The One & Only

Chapter: 581

Qin Fenghuang was stunned!
Gou Dabiao was stunned!
Even Song Pingting and the shop assistants next to him were stunned, and everyone looked at Chen Ning in amazement.
Qin Fenghuang thought of meeting Chen Ning and Song Pingting here!
She called out Mr. Song in surprise, and then looked at Chen Ning displeased: “Mr. Chen, now I am off work.”
“Whoever I buy things for, will I be deceived? It seems to have nothing to do with you.”
In fact, Chen Ning arranged for Qin Fenghuang to appear next to Song Pingting as a bodyguard.
In addition, since Chen Ning heard the conversation between Qin Fenghuang and Gou Dabiao just now, he guessed that Qin Fenghuang was deceived by Gou Dabiao.
Therefore, Chen Ning can’t help but watch Qin Fenghuang being deceived.
In particular, Gou Dabiao used his identity as a rescuer and cheated Qin Fenghuang, and Chen Ning absolutely had to take care of it.
Chen Ning looked at Qin Fenghuang with a smile and said, “I heard the conversation between the two of you just now. Did you say that this guy with a round waist and fat body helped you?”
“Ho ho, I think he walks with pant, and he can save you, so don’t be stupid.”
Qin Fenghuang said angrily: “Don’t judge people by their appearance, Da Biao looks ordinary, but there is something in it.”
Chen Ning looked at the bloated Gou Dabiao, and smiled: “Just as he seems to be a simple and honest, but in fact cunning guy, is there something in him?”
Gou Dabiao was also shocked when he saw Chen Ning and Song Pingting just now.
Because Chen Ning is the chief consultant of Ningda Group, Song Pingting is even more powerful as the chairman and president of Ningda Group.
It can be said that Chen Ning and Song Pingting can make him lose his job!
But now he calmed down.
He is just a cleaner in the Ningda Group, and his salary is not much.
If you can deceive Qin Fenghuang’s trust, you will have brand-name clothes and famous cars, and you can even sleep in Qin Fenghuang’s beautiful beauty.
Thinking about it this way, he courageously came up.
As long as you can deceive Qin Fenghuang, what are you afraid of offending Chen Ning and Song Pingting, and why you are afraid of losing your job?
As a result, he sank his face and said to Chen Ning displeased: “Chen Ning, please show respect to me when you speak!”
Chen Ning nodded: “Okay!”
“You said you rescued Xiao Qin, so you should be good at it, right?”
Gou Dabiao still has nothing to say!
Qin Fenghuang next to him had already coldly snorted: “Of course, Da Biao can throw a coin at will, and he will be able to abolish Hong Tian, ​​one of the ten halls of the Hades, do you think it’s amazing?”
Song Pingting was shocked when she heard the words: “No wonder Hong Tian has always had the upper hand when you played against Hong Tian this afternoon. It turned out that it was Gou Dabiao who secretly assisted and injured Hong Tian, ​​so you only defeated Hong Tian!”
Qin Fenghuang was a little embarrassed, but nodded and admitted: “Yes, so I am very grateful to Da Biao, Da Biao is not as mediocre as he looks, he is very powerful.”
Hearing this, Gou Dabiao straightened his chest subconsciously, quite proud.
The corner of Chen Ning’s mouth rose slightly: “I still suspect that this guy is a liar!”
Qin Fenghuang just got angry!
Chen Ning has already continued: “Well, let me do two tricks with this well-known Mr. Gou. If he can beat me, then I blame him, and I will solemnly apologize to him personally.”
“If he can’t even beat me, it’s a liar.”
Qin Fenghuang said angrily: “Chen Ning, don’t go too far.”
Song Pingting looked left and right, and felt that Gou Dabiao was not like a hidden master, and that Chen Ning’s suspicion was reasonable. If Qin Fenghuang was deceived by Gou Dabiao, it would be no good.
So, she smiled at Qin Fenghuang and said: “Xiao Qin, if Mr. Gou is really capable, Chen Ning can try him. Real gold is not afraid of fire. If he is really a liar, Chen Ning will try it out for your own good.”
Qin Fenghuang was not polite to Chen Ning, but he still had to be polite to Song Pingting.
