The One & Only

Chapter: 564

In the distance, the top floor of China Overseas New Century Building.
In front of the floor-to-ceiling windows, stood a tall and beautiful blond woman with blue eyes.
She was wearing a custom-made dress, the inconspicuous corners of the collar and sleeves, and the eagle royal pattern. She was Hiso’s daughter, Princess Joanna.
The younger brother was killed by Chen Ning!
His father was arrested by China for Chen Ning, and was sentenced to death by China for espionage and the National Security Law.
Joanna’s hatred of Chen Ning can be said to be uncommon.
She came to China in secret this time because she wanted Chen Ning to get revenge.
In addition to a group of Yingguo’s subordinates around her, there is also a tall Chinese man.
This Chinese man is the top Chinese giant, the son of the Zhao family in the west, Zhao Yingming.
At this time, Zhao Yingming coveted the princess Ying Country in front of him, with a pair of eyes rolling.
He was thinking in his heart: If I can sleep with her for one night, I will be happy, and if I can marry her as a wife, then I will be at the pinnacle of my life!
Joanna was holding a pair of binoculars in her hand, looking at Chen Ning and Zhonglou who were facing each other in the compound of Zhonghai City Guest House in the distance.
There was a glimmer of expectation in her eyes, and she said in fluent Chinese: “That guy named Chonglou is going to fight Chen Ning. I don’t know who will lose and who will win?”
Zhao Yingming smiled and said: “Princess Joanna, this building is a master from the Ji family. Ten years ago, it crossed China and North and South, killing countless people, and was called the undefeated demon.”
“Chen Ning, this kid offended the Ji family and ran into the Chonglou. Today even Daluo Jinxian cannot save him.
“Princess Joanna doesn’t have to bother to take revenge anymore, because the Ji family has already helped you get rid of the enemy.”
Joanna looked at Chen Ning and Chonglou who were about to fight with her binoculars. In her tone, she made no secret of her hatred for Chen Ning, and said coldly: “Then I will watch him die!”
at this time!
In the distance in the compound of Zhonghai City Guest House!
Chen Ning and Chonglou have officially started fighting.
The huge building, but the speed is fast to the extreme, pounced on Chen Ning like lightning, his figure appeared because of the speed too fast, and a phantom that overlapped.
“it is good!”
Ji Shaodian next to Jiang Tianqiao couldn’t help but cheer!
Even Joanna and Zhao Yingming, who were peeping through the binoculars on the top floor of the building in the distance, couldn’t help but see a burst of blood.
The strength of this heavy building is really amazing.
Chonglou rushed towards Chen Ning like lightning. As soon as the person approached, he lifted his foot, swept out his whip, and swiftly swept towards Chen Ning’s head.
Chen Ning took a step back, leaned back slightly, and calmly avoided.
The foot of the heavy building swept across in front of Chen Ning, and then swept it on a bucket-thick sycamore tree beside it.
There was a loud noise, and sawdust splashed everywhere.
Then in the shocked eyes of everyone, the thick sycamore tree in the bucket, as if struck by the Wanjun thunder, was directly swept off by the heavy building.
The huge tree canopy tilted down and hit the ground with a bang, scaring Ji Shaodian, Jiang Tianqiao and the others to dodge in a hurry.
The offensive of the heavy building was like a violent storm. He swept through the plane tree and approached Chen Ning again, and Lei Ting slammed towards Chen Ning with a punch.
Chen Ning dodges sideways again!
Chonglou fisted the town house stone turtle in the yard!
There was another loud noise, and the huge stone tortoise was smashed to pieces by the punch of the heavy building.
Not only the people around were shocked by the combat effectiveness of the heavy building, but even Joanna and Zhao Yingming could not help being shocked at the top of the building in the distance, standing in front of the French windows.
Chonglou attacked dozens of moves in a row, and Chen Ning dodged, but he didn’t even have a move.
Chonglou suddenly stopped and looked at Chen Ning: “Why do you just dodge and not fight back?”
Chen Ning smiled: “I want to see what the strength of the Undefeated Demon Lord is.”
Chonglou was furious when he heard the words: “In the face of me, no one dares to underestimate the enemy. Since you are looking for death, then I will fulfill you.”
As he said, he fisted towards Chen Ning.
The fist was carrying the bad wind, and the air around the fist became distorted, which shows the terrifying power of this fist.
Chen Ning no longer dodges, and raises his hand with a punch, formally fighting head-on.
Chen Ning’s fist seemed unremarkable, but before his fist was close, Zhonglou felt an oncoming fist wind, and Chen Ning’s fist actually contained overwhelming power.
Chonglou’s face changed drastically!
The two fists collided fiercely!
On the ground covered with granite under Chen Ning’s feet, a spider-web-like crack appeared unexpectedly.
However, Chen Ning stood still.
The heavy building then retreats seven or eight steps after a continuous pedaling, leaving a string of deep footprints on the hard granite ground.
When he stood firm, his face was already sickly flushing.
Standing in place, Chen Ning disdained chasing, and stood with his hands indifferently said: “You have lost!”
The voice just fell!
Chonglou couldn’t help bending over and vomiting a mouthful of blood!
It turned out that the power of the punch that Chen Ning just now poured into his chest from his arm, directly injuring his internal organs.
The heavy building seems to be getting older all of a sudden!
He couldn’t believe that he, who was invincible ten years ago, was defeated today by a small unknown soldier in Zhonghai City.
Even Ji Shaodian and Jiang Tianqiao were shocked!
Chen Ning actually defeated the Chonglou, is this too scary?
Joanna and Zhao Yingming, who were on the top of the building in the distance, were equally stunned when they saw this scene.
Joanna couldn’t believe it: “This heavy building is so powerful, it was defeated by Chen Ning.”
“This guy is really strong!”
Dian Chu and Bahuwei looked at Chen Ning proudly.
What undefeated demon king?
Only the Chinese God of War is truly invincible!
“I lost!”
The seriously injured Chonglou was finally forced to accept this cruel reality. Chen Ning only used a few tricks to easily defeat him.
With blood on the corners of his mouth, he looked at Chen Ning with complicated eyes: “You can beat me, you will definitely not be an ordinary person, who are you?”
When Ji Shaodian and Jiang Tianqiao heard the words, they couldn’t help looking at Chen Ning in awe.
They also want to know who Chen Ning is?
Not only are they not afraid of the Ji family and the Jiang family, but they can also defeat the Chonglou in singles. Such a person would certainly not be as simple as a businessman.
Chen Ning said lightly: “It doesn’t matter who I am!”
“The important Ji family and Jiang family must personally apologize to me and admit their mistakes!”
Chonglou looked at Chen Ning, who was extraordinary, and he was suddenly blessed to his soul and guessed Chen Ning’s identity.
He exclaimed, “I know who you are. If there are not many people who can defeat me in China, there are even fewer people who can easily defeat me!”
“If I guess wrong, you are the young marshal of the North, the Chinese God of War!”
In the case of the heavy building, Ji Shaodian and Jiang Tianqiao who were next to him were scared to death.
Chen Ning turned out to be a marshal!
Oh my God, what kind of fairy is the offending of their two families!
Ji Shaodian and Jiang Tianqiao were trembling and could not stand steady, Qi Qi knelt in front of Chen Ning in fright.
Both of them trembled: “Please spare your life, the marshal!”

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