The One & Only

Chapter: 573

Chen Ning looked at Zhao Ruolin, and the corners of his mouth raised slightly: “I think you made a mistake in the Zhao family, and it is not your turn to cover the sky with your hands. And this is Jiangnan, not your western border!”
“Even if the Western Realm Zhao Ruolong is in front of me, you won’t be so presumptuous!”
Zhao Ruolong, the commander of the West, the most prominent figure in the Zhao family in the past century.
When Zhao Ruolin saw Chen Ning dared to speak rudely to his elder brother, he was furious: “What kind of thing do you dare to call my elder brother by name?”
Zhao Ruolin didn’t know that although his eldest brother was the commander of the West, Chen Ning was the commander of the North.
Moreover, Chen Ning is higher than his elder brother in rank, and Chen Ning is crowned the god of war, and his status in the army is far superior to his elder brother!
Zhao Ruolong was not convinced by Chen Ning’s title of God of War, and set a Hongmen banquet to entertain Chen Ning. He also singled out with Chen Ning, and was finally defeated by Chen Ning.
Now that Zhao Ruolong saw Chen Ning, he really didn’t dare to be half presumptuous.
Chen Ning disdain to explain to Zhao Ruolin, he said faintly: “What am I? Go back and ask Zhao Ruolong yourself, now you can go away.”
Zhao Ruolin opened his eyes wide!
Not only did Chen Ning not put their Zhao family in his eyes, but Zhao Ruolong was not afraid?
Zhao Ruolin looked at Chen Ning with a sneer: “Boy, you are really crazy enough to dare not even look at my eldest brother.”
“Our Zhao family has given you a way to survive, you are not rare, you just wait to regret it!”
When Zhao Ruolin said this, his gaze fell on Song Pingting, with a playful smile: “When the time comes, you will not only want your family to be ruined, but you will also become a plaything on someone’s couch!”
Song Pingting heard the words, her pretty face was frosty.
Chen Ning’s expression also sank, and he said coldly, “Presumptuous, palm!”
Zhao Ruolin was shocked and angry: “Who dares?”
“Protect Young Master Lin!”
Dozens of bodyguards behind him guarded him round and round.
Dian Chu said coldly to the eight tigers: “Take them!”
The Eight Tigers came out like a Qi Qi, although they were eight people, their momentum was like a thousand horses.
The battle is on the verge!
The screams of fighting were endless, and the smell of blood filled the air.
This battle happened quickly and ended quickly.
In the blink of an eye, dozens of people around Zhao Ruolin were already lying in a pool of blood.
The Eight Tigers stand proudly like eight demon gods.
Zhao Ruolin’s hands were cold, he was so shocked that he couldn’t even speak, and he trembled and said, “You… how dare you…”
Dian Chu said coldly: “What are you, you dare to be powerless to our young master, kneel down!”
Dianchu put one hand on Zhao Ruolin’s shoulder, directly pressed Zhao Ruolin with a plop, and knelt heavily on the ground.
Zhao Ruolin had a painful expression on his face, and he didn’t have time to speak.
Dian Chu had already raised his hand, and slapped Zhao Ruolin severely, and directly slapped the noble man’s cheeks and his mouth was full of blood.
It was the first time Zhao Ruolin had suffered such a terrible lesson since he was a child. He hated Chen Ning to death, and he wanted to kill Chen Ning himself.
Chen Ning said coldly: “This is a little lesson that is rude to you!”
Zhao Ruolin raised his blood-filled face and looked at Chen Ning. His eyes were frightened, aggrieved, and angry.
Chen Ning turned around and ordered Dian Chu to say, “Send someone to send this guy back to the Zhao Family in the West, so that the Zhao Family can do it for themselves!”
Dian Chu said: “Yes!”
After Zhao Ruolin’s gang were sent away, Song Pingting’s pretty face was dissatisfied with worry.
She said to Chen Ning worriedly: “Husband, the Zhao family in the West is very powerful, and Zhao Ruolong in their family is the commander of 300,000 soldiers in the West.”
“We offend the home of the Zhao family, and General Zhao is furious. I am afraid that then we will have a catastrophe.”
Chen Ning smiled and said: “Don’t worry, although Zhao Ruolong is a little arrogant, but he is upright. He will not favor his behaving family members.”
Song Pingting felt that Chen Ning was too optimistic!
Even if Zhao Ruolong is upright, it is impossible not to help his family get ahead!
However, she finally said nothing.
She felt that when things had reached this point, she could only ask for her own blessings. She hoped that General Zhao could hold a boat in the belly of Prime Minister Zhao, and she should not have the same knowledge of the star-fighting citizens.
West, Xichuan City.
Zhao Family Mansion!
Zhao Xuecheng, the elder of the Zhao family, sat on the grandmaster’s chair with a green face.
Important members of the Zhao family gathered in the living room, and everyone was filled with righteous indignation.
Zhao Ruolin knelt on the ground with a swollen face and cried, “Dad, Chen Ning’s kid doesn’t put our Zhao family in his eyes at all.”
“Not only did he not accept the punishment of our Zhao family, he refused to sell the Ningda Group to us at a low price, but he also branded me like this.”
Master Zhao looked at his little son who had been beaten with a bruised nose and was so angry that he was so angry that he was so angry that he said angrily: “Did you tell him clearly that we are the Zhao family of the West, and your brother is the commander of the West?”
Zhao Ruolin said aggrieved: “Say, but Chen Ning said that even if my brother is in front of him, he would not dare to make trouble!”
Master Zhao was so angry that he blew his beard and stared, and said again and again: “Unreasonable, really unreasonable…”
Seeing that the old man was very angry, everyone in the Zhao family quickly comforted them: “Don’t be angry, old man, the day after tomorrow will be your 60th birthday, and Ruolong and Ruohu will also come back to pay you birthday.”
“At that time, old man, you will talk to Ruolong again. Chen Ning’s life and death is not a matter of Ruolong’s word?”
Master Zhao’s anger diminished when he heard the words.
He coldly instructed his third son Zhao Ruobao: “You immediately send someone to tell Chen Ning that he will come to the Zhao family in the West to accept punishment in two days. This is his last chance.”
“If he doesn’t come, then his whole family will be waiting for bad luck!”
Zhao Ruobao said loudly: “Yes!”
Master Zhao sneered: “The day after tomorrow is my birthday. I want Chen Ning to kneel and beg for mercy in front of everyone at my birthday banquet.”
Everyone in the Zhao family laughed happily!
In their opinion, the day after tomorrow is the father’s birthday, and the Zhao family can be said to be full of friends and distinguished guests. Even the commander of the West, Zhao Ruolong, who rarely goes home on weekdays, will appear.
At that time, Chen Ning might not only be scared to beg for mercy, but might even be scared to death.