She nodded: “Okay, then you will do two tricks with Chen Ning, Dabiao.”
“Dabiao, I know that you have a stunt and you are a strong man in the hidden world. Don’t give him face, just beat him up.”
Gou Dabiao dumbfounded!
He didn’t expect that things would turn out to be like this, so he asked him to fight.
However, he had learned two strokes of Sanda before, and his body was round and fatter than Chen Ning.
He wondered, with his figure, hitting Chen Ning’s little white face, isn’t it a matter of minutes?
So he did not hesitate to agree: “Ho ho, since Mr. Chen you want to ask for fun, then I know you will be perfect.”
Armani’s clerk didn’t think of Chen Ning and others who were going to fight, so she quickly said that please go outside for a fight.
Chen Ning, Gou Dabiao and others came outside the store.
Chen Ning smiled and waved: “Come on!”
Gou Dabiao shouted: “Watch boxing!”
After he finished speaking, he let go of his arms and moved towards Chen Ning with an eighth punch.
Song Pingting didn’t see any clues for this punch, but Qin Fenghuang, a master fighting master, looked dumbfounded.
Because of Gou Dabiao’s trick, the next game was unstable, the frame was loose, his fists were weak, and his fists were full of flaws. He had no foundation at all, and was similar to a street fight.
Qin Fenghuang’s face was ugly, and a bad premonition rose in her heart.
Could it be that she was really deceived?
Impossible, Gou Dabiao must be a peerless master, and these moves must return to the basics and simple.
But in the next second, Qin Fenghuang’s final fantasy was shattered by Chen Ning.
Chen Ning easily avoided Gou Dabiao’s fist, and at the same time raised his hand and lightly punched Gou Dabiao’s pie face.
Gou Dabiao’s nose was directly interrupted, his face covered with blood.
This is due to the mercy of Chen Ning’s men, otherwise, Chen Ning can easily smash this guy’s face with one punch.
Gou Dabiao suffered pain, squatted down, clutching his nose, groaning constantly.
Qin Fenghuang’s pretty face was green and white, and Chen Ning didn’t need to say anything, she already knew that she was really cheated.
This Gou Dabiao was not the mysterious person who saved her secretly in the afternoon, but a complete liar!
Her pretty face flushed, and she asked Gou Dabiao angrily: “Why are you lying to me?”
Gou Dabiao also knew that he couldn’t keep the secret at this time, so he tore his face straight: “Damn, you came to ask me if I was a master, and asked me if I saved you.”
“What else can I do, of course I followed your words and admitted.”
“Don’t you post it upside down, I don’t want it yet?”
Qin Fenghuang said angrily: “You are shameless, you immediately get out of here, don’t let me see you again, or I will see you once and beat you once.”
Hearing this, Gou Dabiao ran away dingy.
Qin Fenghuang was very disappointed. He didn’t think Gou Dabiao was a liar, so where is the mysterious master who really helped her?
Song Pingting thought that things would coax like this. Seeing Qin Fenghuang’s loss, she comforted a few words.
Then, she whispered to Chen Ning: “Okay, you have ruined other people’s good deeds, so hurry up.”
Chen Ning couldn’t laugh or cry. He helped her and made her not deceived. How could it be said that it was a bad thing!
He and Song Pingting are going to leave!
But at this time, several cars roared in and stopped in front of the three of them.
Come down a bunch of wicked men!
The leading two, one with two crossed scars on his face, and one with a bright bald head.
Both of them are one of the ten great Yamas in the Palace of Yamas. The scarred face is called Gao Jin, and the bald head is called Xie Tianlai.
A large number of menacing men followed behind them, surrounding Chen Ning and the three of them.
Gao Jin said coldly: “It was you who injured Hong Tian and refused to see our master Tiance?”
Xie Tianlai said in a hoarse voice: “Now you have two ways to walk, one way is death, and the other way is to follow us obediently and go to see God.”

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