The One & Only

Chapter: 575

Wang Geng, who was tall and thin, followed Guan Ce, who was wearing a major general’s uniform, with a group of subordinates and a group of soldiers marching forward.
Wang Geng took his men and walked to Master Zhao quickly, and smiled: “Master Zhao, I learned from General Guan that today is your birthday. Bring everyone here to ask for a birthday drink. Welcome?”
Master Zhao took a bunch of family members and said with a smile on his face: “Welcome, welcome, Wang Xingzun, come here, the humble house is full of glory!”
Guan Ce also brought a group of soldiers here at this time!
Guan Ce is a powerful subordinate of Zhao Ruolong, the commander of the Western Territory Army, and he is also Zhao Ruolong’s confidant.
At this time, he smiled and said to Master Zhao: “Master, I am on the order of the commander-in-chief to come back with a batch of special tobacco and alcohol for the Western Border Army.”
“The commander-in-chief said that he is on official business today, and he has to come back later, but the family must entertain the young handsome, and don’t let the young handsome be left out.”
Master Zhao heard this and immediately said: “Hoho, the marshal can come to my birthday banquet. This is the honor of our Zhao family. How dare we leave the marshals alone!”
“It’s just that, now there are no young marshals, but some people pretend to be young marshals.”
“Major General Guan, what crime should you be guilty of pretending to be the chief?”
Guan Ce, Wang Geng and others were shocked when they heard this. Someone dared to pretend to be a young commander. They were too courageous, right?
Guan Ce is a soldier, and he hates crooks who pretend to be soldiers and corrupt the reputation of soldiers.
Now someone pretends to be the God of War of China, can they still have it?
He immediately said solemnly: “Where is the liar?”
Master Zhao turned to Chen Ning, who was sitting on the side of the chair, and sneered: “Just sitting here, this liar is so arrogant!”
Zhao Ruolin also instigated with a grin: “General Guan, you quickly grab this guy and shoot him!”
Guan Ce, Wang Geng and others looked together in the direction that Master Zhao pointed out, and then they saw Chen Ning with a calm face and a slightly raised mouth, with a touch of Chen Ning who seemed to be smiling.
When Wang Geng saw Chen Ning, his heart twitched like a bullet. Then his eyes were round, his mouth opened, and his face was shocked.
Guan Ce was even more shocked when he saw Chen Ning.
Guan Ce quickly took a pair of soldiers behind him, and walked quickly towards Chen Ning.
Master Zhao and others thought that General Guan was about to arrest Chen Ning as a liar, and they all sneered.
However, the next scene shocked them so that their eyes almost flew out.
I saw Guan Ce leading a group of soldiers, strode to Chen Ning, and then Guan Ce shouted: “Stand at attention, salute!”
Guan Ce and dozens of heavily armed soldiers acted neatly and slapped Chen Ning with a military salute.
Guan Ce said loudly: “I have seen a young marshal!”
Dozens of soldiers behind him also swiftly shouted, “Good leader!”
Young handsome!
The triumphant smiles of the Zhao family father and others froze instantly.
A touch of shock instead!
Chen Ning is really the young marshal of the North?
Elder Zhao and others felt the sky was rolling, especially Elder Zhao, who almost vomited blood on the spot.
He looked at Chen Ning in horror, his words became uncomfortable, and he said ately, “General Guan and Guan, are you making a mistake?”
“He is Chen Ning. He and his wife are both Jiangnan businessmen. How could they be the young marshals of the North?”
Guan Cewan thought that the Zhao family had treated the marshal as a liar, and he couldn’t help but sweat for the Zhao family.
He smiled bitterly to Master Zhao and the others: “Ho ho, Mr. Chen is our northern marshal, the Chinese God of War, the belief in the minds of all soldiers.”
“It’s absolutely impossible for us to admit that the young marshal is wrong, even if we got our father wrong.”
“This is the young marshal of the North. Not long ago, our Western Military Region also had a discussion with the young marshals. There is absolutely nothing wrong with it.”
Master Zhao and others looked at Chen Ning with extremely ugly expressions, and for a while they were unable to accept the reality.
Their Zhao family recently threatened to deal with the enemy severely, turned out to be the Northern Marshal.
