The One & Only

Chapter: 572

West, Xichuan City.
Zhao Family Mansion!
In the living room, Zhao Xuecheng, the old man of the Zhao family, sits in the chair of the grandmaster.
A large number of important members of the Zhao family were all gathered in the living room. Except for the brothers Zhao Ruolong and Zhao Ruohu, almost all the important members of the Zhao family were here.
Everyone in the Zhao family was filled with righteous indignation.
Because they had just received information, their son Zhao Yingming of the Zhao family was actually killed by Chen Ning, the Ji family, and the Jiang family.
The old man Zhao said with a green face: “Presumably everyone knows that Zhao Yingming, the son of our Zhao family, was killed by someone.”
“The murderers are Chen Ning, Ji Chang, and Jiang Ping!”
“What do you guys say about this?”
Immediately, everyone on the scene roared: “Vengeance, we must revenge. Our Zhao family can’t let people be so bullied.”
“That is, I suggest that Zhao Ruolong be invited back, and let him come forward to avenge us!”
“Yes, Zhao Ruolong is the pride of our family. It is the dragon of our Zhao family. He is now the commander-in-chief of 300,000 soldiers in the Western Territory. If Zhao Ruolong comes back to help us uphold justice, the Jiang family and the Ji family will kneel down and beg for mercy.”
Father Zhao waited until everyone had almost expressed their opinions before coughing to silence everyone at the scene.
Then, he slowly said: “The enmity must be reported. Our Zhao family’s children cannot die in vain, nor can the dignity of our Zhao family be trampled on like this.”
“But if you say that because of this little incident, Ruolong, who is guarding the frontier, is alarmed, then you have made a fuss.”
“The Ji family and the Jiang family, although they have been passed down for thousands of years, are known as the first royal family and the second royal family, but they are actually drenched in their ancestors.
“If you put aside the title that they are the direct descendants of Emperor Huang and Emperor Yan, they are nothing now!”
Everyone at the scene nodded and said: “That is, the strength of the Ji family and the Jiang family can only be regarded as second-rate families in the capital, but they have been passed down for a long time and the ancestors are famous.”
“In terms of strength, the two of them add up, they are not our Zhao family’s opponent.”
“There are also Chen Ning and Song Pingting. They are just the newly emerging giants in the south of the Yangtze River. To say that it is hard to hear is the nouveau riche, it is not worth mentioning in front of our Zhao family.”
The old man Zhao said: “The Ji family and the Jiang family are thousand-year-old royal families, and it is a bit tricky to deal with them, so first take Chen Ning’s operation and give the Ji family and the Jiang family a way to kill the chickens and the monkeys.”
“It will be much easier to ask the Ji family to apologize to the Jiang family at that time.”
Everyone agreed: “What the old man said!”
Elder Zhao looked around the hall and said in a deep voice: “Who of you go to Zhonghai and teach Chen Ning?”
A slender and handsome young man walked out with a faintly sigh of prey between his brows: “Dad, leave this to me to deal with it!”
This young man is Zhao Xuecheng’s youngest son, Zhao Ruolin.
Mr. Zhao is very fond of his little son.
At this time, seeing Zhao Ruolin take the initiative to ask, he smiled and said, “Well, this matter is left to you. Be sure to do it beautifully, and let the uncles and uncles in the family see your abilities.”
Zhao Ruolin said: “Yes, Dad!”
Ningda Group Building, Zhonghai City, Jiangnan Province.
An extended Lincoln and a dozen black Mercedes-Benz cars parked directly at the gate of Ningda Group, blocking the gate.
Then, Zhao Ruolin, wearing a white suit, slowly got off the Lincoln car.
More than a dozen Mercedes Benzes got on, and dozens of people got off.
These men are all over 1.8 meters tall, with spurting muscles, and the black suits just make them wear armor-like visual effects.
In addition, these guys have a steady pace and a restrained aura, their temples are bulging high, and their eyes are like electricity. At a glance, they all know that they are all masters and masters.
“Stop, who are you?”
Dian Chu took a few tiger guards, followed by a group of Ningda Group security guards.
Two days ago because Tong Ke was kidnapped, Dian Chu and the Eight Tigers have strengthened the protection of the young marshal and his family.
