The One & Only

Chapter: 585

Chen Ning turned around, staring coldly at the rest of Yan Wangdian and others, and said indifferently: “Who else is going to send me on the road?”
Thump Thump…
Wherever Chen Ning’s eyes went, whether it was the few remaining Yamas or the elite servants of the Temple of the Kings of Yama, they all knelt involuntarily in fright.
Tiance, the master of the Palace of the Kings of Gods, was killed by Chen Ning with a single blow. How can they have the courage to fight Chen Ning!
And even in battle, who can resist Chen Ning’s punch?
In a moment, all of China’s most powerful mercenary organization, known as the Yan Wangdian, known as the strongest mercenary in Asia, all knelt before Chen Ning.
“Mr. Chen, we were wrong!”
“Yes, I beg Mr. Chen to let us go!”
“Mr. Chen, we are willing to accept any punishment, only to keep us alive.”
Mercenaries are called slaves of money and lackeys of war.
They work for money, and they are active wherever there is war.
Compared with soldiers who work for money, they don’t have the belief of soldiers at all. Therefore, in the face of such a terrifying and invincible powerful king like Chen Ning, they have to kneel and beg for mercy without hesitation.
Chen Ning shook his head: “Those who work for the money are really different from the soldiers who sacrificed their lives for the country. They are much worse.”
The Dian Chu next to him said: “How can mercenaries be compared with our soldiers? Master, you look at them too highly.”
After Dian Chu finished speaking, he asked, “Master, do you decide to deal with these guys like this?”
Chen Ning looked at the several Yamas who were kneeling in front of him, and a group of members of the Palace of Yamas.
He said coldly: “I can see that you are accomplices tonight, and I don’t care about you as much, but you must disband the Hades Palace on the spot.
“From then on, China will no longer have a mercenary organization called Yan Wangdian. Otherwise, the consequences will be at your own risk.”
The few remaining Yamas, as well as a group of members of the Palace of the Yamas, heard the words, as if they were amnesty, they all kowtowed their heads and thanked them: “Yes, yes, thank you Mr. Chen for your life…”
The people in the Palace of the Yan King, with the bodies of Ye Jiandong and others, fled in embarrassment.
After everyone disappeared, only Chen Ning, Dianchu and the Eight Tigers were left on the scene.
Chen Ning looked at a tree in the flowerbed on the side of the road, and said coldly: “When will you hide?”
Qin Fenghuang, who had been hiding behind the tree and peeping, knew that her whereabouts had been exposed. She walked out from behind the tree with a sneer on her face and smiled embarrassingly: “Ho ho, Mr. Chen!”
The corners of Chen Ning’s mouth rose slightly!
You must know that since the first time Qin Fenghuang met him, she looked at him with an undisguised contempt.
Now, she actually used a respectable name for him.
Chen Ning seemed to smile, “Why are you following me?”
Qin Fenghuang was a little embarrassed, blushing, and he kept talking: “I heard you call on the balcony, and it seemed to mention the Palace of the King of Gods. I thought you might have something wrong, so I followed it out secretly.”
Chen Ning chuckled: “Then I have to thank you for your concern!”
After Chen Ning finished speaking, he stopped talking to her, and Dian Chu and Bahuwei moved freely, and then he turned and walked towards Jiangbin Community and went home.
Chen Ning ignored Qin Fenghuang, but Qin Fenghuang had already developed a great curiosity about Chen Ning and had already gained great interest.
She followed quickly and asked curiously: “Mr. Chen, who are you?”
“Your subordinates are so powerful that they are better than my instructors in the special forces.”
“Not to mention you. You killed the master of the Palace of the Kings of the Gods with a single punch. It’s really amazing.”
“With your skillful skills, you certainly won’t be an ordinary person. Why would you be willing to stay at Miss Song’s house and eat soft meals, can you just talk about it?”
Chen Ning looked at Qin Fenghuang: “I used to know an old Shaolin monk, he lived to be more than a hundred years old before he died…”
Qin Fenghuang’s eyes lit up and couldn’t help asking, “So, did you learn this skill from the Shaolin monk?”
