The One & Only

Chapter: 584

Eight lifted the heavy coffin and put it down on the ground, making an astonishing sound.
At this moment, sorrow and joy also stopped.
More than two hundred servants of the Palace of Yama, wearing white mourning attire, scattered one after another and directly surrounded Chen Ning, Dianchu, and Eight Huwei.
Seven men with different body shapes, but each exuding a strong aura, appeared in front of Chen Ning and the others.
These seven people are the seven Yamas saved by Yamas in the ten temples of Yamas Palace.
The seven Yamas stepped aside, and then a stalwart man wearing black suits and fur coats, who was particularly heroic and domineering, walked out slowly.
It is the master of Yanwang Temple, Tiance Ye Jiandong.
Ye Jiandong looked at Chen Ning indifferently, and said coldly: “You have a very good message, and you know that your death date is approaching, so you come out and die.”
“But your death alone is not enough to offset your sin. Your whole family will suffer along with it.”
Qin Fenghuang, who was hiding in the dark, looked pale when he saw this scene.
Tian Ce, the master of the Yan Wangdian, actually came personally, and dispatched the other seven of the ten temples, and even brought a group of elite men from the Yan Wangdian.
Chen Ning had only a few companions around him. Facing the Palace of the King of Yama, it was a mantis blocking the car, and there was no resistance!
This is how to do?
Qin Fenghuang was like an ant on a hot pot, very anxious, but she suddenly discovered that Chen Ning, who was surrounded by the Palace of the Lord of Gods, looked as usual and unmoved.
Chen Ning looked at Ye Jiandong and said calmly: “You don’t deserve to kill me if you want to kill me.”
A look of surprise appeared in Ye Jiandong’s eyes!
The seven Yamas in the Palace of the Yamas are all different colors.
Yan Wangdian is the No. 1 mercenary organization in China. It is backed by many big bosses in the capital. Ye Jiandong even calls his brothers and sisters to a group of top power youngsters in Beijing. It can be said that Yan Wangdian is above the law.
There is a saying in the circle to describe the Palace of the Yan Kings, that is, the Palace of the Yan Kings requires people to die for the third watch, and not to live until the fifth watch.
But it was unexpected that in the small Zhonghai City, some people would not put the Temple of the Lords in their eyes, and even the master of the Temple of the Lords, even dared to speak wild words.
Ye Jiandong was angry, and he smiled furiously: “Ho ho, crazy tone, I hope you will have the strength to match it in the end, otherwise I promise you will die miserably.”
After he finished speaking, he shouted loudly: “Where is the Yama of the Seven Palaces?”
The seven Yan Luo Qi took a step forward, murderously: “Subordinates are here!”
Ye Jiandong coldly ordered: “Kill them all, so that they will not be alone on the road to Huangquan.”
The seven Yamas of the Palace of Yamas, all shot together, and killed Chen Ning and others.
The masters of Yan Wangdian can be said to have given Chen Ning and others a lot of face.
On weekdays, they rarely join forces. If it weren’t for Chen Ning’s loss of three Yamas, the remaining seven Yamas wouldn’t be able to join hands.
Qin Fenghuang, who was hiding in the dark, saw seven Yamas shooting at the same time. His face was pale with fright. There was only one thought in his heart: It’s over, Chen Ning is over.
Facing the joint attack of the seven Yamas, Chen Ning had a calm face and stood with his hands behind.
There is no fear and is not moved.
Dian Chu shouted in a deep voice: “Protect Young Master!”
The eight tigers responded together, and then stepped out together to intercept the seven Yama.
Although the Eight Tigers had only eight men, they stepped forward and put on an offensive posture, and their movements were neat and uniform, giving them an aura like a mighty army.
The seven Yama, and the eight tiger guards shortly joined forces, and the two sides immediately launched a storm-like offensive.
The seven Yamas are all masters in the Temple of Yama, and are also the top mercenary leaders in Asia.
But the Eight Tiger Guards were the best soldiers in the Northern Territory Army. The guards of these young marshals were all kings selected from the army, and each of them was the strongest existence in the army.
Top mercenary, meet top soldier king.
The result can be imagined!
