The One & Only

Chapter: 578

Zhonghai City!
Chen Ning was talking to Dianchu, and he asked Dianchu to send someone to protect Song Pingting.
A few days ago, Ye Jianming was able to break into the Ningda Group and directly into Song Pingting’s office with a group of bodyguards. This was simply ridiculous.
Dian Chu said a little distressed: “Young commander, there are many strong men in our Northern Army, but our Northern Army is all male.”
“Protection Marshal Madam, if you want meticulous personal protection, if you can follow any occasion, it’s best to be a female bodyguard. Our Northern Army has no women!”
Chen Ning said angrily: “The sky is cold in the north, and the source of troops in the north is of course the strongest man. Naturally, there are no female soldiers.”
“But there are no female masters in our Northern Army, can’t you find them from other places?”
Dian Chu said embarrassedly: “It’s not our own people. If you don’t know the basics, you don’t dare to use it!”
Chen Ning frowned: “Are there any innocent female bodyguards?”
Dian Chu said: “The innocent strength is not enough, and the strong female bodyguards have inextricable relationships with many aristocratic family members or military leaders. I dare not use them at will.”
“However, there is indeed a choice.”
Chen Ning asked: “Who?”
Dian Chu said: “Qin Phoenix!”
Chen Ningzhe had heard of this name before, and asked in shock: “Who came from?”
Dian Chu smiled and said: “One of the female bodyguards of the lord’s wife, the former protector’s wife was injured and was forced to withdraw from the ranks of bodyguards to protect the lord’s wife.”
“Recently, although she has recovered from her injuries, the wife of the country lord has a new bodyguard, and she has no way to return to the high-strength position of protecting the wife of the country lord.”
Chen Ning couldn’t help asking: “Let her protect my wife, is she competent?”
Dian Chu said: “Qin Fenghuang is very strong. Although she has suffered an injury, she can’t return to the level of her peak period. But it is more than enough to protect the young marshal madam and deal with ordinary masters.”
“Furthermore, she only provides personal protection. There are also our Tiger Guards secretly protecting the young marshal’s wife. It’s not easy to get into trouble.”
Chen Ning nodded: “Well, it’s her!”
“I don’t care what method you use, you can’t reveal my identity, just invite her in the name of an ordinary person to serve as my wife’s bodyguard.”
Dian Chu said: “Yes!”
Chen Ning said, “Go ahead and do it!”
Dian Chu quickly said, “Marshal, there is one more thing.”
Chen Ning was stunned: “What’s the matter?”
Dian Chu said, “Ye Jianming, who you injured before, his brother Ye Jiandong is coming to avenge you.”
Chen Ning’s face sank: “I don’t know what to say!”
Dian Chu said: “This Ye Jiandong’s identity is not simple. He is the master of the Palace of the Kings of Yama, nicknamed Tiance, and has ten masters under his command, called the Yama of the Ten Halls.”
“In addition, he also called brothers to the top gangs in the capital, and he is very capable.”
Chen Ning said lightly after hearing the words: “Tiance, I have heard of this name occasionally, but he had better not come to cause trouble, otherwise I wouldn’t mind destroying his Palace of the Kings of Gods.”
Dian Chu reminded: “The survival of the Palace of the King of Yama, in fact, proves that it is not easy.”
“The Palace of Yan Wangdian is inextricably linked to the gang of powerful young men in Beijing, and even behind the acquiescence of many big bosses in Beijing, it is not possible that Yan Wangdian is the organization that helps these big men deal with all kinds of headaches on weekdays. It is a big brother. Our eagle dog.”
“If the marshal can get rid of the Palace of the Lord of Gods directly, it may cause trouble.”
Chen Ning snorted coldly: “If people do not offend me, I will not offend others. If anyone offends me, I will not be merciless.
Dian Chu said: “Yes!”
The next day, noon.
Chen Ning brought a lunch to Song Pingting’s office of Ningda Group to feed Song Pingting, who was so busy that he forgot to eat lunch.
However, he didn’t even approach the door of Song Pingting’s office.
She was stopped by a tall beauty with a ponytail and a black suit.
The tall beauty has a pair of phoenix eyes, which is charming and heroic.
The phoenix-eyed beauty looked at Chen Ning vigilantly, and shouted solemnly: “Who are you, don’t wear any Ningda Group badges, who allowed you to come to the president’s floor to see Miss Song?”
