Ning looked at Jiang Tianqiao and said calmly: “My bottom line is not to harass my family!”
“You obviously touched my bottom line. What I just said still counts. You leave an arm and you can roll.”
Jiang Tianqiao’s face was tense, and he held the knife in his hand tightly!
“Want me an arm?”
“Then I will kill you first!”
When he said his words, the whole person moved, almost to the extreme, rushing towards Chen Ning like lightning, and the knife in his hand pierced Chen Ning’s chest.
Jiang Tianqiao has learned ancient martial arts since he was a child, and he has outstanding skills. His fierce blow was extremely fast.
Chen Ning’s face was calm, and when he raised his hand, he grabbed Jiang Tianqiao’s knife-holding wrist and caught Jiang Tianqiao’s sharp knife.
Jiang Tianqiao’s eyes widened, showing an expression of disbelief.
Chen Ning unexpectedly caught his imposing stab!
Chen Ning waited for Jiang Tianqiao to recover, but he broke Jiang Tianqiao’s wrist with a scream.
Jiang Tianqiao snorted, his face pale, cold sweat rolled down.
Chen Ning said indifferently: “This is a lesson for you!”
“Go back and tell the Jiang family that the junior has done something wrong and the elder will apologize to me.”
“Whoever advocates letting my wife marry Jiang Taoming, let him personally kneel down to make amends.”
Jiang Tianqiao clutched his broken right hand. He endured the severe pain, looked at Chen Ning with fear and hatred, and said every word: “I will report your words to our grandfather without omission. Just wait!”
Jiang Tianqiao took his dead and wounded men and fled in embarrassment.
He first went to the highest private hospital in Zhonghai City to deal with the injury!
Then came out of the hospital with a few less injured men.
Several subordinates asked quietly: “Young Master Jiang, what shall we do now, will the capital report the matter to the grandfather?”
Jiang Tianqiao was also hesitant at this time!
When this incident came, he patted his chest to his grandfather, vowing that he would do it well and avenge his cousin.
Now he suffered heavy casualties, and even he himself had a broken hand.
If you just go back like this, wouldn’t you want to leave an impression of incompetence in Grandpa’s mind?
Don’t go back, you are not Chen Ning’s opponent!
Just when he was hesitant, a Bentley and three black Audis stopped in front of him.
The window of the back seat of the Bentley fell down, and inside was a young noble man in casual clothes. The noble man smiled and said, “Jiang Tianqiao, what a coincidence, I can meet you here!”
When Jiang Tianqiao saw the noble man, his eyes lit up and he exclaimed, “Ji Shao!”
It turned out that this man who was born with a noble aura from all over his body was not someone else, but was Ji Shaohao, the young master of the Ji family, the first royal family of China.
The Jiang family is the descendant of Emperor Yan, known as the second royal family of China.
The Ji family is a descendant of Huangdi’s direct line, known as the first royal family in China.
The two have been friends with each other for thousands of years and have been closely related to each other. The circle of the two children is called the princeling, and this Ji Shaohao is the leader of the princeling and has great prestige in the princeling circle.
Ji Shaohao looked at Jiang Tianqiao’s bandaged and plastered right hand and smiled and said, “What did you do, your paws were discounted?”
Ji Shaohao’s words are a bit joking.
But Jiang Tianqiao had a bitter face and sighed: “Shao Ji, don’t say it, I’m ashamed of our princeling party. I actually planted a big somersault in this small place like Zhonghai, and was interrupted by someone’s hands. ”
Ji Shaohao didn’t think that his friend’s hand was really interrupted. He frowned slightly: “It was really interrupted!”
“Get in the car and tell me that our princeling brother was bullied, and we can’t afford to be ashamed of it.”
Jiang Tianqiao got on the car and quickly told Ji Shaohao what had happened.
Ji Shaohao was surprised when he heard this: “That kid Jiang Tao lost his life for a woman. You brought someone to Chen Ning to seek revenge, but was he interrupted?”
“Tsk tusk, I’m a little curious about how beautiful the woman named Song Pingting is.”
Jiang Tianqiao knew that Ji Shaohao had no other hobbies, except for beauty.
Ji Shaohao is still a non-marriage. He only plays with women and does not intend to get married. Moreover, he does not play with female stars in the entertainment industry, but is interested in good women.
So Jiang Tianqiao immediately took out his mobile phone, found a few photos of Song Pingting, and handed them to Ji Shaohao.
“This woman named Song Pingting really looks like a country, and she is also the president of the Ningda Group. It can be said that beauty and wisdom are both important.”
“My grandfather sent me here. In addition to killing Chen Ning for revenge, he also plans to let this woman marry my cousin and bury her and my cousin together!”
When Ji Shaohao saw Song Pingting’s photo, he couldn’t help showing a stunning expression.
He has seen countless beauties, but Song Pingting’s looks like Song Pingting’s figure, Song Pingting’s body like Song Pingting’s temperament.
Song Pingting’s graceful and elegant appearance made him startled.
He squinted his eyes and said intentionally or unintentionally: “It’s so stunning, to bury your dead ghost cousin, it’s spoiled.”
Jiang Tianqiao immediately said: “Shao Ji, I am in Chen Ning’s hands this time. It is not easy to have a relationship with my grandpa when I go back.”
“If you are willing to help me deal with Chen Ning, then this Song Pingting, I can tell my grandfather, Shao Ji, you are interested, cancel the marriage.”
Ji Shaohao patted Jiang Tianqiao on the shoulder and said with a smile: “You are brothers who play with me on weekdays. You are interrupted by someone. If you don’t find the place back, our princelings will be ashamed! ”
“Don’t worry, I’ll give you a head on this matter!”
Jiang Tianqiao was overjoyed when he heard the words: “Thank you for missing Jiang!”
Ji Shaohao is the boss of the princeling, and he is also the young master of China’s No. 1 Royal Family. He uses all the means to deal with Chen Ning in minutes!
Jiang Tianqiao flushed with excitement, and felt that Chen Ning’s time was coming.
At this moment!
Chen Ning, Song Pingting and Tong Ke are taking their daughters to Dream KTV.
It turns out that today is Song Qingqing’s 5th birthday.
Song Pingting sent invitation letters to all the parents of Song Qingqing’s classmates, inviting them to bring their children to the daughter’s birthday party tonight to celebrate their daughter’s birthday.
The largest private room of Dream KTV was booked by Song Pingting for a long time, and it was set up as the scene of a children’s birthday party.
Little stars and love balloons are hanging everywhere!
Many parents came with children. These children were Song Qingqing’s classmates. At this time, a group of children were laughing and playing together.
The parents sat in twos and threes together, chatting and drinking.
Song Pingting is wearing a Chanel off-shoulder long dress tonight, her hair is rolled up high, revealing her white neck, she is beautiful and elegant, like a noble white swan.
at this time!
A middle-aged man wearing an elegant suit and a gold Rolex watch was squinting his eyes and looking at Song Pingting with squint.
This guy’s name is Qiu Fuhong, a boss who has been doing business in other places all year round, and his assets are over 100 million yuan.
His wife has long passed away, and his children have always attended the same kindergarten as Song Qingqing. He knew that Song Pingting was a single mother two years ago.
He looked at Song Pingting with a squint at this time, thinking: I am a single father, she is a single mother, tusk, this is not a godsend!

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