As soon as the two sides played against each other, Yan Luo was severely injured by Tiger Guard, spouting blood, and fell screamingly.
Upon seeing this, Ye Jiandong couldn’t help but widen his eyes, and for the first time showed a shocked expression.
Where did Chen Ning find these subordinates? How could they be so powerful that they were able to sling a bunch of Yan Luo under his command.
Seeing, three of the seven Yamas have been knocked down, and the remaining four are also in danger and precarious.
Ye Jiandong finally couldn’t help it, and shouted: “In front of my heavenly strategy, you dare to be presumptuous, I’ll take care of you, and Yan Luo all retreat!”
As he said, he picked up the fur coat jacket on his body and threw it out forcefully.
The fur coat was like a rotating car cover, whizzing towards the Eight Tigers.
Bahuwei was surprised, gave up besieging the remaining four Yamas, and hurriedly resisted the fur coats that were flying over.
Bang bang bang…
The eight tiger guards were shaken by the flying fur coats and backed a few steps. Everyone looked at Ye Jiandong in shock.
The master of the Hades Palace really cannot be underestimated.
As soon as a master makes a move, he knows that there is no such thing.
When Chen Ning saw Ye Jiandong’s move, he knew that Ye Jiandong’s strength was above the eight tiger guards.
He faintly said: “You are not his opponents, I’ll do two tricks with him.”
“Yes, master!”
With military orders like a mountain, the eight tigers and guards retired together.
Chen Ning walked out unhurriedly with his hands on his back, and stopped less than five meters away from Ye Jiandong. The two looked at each other and their eyes collided like thunder and fire.
Qin Fenghuang, who was hiding in the dark, saw that Ye Jiandong threw out a fur coat and was able to shake Chen Ning’s gang back. He was shocked by Ye Jiandong’s strength.
But she didn’t think that Chen Ning would go out in person and single out Ye Jiandong.
Qin Fenghuang was stunned. There was only one thought in his mind: Is this kid crazy or tired of life? The other party is the master of the Palace of the Lord of Gods!
Ye Jiandong looked at Chen Ning and said with a sneer: “I have to admire your ignorant courage. If you point at this point, I can keep your whole body.”
Chen Ning said indifferently, “Are you done talking nonsense?”
Ye Jiandong’s face flushed, and he said angrily: “Looking for death!”
There was a rumbling at Ye Jiandong’s feet, the ground shattered, and his whole body was like a cannonball, swishing towards Chen Ning.
“Hammer Yin!”
Ye Jiandong shouted violently, and his right palm was printed on Chen Ning’s chest.
The power of this palm is horrible, and it is enough to open gold and crack stones.
Ye Jiandong is confident that this palm print on Chen Ning’s chest can shatter all the bones of Chen Ning’s body, and it can also shake Chen Ning’s internal organs into pulp, causing Chen Ning to die on the spot.
Qin Fenghuang, who was hiding in the dark, was so scared that his heart raised his throat when he saw this scene.
At this time, Chen Ning raised his hand, grabbed Ye Jiandong’s wrist easily, and caught Ye Jiandong’s inevitable move.
Ye Jiandong’s pupils suddenly enlarged, horrified.
Qin Fenghuang was also stunned!
The gang of Yama and the servants of the Temple of the Yamas at the scene were all stunned.
Ye Jiandong was frightened, raised his knees, and slammed Chen Ning’s crotch, trying to force Chen Ning to let go.
Chen Ning snorted coldly, and also raised his foot, faster and more powerful.
Ye Jiandong just lifted his knees, and took Chen Ning’s kick.
Ye Jiandong’s knee was directly kicked off!
He snorted and wanted to fight back desperately.
Chen Ning did not give the other party any chance!
Chen Ning grasped Ye Jiandong’s wrist with his left hand, and hit Ye Jiandong’s face with his right fist.
Like a big axe to chop wood, and like a sledgehammer to chisel stones.
Chen Ning’s fist smashed Ye Jiandong’s bones and blood splashed.
Chen Ning actually shot Ye Jiandong, the master of the Palace of the Yan King, to death.
Qin Fenghuang who was hiding in the dark was completely dumbfounded!
Several Yamas are dumbfounded!
The members of the temple of the king at the scene were all dumbfounded.
This Chen Ning’s strength is too terrifying, killing the master of the Palace of the Yan King is as simple as killing a chicken and a dog.

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