Chen Ning was stunned!
He is Song Pingting’s husband, and he does not wear a work badge when he enters and exits the Ningda Group!
Moreover, where did this female bodyguard come from?
Thinking about this, Chen Ning couldn’t help but look at the identity plate on the chest of this phoenix-eyed beauty. The name Qin Fenghuang was written on it as expected.
It turns out that this is the female bodyguard Dian Chu said!
Chen Ning looked at Qin Fenghuang’s chest to see the nameplate.
But Qin Fenghuang saw Chen Ning staring at her chest, and immediately thought that this guy was aiming randomly, and she was instantly angry.
You know, she has developed very well since junior high school, and now it can be said that she is a devil.
Other women disliked her small breasts, but she disliked her being too big.
Especially when she served in the women’s army earlier, and when she was running, she was especially embarrassed and angry, wishing she was an airport.
When she was training, she was rarely stared at by female comrades in jokes when she was running, so she hated people staring at her breasts most.
Seeing Chen Ning looking at her chest at this moment, she was immediately annoyed.
She scolded, “Asshole, where do you look, right?”
With that said, she really wanted to teach Chen Ning a lesson.
Chen Ning was dumbfounded and was about to explain, but at this time the door of the president’s office opened.
It turned out that Song Pingting, who heard the movement, drove out of the office and quickly said: “Qin Fenghuang, don’t get me wrong, he is not a bad person, he is my husband Chen Ning.”
Song Pingting quickly said to Chen Ning: “Husband, her name is Qin Fenghuang.”
“Didn’t you ask me to hire a female bodyguard? Just as I sent out the recruitment information, she came to apply.”
“She is a female soldier and she is also very skilled, so I hired her.”
Chen Ning smiled and said, “Oh, it turns out that she is your newly recruited bodyguard. She is very responsible, but a bit fierce.”
Qin Fenghuang opened his eyes wide: “What did you say?”
Song Pingting said: “Well, you should have a little misunderstanding, just let it go.”
Qin Fenghuang took a deep look at Chen Ning. She was privately arranged by the military leader to protect Song Pingting, so she felt that she was only responsible for Song Pingting’s safety and she didn’t care about the rest.
Moreover, she is from Zhonghai City.
She had heard that Song Pingting was drunk and raped by Chen Ning before, causing Song Pingting to give birth to a child out of wedlock.
She also heard that Song Pingting started from scratch and founded the Ningda Group. Chen Ning, the bastard, came to find Song Pingting, and now she ate soft food at Song Pingting’s house and refused to leave.
She had a liking for Chen Ning from the beginning. When I met Chen Ning for the first time, Chen Ning was still staring at her chest, and she despised Chen Ning even more.
Chen Ning sensed the contempt and disdain in Qin Fenghuang’s eyes!
He didn’t care, and was about to walk into the office with Song Pingting with a smile.
But at this time, Lin Wei, the assistant to the president, hurried over, her face panicked and said: “It’s not good, a bunch of people came outside, and the guy at the head said that he belongs to the Palace of the Lord of Gods. His name is Hong Tian. Dao wants to see Mr. Chen and Miss Song!”
“Hades Palace!”
Qin Fenghuang exclaimed when he heard this.
Chen Ning and Song Pingting looked at Qin Fenghuang, and Song Pingting couldn’t help asking, “What does the Palace of the King of Yan do? Is it great?”
Qin Fenghuang smiled bitterly and said, “Of course, Yanwangdian is the most powerful mercenary organization in East Asia, and its owner is Tiance.”
“He has ten very powerful subordinates called the Ten Yama Yamas. This Hong Tian is one of the ten Yamas.”
“Miss Song, how did you offend these wicked guys?”
Song Pingting suspected that Chen Ning was injuring Ye Jianming. She didn’t have time to speak. Chen Ning smiled and said to Qin Fenghuang: “Hong Tian is so powerful, I wonder if Miss Qin is your opponent?”
Qin Fenghuang originally found it tricky. When she heard Chen Ning’s words, she was willing to admit defeat, and immediately said: “Ho ho, Hong Tian is powerful, but I may not be his opponent!”
Chen Ning wanted to see how strong his wife, the new bodyguard, was, so he smiled: “Well, let’s go out to meet this Hongtian, and also see the skills of Miss Qin.

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