In Zhonghai City, stroll through the Cloud Restaurant.
Chen Ning was eating western food calmly while listening to Dian Chu’s report.
Dian Chu said: “After we sent someone to send Zhao Ruolin back, Master Zhao was very angry and sent someone to pass a message to the young master, asking you to go to Zhao’s house in the Western Territory the day after tomorrow and accept punishment.”
“The Zhao family also threatened that this is the last chance for your family to survive, Master.”
Chen Ning sneered, “Hey, except for Zhao Ruolong, everyone in the Zhao family is confused.”
Dian Chu took out a bronzing invitation card and handed it to Chen Ning, and said, “This is the invitation card sent by Zhao Ruolong, the commander of the West.”
Chen Ning opened the invitation curiously and found that the day after tomorrow was the 60th birthday of the Zhao family.
Zhao Ruolong wanted to celebrate his father’s birthday and invited Chen Ning to attend his father’s birthday banquet.
The corner of Chen Ning’s mouth rose slightly: “The Zhao family is interesting for father and son. Master Zhao asked me to come to Zhao’s house to be punished the day after tomorrow, and Zhao Ruolong asked me to attend a banquet at Zhao’s house the day after tomorrow.
Dianchu smiled and said, “Maybe General Zhao doesn’t know the recent friction between you and the Zhao family, Master, will you go to the Zhao family in the West?”
Chen Ning smiled and said, “Go, why not go?”
“Ho ho, I’m going to see, are they going to punish me, or invite me to drink.”

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