Wang Geng also hurried over to say hello to Chen Ning at this time: “Marshal, it is really you. I just met you at the birthday reception of the lady of the country some time ago. I don’t think this happened again. It’s a great honor!”
Wang Geng’s words were like the last straw that crushed the camel, directly causing Master Zhao and others to despair.
Both General Guan and Wang Shengzun recognized Chen Ning as a young marshal, so there would be absolutely no falsehood.
Chen Ning greeted Guan Ce and Wang Geng, and then smiled and said, “Fortunately, the two came in time and testify to me, otherwise I will be arrested as a liar.”
Guan Ce and Wang Geng were a little embarrassed when they heard these words.
The old man of the Zhao family, Zhao Ruolin, Zhao Ruobao and others, all flushed, and his face was full of shame and anger.
They even regarded Chen Ning as a liar, and they had yelled at Chen Ning before, and wanted to buy Chen Ning’s company at a low price!
Oh my!
Looking back on the various deaths of the Zhao family in recent days, everyone in the Zhao family can’t wait to find a place to hide.
They always thought Chen Ning was a lunatic who didn’t know how to live or die, stealing confessions from the table of the king!
Only now did they discover that Chen Ning was the King of Hades, and that they had been dying!
The Zhao family’s old man flushed, since he was regretful, but ashamed, and looked at Chen Ning in awe. For a while, he didn’t know how to apologize to the marshal?
Just then!
Suddenly someone came outside the door and heard the doorman shouting: “Ji Chang, Patriarch of China’s First Royal Family, Jiang Ping, Patriarch of China’s Second Royal Family, here.”
Both Ji Chang and Jiang Ping were also “invited” by the Zhao family.
The reason why the Zhao family “invited” Ji Chang and Jiang Ping to come here was that they were invited to the birthday banquet on the surface.
In fact, they all know that the real purpose of the Zhao family’s inviting them is to ask Ji Chang and Jiang Ping to see Chen Ning’s fate, so as to achieve the effect of killing chickens and monkeys.
What embarrassed the Zhao family!
Now Chen Ning is a marshal, they have no way to move Chen Ning, but they have to apologize to Chen Ning.
Even more embarrassing was that Ji Chang and Jiang Ping were invited to watch a joke.
Wang Geng, Ji Chang and Jiang Ping know each other, and they have a good relationship with each other.
When Wang Geng saw Ji Chang and Jiang Ping, he immediately asked curiously: “Mr. Ji, Mr. Jiang, are you here to congratulate Mr. Zhao?”
Ji Chang and Jiang Ping immediately shook their heads: “No, our two families have offended the Zhao family with Mr. Chen. Like Mr. Chen, we were asked by the Zhao family to apologize and apologize.”
Wang Geng and Guan Ce were dumbfounded again!
They realized that the Zhao family and Chen Ning’s affairs were not that simple.
Master Zhao finally couldn’t help it, and brought Zhao Ruolin, Zhao Ruobao and others, and quickly came over to apologize to Chen Ning.
He always flushed and said: “Young marshal, our Zhao family is wrong this time.”
“We don’t know Mount Tai. Please don’t look at the face of the monk and the face of the Buddha. For the sake of Ruolong, please forgive us once!”
Zhao Ruolin, Zhao Ruobao and others also said in panic: “Yes, marshal, we were wrong, please forgive us!”
Everyone in the Zhao family was really panicked and scared this time.
Chen Ning’s rank is higher than Zhao Ruolong, and he can be called China’s top military commander. Even Zhao Ruolong must be respectful when he meets Chen Ning.
If Zhao Ruolong knows that they should treat Chen Ning like this, it is estimated that even Zhao Ruolong will be angry.
Chen Ning and Zhao Ruolong are both commanders guarding one side, and their relationship is fairly good, so naturally they don’t really mean to care about with the Zhao family.
He smiled and said to Zhao Xuecheng: “Master Zhao, Commander Zhao and I are both colleagues and friends. Let the little thing between us pass!”
When Master Zhao and others heard the words, if they were amnesty, they said excitedly: “Yes, yes, just do what you mean by the marshal!”
Ji Chang and Jiang Ping watched this scene with a smile, and they thought to themselves: You old thing, you want to let our Ji family, Jiang family, and the marshal confess your mistakes and beg for mercy. ?

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