The One & Only

Chapter: 580

Song Pingting praised Qin Fenghuang’s skill and was happy to hire such an excellent bodyguard as Qin Fenghuang.
Then, she told everyone to continue to work.
She herself went back to the president’s floor and continued to work.
Qin Fenghuang’s job is to protect Song Pingting. During the time when Song Pingting was working in the president’s office, she was relatively relaxed and she didn’t have anything to do.
She sat down on a chair in the corridor at the door of the president, then took out a coin and watched repeatedly.
This coin was the “hidden weapon” she picked up from the scene, and the mysterious master used this coin to abolish Hong Tian’s right hand and help her save her danger.
At this moment, she couldn’t help thinking, who is so powerful that the coin thrown away can abolish the right hand of Hong Tian, ​​one of the ten halls of the Yama Hall?
This person is too amazing!
You must know that she was born in a female special force, and she is quite skilled.
But even she was not Hong Tian’s opponent, and this mysterious person was able to abolish Hong Tian at will, showing the horror of strength.
No way!
Be sure to find out the savior who helped him and repay him for his life-saving grace.
If it weren’t for this mysterious person to help, she would definitely be insulted by Hong Tian’s nasty moves today, then her innocence would be completely ruined, and she would lose face in the future.
It can be said that this mysterious person saved her today.
Qin Fenghuang thought about this and noticed a camera above the corridor. Then she had a clever idea and said hello to Song Pingting’s assistant, and then she went straight to the security monitoring room of the Ningda Group.
After saying hello to the security captain, she asked to watch the surveillance video of her fight with Hong Tian just now.
Although the security captain didn’t know what Qin Fenghuang wanted to do, he knew that Qin Fenghuang was the personal bodyguard recruited by Song Zongxin, so he didn’t dare to neglect, and helped her call up the surveillance video just now.
Although there were videos on the scene, there were many people onlookers. She paid close attention to the crowd. On the other hand, after watching it several times, she couldn’t find out who was there to help.
In fact, Chen Ning’s actions were too small and secretive, and the coins flew out so fast that ordinary surveillance cameras could not capture much of the picture.
When Qin Fenghuang replayed the surveillance video for the fifth time, she suddenly noticed a tall middle-aged man wearing cleaner clothes in the corner and raised his hand.
This middle-aged man seemed to be affected and raised his hand and waved, but it was like a throwing gesture!
Qin Fenghuang’s eyes lit up!
Could it be that this middle-aged cleaner man Xie, this tall, not surprising, and even a little ugly guy, is a peerless strong man who hides in the city?
Did he throw out the coin and save himself?
The more Qin Fenghuang looked at the middle-aged cleaner man in the picture, the more he felt that this guy’s ordinary appearance hides this extraordinary strength, and it is very likely that he is a modern version of the “sweeper monk” powerhouse!
Qin Fenghuang turned around and asked the security captain: “What is this person’s name?”
The security captain looked at it and immediately said with disdain: “This guy is Gou Dabiao, a cleaner who has been employed for less than three months!”
“This guy seems to be honest, but in fact he is cunning and treacherous. He takes care of everything. Last time someone lost his watch, and he suspected that he stole it.”
“It’s just that there is no evidence, otherwise he will be expelled early.”
Qin Fenghuang frowned slightly when he heard this, and immediately thought: This Gou Dabiao must be a peerless master who is hidden in the city. He should be frivolous on the surface, but in fact a jewel hidden inside.
Because she mistakenly thought that Gou Dabiao was her lifesaver, Qin Fenghuang subconsciously had a good impression of Gou Dabiao, and subconsciously excused him, and secretly decided to go to Gou Dabiao, thank him for his help.
Soon, get off work at night.
Qin Fenghuang followed Song Pingting to the downstairs of Ningda Group. She just wanted to tell Song Pingting that she was going to drive.
However, Chen Ning had already appeared in a Hongqi sedan at this time.
When the car window fell, Chen Ning smiled and said, “My wife, let’s go home, Qin Bodyguard, you can get off work.”
Qin Fenghuang has a slight preference for Chen Ning. She has heard that Chen Ning was drunk and forcibly occupied Song Pingting, which led to Song Pingting’s unmarried child, and she now sees Chen Ning not working and relying on Song Pingting. Eat soft meals at home.
She looked down on Chen Ning from the bottom of her heart!
At this time, when she saw Chen Ning driving a Hongqi sedan again, she couldn’t help but curse in her heart: The Hongqi sedan was driven by the head of China. People who bought the Hongqi sedan in the past had to pass the political review before they could buy it.
Now you, the scumbag who eats soft food, drive Hongqi cars, which is simply a tarnish to Hongqi cars!
