The One & Only

Chapter: 582

Song Pingting’s face changed slightly!
Qin Fenghuang looked extremely ugly as he was facing an enemy.
Today, Hong Tian, ​​one of the ten halls of the Yamas in the Temple of the Kings, made her frantic and exhausted to deal with it.
Now Yama of the Ten Temples came two all at once, and both ranked above Hong Tian, ​​and she didn’t feel confident about it herself.
However, at this time Chen Ning said coldly: “You are from the Palace of the Lord of the Gods again, you are really not finished.”
After Chen Ning finished speaking, he threw the red flag car key to Qin Fenghuang next to him, and instructed: “Xiao Qin, you drive my wife back first, and leave it to me here.”
Qin Fenghuang couldn’t help widening his eyes when he heard the words, looked at Chen Ning in shock, and said silently: “Let’s go first and you will stay and deal with it. Can you?”
Chen Ning said calmly: “Let’s go!”
Song Pingting also worried: “Chen Ning…”
Chen Ning smiled and said: “Nothing, you go first, and I’ll be back when I finish packing them up. Wife, don’t you trust me?”
Song Pingting had seen Chen Ning take action more than once, and it was indeed very powerful. After all, Chen Ning had served in the Northern Army for several years, and his fighting skills were still terrifying.
Song Pingting finally nodded: “Okay, I will wait for you at the parking lot with Xiao Qin.”
Chen Ning smiled and said, “Okay!”
Soon, Qin Fenghuang escorted Song Pingting away.
Gao Jin and Xie Tianlai and others saw Song Pingting go first, and they wanted to catch up.
But Chen Ning stepped forward and blocked everyone’s path.
The corner of Chen Ning’s mouth rose slightly: “I told Hong Tian this afternoon to warn you people in the Yan Wangdian not to come and make trouble again, but you not only didn’t listen, but you also got worse.”
“Now that you are here, stay here!”
Gao Jin and Xie Tianlai glanced at each other, and there was a furious look on each other’s faces.
Gao Jin’s scar face looked very hideous, and he grinned and said: “Boy, our master Tiance said, if you are not savvy, take your corpse back to see him.”
“Now, you die for me!”
As Gao Jin said, his body moved suddenly and turned into an afterimage, rushing towards Chen Ning.
The speed is extremely fast!
The subordinates in the Palace of the Kings of the Lord were full of enthusiasm, and many of them couldn’t help but applaud.
When Gao Jin rushed towards Chen Ning’s side, he quickly flew up and swept towards Chen Ning’s head.
Chen Ning took a step back at will, avoiding the kick of high advancement.
Gao Jin swept across the street light pole next to him!
The street light pole with the thick mouth of the bowl was directly swept and broken by Gao Jin’s foot, broke and fell down.
The street lamp slammed on the ground, causing the surrounding passers-by to exclaim.
Gao Jin’s figure was like a ghost, and he approached Chen Ning again, sweeping his legs, sweeping towards Chen Ning’s bottom plate.
Chen Ning took two steps back at will, avoiding Gao Jin’s sweeping legs.
Gao Jin’s sweeping legs swept on the floor covered with blue bricks, and the blue bricks on the ground were directly swept to pieces, which was amazing.
The high offensive momentum was like a violent storm, and he attacked more than a dozen moves in one breath, but Chen Ning was like a stroll in the courtyard, all of them easily dodged.
Chen Ning shook his head slightly, showing a disappointed expression: “I have long heard that Yan Wangdian is the most powerful mercenary organization in China, and the strongest mercenary organization in Asia. The ten temples in Yan Wangdian are all top powerhouses.”
“But now it seems, but so.”
But so?
Gao Jin and Xie Tianlai, their subordinates, and even the passers-by who were onlookers couldn’t help being stunned.
One kick can kick the street light pole off, and one kick can sweep the blue bricks to pieces on the ground. Such a powerful player, in Chen Ning’s eyes, is such an evaluation?
Gao Jin was completely angered by Chen Ning, and said angrily: “If you have the ability, don’t just dodge it. If it’s a man, then you can fight hard with me.”
After finishing speaking, he was like a dragon, his fist was like a cannon, and a heavy cannon punch slammed towards Chen Ning fiercely.