Therefore, when Zhao Ruolin and others appeared at the gate of Ningda Group, Dian Chu appeared.
Zhao Ruolin sneered: “A few watchdogs dare to be the way of this young master, and they just rush in, and the dog will kill the dog when he blocks the way.”
“Yes, Master Lin!”
There were a few men with full faces beside Zhao Ruolin, and they walked in front of Zhao Ruolin, forcibly clearing the way, wanting to break through.
Dian Chu said coldly: “I warn you to stop… the second time…”
A big man with a full face threw a fist to Dian Chu’s face and sneered: “Watchdog, lie down for me!”
“Warning for the third time!”
Dian Chu’s mechanically indifferent voice fell, raised his hand and grabbed the opponent’s fist, his right elbow was like a knife, and he slapped the opponent’s cheek.
The sound of bone crushing sounded, and Dian Chu smashed his opponent’s face to pieces.
The other party was unable to make a scream, and fell into a coma on the spot.
The several tiger guards behind Dianchu also fought against Zhao Ruolin’s men, all with one move to control the enemy.
Zhao Ruolin’s men who cleared the way all fell in a pool of blood in the blink of an eye.
Zhao Ruolin was shocked and angry, not only because of Dianchu’s few men who dared to hurt him, but also by the skill of Dianchu and the tiger guards.
Dian Chu and several tiger guards knocked out all of Zhao Ruolin’s subordinates.
They haven’t been fighting for a long time, and when they show their skills, there is a feeling that they are still unfinished.
Dian Chu sneered and said, “Is there anyone else who wants to break through?”
Zhao Ruolin stared at Dianchu: “You are the first one who dares to treat our Zhao family so arrogantly. I remember you.”
Dian Chu disapproved: “Hey, I have three thousand enemies. You are nothing. I will forget you soon.”
Zhao Ruolin opened his eyes wide when he heard this, and immediately, he became angry, and he was about to have an attack.
But at this time, Song Pingting’s assistant Lin Wei hurriedly rushed to Dianchu with high heels. Lin Wei said to Dianchu, “Dianchu, Mr. Chen said let them come up. Mr. Chen said he wanted to meet the people of the Zhao family. !”
When Dianchu and others heard this, they gave way and were willing to let Zhao Ruolin and others enter.
Zhao Ruolin wanted to order his subordinates to kill, but he didn’t care about Chen Ning even when he thought that Chen Ning would actually see him. After all, cleaning up Chen Ning was the top priority.
Zhao Ruolin and his entourage followed Dianchu Bahuwei to the office floor of the president of Ningda Group and came to a very spacious reception room.
There were two people sitting in the conference room. It was Chen Ning, who was tall and staring, and Song Pingting, who was tall and temperamental.
Chen Ning also decided to see someone from the Zhao family because of Zhao Ruolong, the commander of the West.
He sat in a chair at this time, looked at Zhao Ruolin and his party calmly, and said lightly: “You are Zhao Ruolin sent by the Zhao family, right? What is the purpose of coming to me?”
Zhao Ruolin didn’t talk nonsense with Chen Ning, took a file from his entourage, and threw it on the table in front of Chen Ning and Song Pingting.
He sneered: “Our Zhao family, also on behalf of the Xichuan Pharmaceutical State-owned Enterprise, came to acquire your private enterprise, Nanjing University.”
State-owned enterprises buy private enterprises?
Chen Ning and Song Pingting both frowned!
After private enterprises became bigger and stronger, state-owned enterprises were jealous of their achievements, and then used various means to forcibly buy out private enterprises and occupy the nest.
This is a very common thing!
But I didn’t expect this kind of thing to happen to Ningda Group.
Song Pingting was anxious immediately!
However, Chen Ning was still full of calmness. He looked at the state-owned enterprise acquisition plan on the desktop. The estimated price to Ningda Group was 100 billion.
The corner of Chen Ning’s mouth rose slightly: “For 100 billion, we will buy the Ningda Group, which has a market value of over one trillion, and your Zhao family won’t give us a way to survive!”
Zhao Ruolin laughed triumphantly. He suddenly supported the table with both hands, leaned forward, his eyes fixed on Chen Ning.
He said coldly: “Accept our purchase honestly and sell Ningda to us at the price I gave. This is your only way to survive.”
“There is no one who can be an enemy of our Zhao family, and you are no exception.”

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