She glanced at Chen Ning contemptuously, then turned to look at Song Pingting: “Mr Song…”
Song Pingting said sweetly: “Xiao Qin, Chen Ning is right, I go home from get off work, you don’t have to protect me on your behalf, you can move around freely.”
Qin Fenghuang said: “Yes, Mr. Song!”
Chen Ning and Song Pingting drove home!
On the way, Song Pingting couldn’t help but said to Chen Ning: “Chen Ning, why do I look like the newly recruited bodyguard Qin Fenghuang? I seem to have a bit of a prejudice against you, and I don’t want to see you very much.”
Chen Ning smiled and said, “Is there?”
Song Pingting nodded: “Yes, I can feel it.”
Chen Ning smiled and said: “She probably listened to the rumors outside, thinking that I was relying on your house for soft food, so despise me.”
Song Pingting couldn’t laugh or cry after hearing this: “Then I will explain to her.”
Chen Ning smiled and said: “Why do we have to explain things to others about our husband and wife? If everyone has a misunderstanding of me, wouldn’t it be necessary for us to explain it once when we see people.”
Song Pingting also felt that there were some things that might get darker and darker, so in the end she felt that she should just let the flow go.
Anyway, she knows that her husband does not eat soft food and is very good.
at night!
After Chen Ning and Song Pingting had dinner at home, Song Pingting wanted to go shopping and buy clothes.
Although Chen Ning is not keen on shopping, he still drove out to shop with Song Pingting.
The two came to Minghui Street, which is full of luxury brand clothing stores.
Song Pingting said to Chen Ning: “Let’s go, there is an Armani suit store in front of you. Let’s go and have a look. I want to choose two suits for you.”
Chen Ning could not laugh or cry: “I don’t want to buy clothes!”
“But I want to buy it for you!”
Song Pingting said, holding Chen Ning’s hand directly, and walked into the Armani suit store.
After the two came in, Chen Ning suddenly discovered that a man and a woman were choosing clothes in the store, and the figure of the woman was still very familiar.
Song Pingting also whispered in surprise: “Hey, it’s Xiao Qin.”
That pair of men and women were Qin Fenghuang and Gou Dabiao, an old fritter cleaner from the Ningda Group.
Qin Fenghuang was holding a suit, smiling at Gou Dabiao, who was fat and wide, and said, “Buddha relies on gold clothes and people relies on clothes. Armani brand clothes, Dabiao, you must wear well.”
No one could tell that Qin Fenghuang had a good impression of Gou Dabiao.
Qin Fenghuang had actually imagined that she would meet the white horse hero man, but she didn’t expect to meet him.
It’s just that this heroic man looks a bit ordinary and has a bloated figure, which is far from the handsome appearance she imagined.
But she feels that she is not a woman who judges people by her appearance!
Therefore, she spoke very patiently and tenderly to Gou Dabiao at this time.
But Gou Dabiao, seeming to be honest, but there was a cunning light shining in the depths of his eyes.
He is a cleaner in the Ningda Group. Qin Fenghuang came to find him when he was off work today, and kept asking him if he was a master, and if he secretly saved her?
At first he thought that Qin Fenghuang was teasing her, and he didn’t care about it, but later he was impatient and said he was angrily!
Unexpectedly, after Qin Fenghuang got his affirmative answer, he would be very enthusiastic about him.
No, Qin Fenghuang took him to see a set of tens of thousands of designer clothes.
He rolled his eyes twice, then deliberately said: “Miss Qin, this dress is too expensive, I can’t afford it…”
Qin Fenghuang said immediately: “Clothes are the second face of a man, Dabiao, you have incomparable strength, and it is too low-key on ordinary days.”
“And you rescued me this afternoon. I came here with you just to buy you some clothes. Besides, I want to buy you another Mercedes Benz car later!”
Gou Dabiao was overjoyed when he heard the words, but said angrily: “Miss Qin, I am going to save you this afternoon, not for your reward.”
“If you think so, then you despise me!”
Qin Fenghuang quickly said, “Of course I know that you are not the kind of person who is greedy to repay, otherwise you will not help me without saying a word. You will not admit it until I find you.”
“The suit and the Mercedes-Benz are just lent to you. If you have the money, you can pay it back, okay?”
A trace of pride flashed in the depths of Gou Dabiao’s eyes!
He deliberately said affectionately: “Miss Qin, you are so kind to me, I’m afraid I owe you all my life.”
Qin Fenghuang blushed, took out a bank card, and said to the clerk: “I want to buy these sets of clothes and give me a credit card.”
Gou Dabiao looked at Qin Fenghuang’s red-faced and shy face, and thought: There is a show, hehe, my Dabiao wants a good harvest of money and beauty today!
But at this time!
Chen Ning appeared next to him!
Before the clerk reached out, Chen Ning took the bank card in Qin Fenghuang’s hand.
The corners of Chen Ning’s mouth rose slightly, looking at the astonished Qin Fenghuang and Gou Dabiao, and smiled slightly: “Xiao Qin, it’s such a coincidence, how can you buy him clothes? You won’t be fooled by him, right?”

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