Chen Ning replied lightly: “Okay!”
Chen Ning really didn’t dodge anymore. He took a step forward with a punch with his right hand to meet Gaojin’s fist.
Gao Jin’s fist made a whistling air current, which sounded very scary.
Chen Ning’s fists are plain and insignificant, but they contain overwhelmingly terrifying power.
The fist wind rushed towards his face, Gao Jin noticed the strangeness, his face changed drastically in an instant, and an ominous premonition rose in his heart.
But at this time, he wanted to withdraw halfway, it was too late.
The two fists fought together!
The terrifying power on Chen Ning’s fist smashed the bones of his right arm directly into pieces like a ruin!
Gao Jin let out a scream and backed away staggeringly.
After standing firm, he discovered that his entire right arm was bloody and bloody, drooping like cooked noodles, and it was completely useless.
Gao Jin looked at Chen Ning in horror!
Xie Tianlai also opened his mouth slightly and his face was shocked.
And the gang of Hades Palace had already been stunned.
Gao Jin’s right arm was scrapped, and he was shocked and angry, and roared: “Everyone, get on together and kill this guy!”
A group of men behind him drew out katana one after another, and shouted together: “Kill!”
Swarm towards Chen Ning!
Chen Ning snorted coldly, raised his hand to catch an opponent’s katana, and then applied a little force, and the katana was directly shattered by him.
Chen Ning waved his sleeves, and the shattered katana fragments flew out like a pear blossom in a rainstorm.
More than a dozen members of the Palace of the Lord of Gods were directly beaten up by blade fragments, and they screamed endlessly.
at this time!
Gao Jin followed Xie Tianlai, and they were already like two cannonballs, whizzing towards Chen Ning.
The two want to join forces to take down Chen Ning!
Chen Ning raised his hand and punched Gao Jin’s chest like lightning.
Gao Jin’s chest sank deeply in an instant, not only the bones of his chest were all broken, but the internal organs of the chest cavity and abdomen were all shattered, and there were no screams, and he fell directly out and fell to the ground. It was already a dead body.
Xie Tianlai’s fist slammed towards Chen Ning’s head.
Chen Ning dodged sideways and kicked out at the same time, shocking the sky.
Chen Ning kicked Xie Tianlai in the head!
Xie Tianlai was killed on the spot, like a big tree that had been cut down, crashing to the ground.
The people around were shocked!
There are two Yamas in the Palace of the Yamas, and a group of subordinates, who are already dead and wounded at this time.
At this time, Dianchu and Bahuwei hurriedly arrived.
Chen Ning ordered: “Clean up this rubbish!”
After speaking, he turned and left.
parking lot!
On the Hongqi car, Song Pingting and Qin Fenghuang were both anxiously waiting for Chen Ning.
Qin Fenghuang had regretted it in her heart. She felt that Chen Ning’s soft meal guy could resist the two Yamas in the Palace of the Lord of Gods. She shouldn’t let Chen Ning stay behind.
Song Pingting didn’t want to be Chen Ning’s burden, so she promised Chen Ning to wait for him in the parking lot, but now she also regrets it.
Not seeing Chen Ning come back for a long time, Song Pingting couldn’t sit still, she said anxiously: “Let’s go back to Chen Ning!”
Qin Fenghuang nodded: “Okay!”
The two of them just wanted to drive, but they suddenly saw a tall figure walking in front of them, it was Chen Ning.
Song Pingting said in surprise: “Husband!”
Qin Fenghuang was also shocked. How did Chen Ning come back safely?
Could it be that the guys in Yan Wangdian would not let Chen Ning go easily? Could it be that Chen Ning was a peerless master who had won both of the two masters in Yan Wangdian?
How could it be possible, you know that even she can’t beat the two Hades in the Hades Palace!
Qin Fenghuang looked at Chen Ning suspiciously. The guy who had always been a scumbag in her mind suddenly became unpredictable.
In addition, she couldn’t help thinking, if he is truly a master, then when she fights Hong Tian this afternoon, will he secretly rescue him?
Qin Fenghuang looked at Chen Ning, the more he thought about it, the more he doubted it.

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