The One & Only

Chapter: 567

Chen Ning’s phone rang!
He picked up his cell phone and looked at it. It turned out to be Dian Chu’s call. He casually put the emperor’s emerald plate worth billions on the table, and walked out of the living room balcony to make an external phone.
The phone was connected, and Dianchu heard a loud and powerful voice: “Master, Ji Chang and Jiang Ping, led by thousands of disciples, are already on their way to your house.”
Chen Ning arranged a few sentences calmly, then hung up the phone and returned to the living room.
However, when he returned to the living room, he was stunned.
It turned out that the mother-in-law Ma Xiaoli just came back from outside and bought a bag of fruit.
After Ma Xiaoli washed the fruits, she used the emperor’s green jade plate worth billions of dollars as a fruit plate to hold the fruit.
Chen Ning said dumbfounded: “Mom, this plate…”
Ma Xiaoli said in shock: “Isn’t this your new fruit plate? Is there any problem?”
Chen Ning smiled and said, “Nothing, I mean, this plate contains fruits, it looks pretty, and it’s pretty real.”
At this time, Song Pingting and Tong Ke had returned from get off work.
And Song Zhongbin also brought Song Qingqing back from school!
Ma Xiaoli asked everyone to taste the grapes she had just bought, while she personally went to the kitchen to prepare for cooking.
Chen Ning and Song Pingting’s family are surrounding Song Qingqing, smiling and asking about their daughter’s performance in school today.
at this time!
There was a noisy footsteps outside the house, and someone faintly heard someone shouting: “Quickly, quickly, surround me all here, no bird can fly out from here.”
Song Pingting and her family walked to the window with expressions of suspicion, looked outside, and was immediately taken aback.
It turned out that a large number of burly men in black suits had already blocked the water surrounding their home, and it was estimated that there were several thousand people.
Song Pingting and others are wondering what’s going on?
There was already a knock on the door!
Song Zhongbin bit his head to open the door, and then saw two old men standing outside the door with a large number of fierce men.
These two old men are Ji Chang and Jiang Ping.
Song Zhongbin’s family looked at these uninvited guests in horror, and he asked weakly, “You are?”
Ji Chang held up his head and said arrogantly: “I am the head of the Ji family, the first royal family in China, Ji Chang!”
Jiang Ping also looked at Song Zhongbin’s family coldly, and said indifferently: “I am the Patriarch of the Jiang Family of China’s Second Royal Family, Jiang Ping!”
The parents of the first royal family and the second royal family are all here.
Song Zhongbin’s family instantly paled!
They knew that these people came for Chen Ning and Song Pingting.
Ji Chang sneered and asked, “Don’t mind if we come in and sit down!”
Song Zhongbin’s family still didn’t speak, Chen Ning had already spoken faintly: “Dad, they are here to apologize, let them in!”
Came to apologize?
The Song Pingting family looked at Ji Chang and the others who looked bad, thinking that these guys didn’t seem to be coming to apologize!
When Ji Chang and Jiang Ping, heard Chen Ning’s words, their expressions darkened, and a thick murderous intent flashed in their eyes.
Chen Ning killed the children of the Ji family and the Jiang family. At this time, facing the Patriarchs of the two royal families, he was still so rampant, which is simply unreasonable.
Jiang Ping was full of anger: “Chen Ning, you are about to die, still want us to apologize?”
Ji Chang sneered and comforted: “Old Jiang, don’t be angry.”
“This community has been under the hands of our two 8,000 disciples, and it is completely surrounded by water. Their family is now unable to fly with wings.”
“I hope he will be crazy for a little longer, don’t admit it so quickly, I like to clean up and torture him this kind of cheap bones!”
Jiang Ping smiled when he heard the words, and Pi smiled at Chen Ning sitting on the sofa without a smile, and said slyly: “It’s extremely, extremely, I want to see how he makes us apologize!”
As the two said, they walked in with a large number of capable men, murderously.
The Song Pingting family stood behind Chen Ning with all their faces pale in fright.
