The One & Only

Chapter: 559

Thinking of this, Qiu Fuhong walked towards Song Pingting with a wine glass, and said with a smile, “Miss Song, hello!”
Song Pingting smiled and said, “Hello, Mr. Qiu, thank you for bringing your children to my daughter’s birthday party.”
Qiu Fuhong said with a smile: “It is okay for children to get in touch and get close!”
“Actually, I also want to keep in touch with you, Miss Song, and get closer!”
Song Pingting frowned slightly when she heard the words, she vaguely noticed that Qiu Fuhong’s words had such an ambiguous meaning.
Qiu Fuhong smiled again and said: “After all, I am also a single parent. You are also a single mother, Miss Song. We can understand Miss Song’s difficulties. We should have a lot of places to communicate with each other…”
Song Pingting couldn’t help it, and interrupted: “You probably don’t know this Mr. Qiu, I’m not a single mother.”
Qiu Fuhong was stunned when he heard this. Two years ago, when he sent his children to kindergarten, when he first met Song Pingting, he heard the teacher in the kindergarten whispering that Song Pingting was a single mother!
Why hasn’t it been for a while, Song Pingting is no longer a single mother?
Song Pingting was not far away, and Chen Ning, who was playing with Song Qingqing, beckoned, and said Yanran: “Husband, come here!”
Chen Ning came over and smiled and said, “Wife, what’s the matter?”
Song Pingting smiled and introduced Chen Ning to Qiu Fuhong: “Mr. Qiu, this is my husband and my daughter’s biological father. His name is Chen Ning.”
Song Qingqing’s biological father!
Qiu Fuhong remembered. He had heard before that Song Pingting was raped by a drunk drunk and gave birth to Song Qingqing when she was unmarried.
Oh my!
Song Pingting, the president of a single beauty, finally chose to marry the alcoholic who abused her at the beginning!
Qiu Fuhong’s heart is bleeding!
He looked at Chen Ning with hostility, and asked intentionally or unintentionally: “It turned out to be Mr. Chen. I don’t know where Mr. Chen is now?”
Chen Ning glanced at Qiu Fuhong and said faintly: “I am demobilized and waiting for work at home, so I don’t have a job temporarily!”
Qiu Fuhong became more and more imbalanced when he heard the words. Song Pingting married not only a drunkard, but also a waste of not working and eating soft food!
He looked at Chen Ning and said with a sneer: “Ho ho, if you have a job, you don’t have a job. Relying on a woman to eat soft meals is embarrassed to say that it is embarrassing to be at home?”
Song Pingting became anxious when she heard the words, and wanted to explain to Chen Ning.
However, Qiu Fuhong turned his head to look at her, showing sympathy and said: “Miss Song, you are so beautiful and temperamental, and you even put on his rubbish husband. It’s like a flower on the cow dung!”
As he said, he looked at Chen Ning with a sneer: “Boy, it’s not that I said you, you are a big man who has hands and feet, and he relies on women to eat soft food. Don’t you feel embarrassed?”
“And Miss Song is so good, are you worthy of others?”
“If you are acquainted, you should divorce Miss Song, don’t delay others!”
Chen Ning heard that the corners of his mouth rose slightly: “I am not worthy, who is worthy?”
Qiu Fuhong immediately said loudly: “Me!”
He looked at Song Pingting, and said with an expression: “Miss Song, I have actually admired you for a long time.”
“Although I don’t have as many assets as yours, I am also the owner of a large processing plant. We are all business people and have common hobbies!”
“I am a single father, you used to be a single mother, and you also have a common emotional topic!”
“If Miss Song you are willing to divorce him and marry me, I guarantee that our business will flourish and it will be even more prosperous.”
Song Pingting was embarrassed!
Chen Ning seemed to smile, “Is the boss of a large processing plant rich?”
Qiu Fuhong held up two fingers triumphantly: “Not much, with a market value of 200 million, so it’s always better than you, a waste who eats soft food!”
Chen Ning nodded and took out his cell phone to make a call: “Within ten minutes, I want Qiu Fuhong to become a pauper who doesn’t have any money.”
Qiu Fuhong opened his eyes wide!
Immediately, he sneered: “Ho ho, who the fuck do you think you are?”
“Let me become a pauper in ten minutes. Come on, I want to see how you make me a pauper.”
Not only Song Pingting was embarrassed!
Even the other parents around, all looked at each other.
Time passed by every minute, and it seemed that it would be ten minutes.
Qiu Fuhong looked at his watch and was about to triumphantly tell Chen Ning that the time was up.
However, at this moment, his cell phone rang frantically.
He saw that it was a call from the person in charge of his factory.
His heart trembled involuntarily, with an ominous premonition, he quickly connected the phone.
From the phone came the cry of the person in charge of his factory: “Boss, what big man have you offended? You closed our factory.”
Qiu Fuhong felt a bolt from the blue!
He is stupid!
After a while, he gasped, and snarled in surprise, “Impossible, why did my factory shut down for no reason? Are you kidding me?”
The person in charge said with a sad face: “Boss, really!”
“Just now I called in the processing of incoming materials and said that I will not cooperate with us in the future. Our processing plant will not be available in the future!”
“Following, the bank from which we borrowed, and the creditors of our factory, all called to ask for money!”
“Our factory is going bankrupt now. If it goes bankrupt, you will have negative equity, the boss!”
Negative equity!
Ten minutes ago, Qiu Fuhong was the owner of a processing plant with a net worth of 200 million, but now he has become negative equity.
He trembled uncontrollably!
The person in charge of the factory in the mobile phone still heard a crying voice from the mobile phone: “Boss, who the hell did you offend, hurry up and make amends with others, or we will be over.”
Upon hearing this, Qiu Fuhong looked at Chen Ning in horror.
Is it possible that Chen Ning did all of this!
Chen Ning can turn him into a pauper with a casual phone call?
Oh my god, what an amazing skill this is!
Qiu Fuhong looked at Chen Ning’s eyes at this time, already full of awe and fear. He trembled and said: “Mr. Chen, I…I was wrong…”
The corner of Chen Ning’s mouth rose slightly, patted Qiu Fuhong on the shoulder, and smiled: “I also made a joke with you. I am very happy that you can bring your children to my daughter’s birthday party.”
“But you have to pay attention to your identity, and stop making any outrageous words and deeds.”
“Otherwise, I won’t be kidding you next time.”
Qiu Fuhong looked at Chen Ning in shock!
After Chen Ning said that he was joking, within a few minutes, the person in charge of Qiu Fuhong’s factory called again.
The person in charge said ecstatically: “Boss, just now the boss in the processing side called again and said to make a joke with us. In the future, they will let our processing plant OEM, and we have work again.”
“There are also banks and our creditors who have also called in one after another, saying that we don’t need to pay back the money in advance. They were just playing with us.”
Has he changed from a pauper back to a boss with a net worth of 200 million?
Qiu Fuhong looked at Chen Ning in shock, wondering whether this was a coincidence or was Chen Ning’s work?
If Chen Ning did it, then how terrible Chen Ning’s strength would be!

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