Chen Ning shook his head: “No!”
“I just want to tell you that the reason the old monk can live so old is because he never takes care of other people’s affairs.”
Qin Fenghuang was instantly embarrassed, so embarrassed that he was at a loss.
Looking at Chen Ning’s back, she was ashamed and annoyed, and secretly determined in her heart: Don’t be proud, I don’t believe that with my ability, you can’t find out your identity.
the next day!
Qin Fenghuang is still dedicated to being Song Pingting’s bodyguard, and Song Pingting will protect her every step of the way in and out of any situation.
Get off work at noon!
Chen Ning and Song Pingting came out of the Ningda Group and went to a coffee shop on the opposite street to drink coffee.
Qin Fenghuang followed too, but she was sitting in a position farther away from Chen Ning and Song Pingting.
It does not disturb the lives of Chen Ning and Song Pingting, but also provides protection for the first time when there is danger.
She took a peek at Chen Ning, Chen Ning was tall and straight, and his eyes were like stars, and the more she looked, the better she became.
She thought to herself that she didn’t find Chen Ning so good-looking and so temperamental.
She became more and more certain that Chen Ning must have another identity, and it would not be as simple as a son-in-law who came to eat soft meals.
Thinking so!
She immediately took out the laptop, then turned on the computer, and then opened an internal website.
This internal website can check everyone’s information, which is more advanced than the household registration office system, and even some hidden files can be checked.
Of course, many people’s files need permission to view them.
The more difficult the identity, the higher the authority required.
Qin Fenghuang entered Chen Ning’s name and the ID number she found last night, and quickly found Chen Ning’s file.
She tried to open it, but immediately a red exclamation mark popped up, warning her that she did not have enough permissions.
The warning comes to the door and prompts: The confidentiality level of the file data is SSSSS, and your viewing authority is insufficient.
Qin Fenghuang looked at the prompt on the laptop screen and was directly stunned.
She opened her eyes wide and counted with trembling fingers, one, two, three, four, five, five S, Chen Ning’s file turned out to be the top secret level.
How is this possible?
Even for general generals, the level of confidentiality of identity information files is only S-level.
Who is Chen Ning?
It turned out to be SSSSS level!
Is this an illusion?
Or is there something wrong with the computer system?
Qin Fenghuang couldn’t believe it, and tried to click it twice to open it again, but they all prompted her that she had insufficient permissions, and that Chen Ning’s file information was a five-S level.
She looked at Chen Ning in horror, and secretly guessed the origin of Chen Ning.
Who is so young in China, but the identity file is at the five-S level?
Qin Fenghuang hadn’t guessed the identity of Chen Ning. At this time, a large number of black cars were roaring outside.
Next came a team of tall men wearing black suits and carrying work cards.
At the same time, there were also a large number of special police vehicles, roaring, one by one special police officers with guns and live ammunition also jumped out of the vehicles in a hurry.
Qin Fenghuang used to protect the wife of the lord of the country. She saw the beginning of the license plate of the black car outside and these men in black suits, and she knew that it was from Guoan.
She was a little surprised. Looking at the national security officers who were rushing to surround the coffee shop, and a large number of special police officers, she wondered: Why is even Guo’an dispatched? Who is this to arrest? Such a big battle.
Immediately, she lowered her head and noticed her computer screen.
Then he was taken aback in an instant!
If she didn’t guess wrong, she must have tried several times to examine Chen Ning’s files, which directly alarmed the national security territoriality, causing Guoan and special police to rush to arrest her.
Her face was shocked, her mouth opened wide, and there was only one thought in her mind: Oh my god, what kind of fairy Chen Ning is this guy, I checked him, and Guoan was alarmed!

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