Chen Ning was still full of calm and calm expressions. He looked at Ji Chang and Jiang Ping calmly, and said lightly: “You Ji family and Jiang family juniors have done something wrong, you are the elders who are responsible.”
“If you don’t have the indulgence of your elders, the juniors of your two families wouldn’t be so domineering.”
“Since you are here, then apologize, and then I assume that this incident did not happen.”
Jiang Ping seemed to have heard Tianda’s joke, and laughed wildly: “What are you talking about, let me apologize to Elder Ji, who do you think you are?”
He leaned forward and backward with a smile!
Ji Chang and the men behind him looked at Chen Ning with a sneer.
Chen Ning is now dying, and even said that he wants the Ji family to apologize to the Jiang family’s patron. This is nothing short of a fantasy.
Ji Chang also sneered: “Chen Ning, this is the first time I have seen someone like you.”
“Our two families came to Zhonghai this time and prepared some gifts for your family.”
“The present is outside the house now, I hope your family will like it.”
Jiang Ping also said to Chen Ning’s family triumphantly: “Don’t hurry up to the window to have a look, we Jiang and Ji’s family, what good things have you prepared for you?”
Song Pingting’s family couldn’t help but walk to the window and looked out to the courtyard.
It doesn’t matter if you don’t look at it.
Five coffins, four large and one small, were placed in the yard in a daze, very scary.
Song Zhongbin’s face paled in fright!
Ma Xiaoli shuddered with fright, and screamed out: “Coffin, five coffins!”
Song Pingting’s pretty face was frosty, she turned to look at Ji Chang and Jiang Ping, and said angrily: “Don’t deceive people too much!”
Jiang Ping snorted coldly: “Our Jiang family and Ji family have always been so arrogant. Let your family prepare to go on the road completely.”
Ji Chang also looked at Chen Ning with a sneer: “Boy, do you have any last words?”
Chen Ning’s face sank slightly, and he said coldly: “You scared my family!”
“Originally, I thought that for the sake of your two old people, it would be done only by asking you two to apologize.”
“But now, if you two don’t kneel down and admit your mistakes, this matter won’t be over.”
Ji Chang and Jiang Ping, as well as the men behind them, were completely stunned when they heard Chen Ning’s words.
At this moment, Chen Ning even dared to ask Ji Chang to apologize to Jiang Ping, and asked the two to kneel down to apologize.
They were all stunned!
I have never seen such a person who does not brake!
Ji Chang’s eyes were cold: “Since you have no last words, then you are ready to die!”
Jiang Ping said loudly, “Old Ji, why do you talk so much nonsense with him, tell his men to kill them all, and use their family to bury the juniors who died for us.”
A large number of subordinates behind them shouted murderously: “Please order the Patriarch to kill them and avenge the young master.”
Ji Chang squinted at Chen Ning, and was about to give an order.
But Chen Ning still had a calm face, and even casually picked up a grape from the fruit plate on the table and put it in his mouth. While eating the grape, he slowly said, “You really want to kill me?”
Ji Chang’s eyes noticed the emperor’s green jade plate with fruits, and he was already widened instantly, showing a shocked expression.
Jiang Ping said loudly: “Come here, give me…”
Jiang Ping hadn’t finished speaking, and was suddenly caught by Ji Chang next to him.
He looked at Ji Chang in amazement, and found that Ji Chang’s face was full of horror.
He was confused and asked in astonishment: “Lao Ji, what’s the matter with you?”
Ji Chang pointed to the fruit plate on the coffee table in front of Chen Ning, and said in a trembled voice: “Old Jiang, look at that plate…”
Jiang Ping looked suspiciously at the fruit bowl, then his eyes widened instantly, and he took a breath of air-conditioning!
Isn’t this a gift they gave to the young marshal?
So here in Chen Ning!
Is it possible that Chen Ning is the young marshal of the North?
Both Ji Chang and Jiang Ping were frightened pale by the thoughts that had arisen in their minds, and cold sweat rolled down their foreheads.

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