The One & Only

Chapter: 588

Chen Ning’s voice fell!
Ximen Yu had already brought a few of his subordinates and walked over with a smile on his mouth.
“Mr., I seem to hear you just talking about me?”
Chen Ning said coldly: “I don’t care who you are, you better disappear before my eyes now.”
Ximen Yu smiled and said, “It seems that this gentleman really hates me!”
“But it doesn’t matter. If you don’t want to see me, you can go now.”
After he finished speaking, he looked at Song Pingting in a white dress and smiled evilly: “This beautiful lady, I have asked the waiter to open a bottle of Lafite red wine for 82 years. I don’t know if I can buy you a glass. ?”
Chen Ning said coldly: “No!”
Ximen Yu raised his eyebrows: “Sir, I am asking this beautiful lady, not you.”
Chen Ning said indifferently: “I will answer you for her!”
Ximen Yu: “Who are you from her?”
Chen Ning: “I’m her husband!”
Ximen Yu nodded when he heard the words, showing a dazed expression: “It turns out that she is your husband and your daughter-in-law, then, sir, can I buy your daughter-in-law a drink?”
A cold light flashed in Chen Ning’s eyes: “Do you think this is fun?”
The corner of Ximen Yu’s mouth rose slightly, and she moved closer to Chen Ning, and said provocatively: “Chen Ning, if people don’t speak secretly, I’ve taken a look at your wife.”
Chen Ning’s face sank: “Looking for death!”
Ximen Yu smiled triumphantly: “Haha, you are angry, but what can you do? I can easily irritate you but you can’t beat you!”
“Are you very angry, are you very dissatisfied?”
“Look at your indifferent eyes, do you want to hit me? Come, come, I’ll stand here, you can try it if you have the ability?”
As Ximen Yu said, he deliberately moved his face to Chen Ning, making a wild provocation.
Born in the Ximen family, one of the top ten ancient Wu families, he is very confident of his own strength.
Do it!
As soon as Ximen Yu’s words fell, Chen Ning had already taken action.
Chen Ning raised his hand, took the rose from the waiter next to him, then swished, and fiercely pulled the rose toward Ximen Yu’s face.
Ximen Yu’s face changed drastically the moment Chen Ning took the shot.
Originally from the top ten ancient Wu family, he was very confident in his own strength.
But the moment Chen Ning took the shot, he realized that it was not good.
Because Chen Ning’s speed is so fast, it is almost to the extreme, so fast that people can’t fully react, and it’s terribly fast.
He only felt a black shadow appearing on the optic membrane of his eyes!
The rose in Chen Ning’s hand was slammed on his face like a leather whip, its skin spattered and bloody.
Ximen Yu couldn’t help but let out a miserable hum!
He stretched out his hand and wiped his beaten face tremblingly, but wiped a hand of blood.
He was shocked and angry. What was shocked was that Chen Ning drew a rose on his face, but the power burst like a whip; it was Chen Ning’s anger that this disfigured him.
“Chen Ning, you are looking for death!”
As Ximen Yu said, his body abruptly moved, killing Chen Ning like a ghost, with a terrifying speed.
Seeing this scene, Song Pingting couldn’t help but exclaimed: “Chen Ning be careful!”
Ximen Yu’s right hand was like an eagle’s claw, and he grabbed Chen Ning’s neck fiercely, trying to make a few blood holes in Chen Ning’s neck.
He shouted angrily: “Go to hell!”
Chen Ning snorted coldly, and took out the rose in his hand again!
There was a shocking bloodstain on the back of Ximen Yu’s hand, and the pain made him shrink and screamed, “Ah!”
Chen Ningyu was still angry, raised the rose, and slapped it on Ximen Yu’s face again, causing Ximen Yu to scream like a pig.
The rose in Chen Ning’s hand was drawn toward Ximen Yu, and Ximen Yu was covered with bloodstains and blood, and he quickly fell to the ground and rolled.
Song Pingting looked dumbfounded!
All of his men were stunned. As a master of ancient martial arts, Master Ximen was beaten to the ground and howled by Chen Ning like Laozi beat his son.
Chen Ning looked at Xi Men Yu who had been beaten badly, kicked Xi Men Yu’s right knee, and broke Xi Men Yu’s right foot with a bang.
In Ximen Yu’s miserable cry, Chen Ning said coldly: “This is a lesson for you, remember not to molest other people’s wives in the future, or you will end up worse.”
Several of Ximen Yu’s men supported him in a panic, and ran away dingy.
Chen Ning and Song Pingting also paid the bill and left.
Just after Chen Ning and Song Pingting left, Wu Yueyue walked out of the inconspicuous corner with a few of his men.
Wu Yueyue frowned her eyebrows and said slowly: “Ximen Yu is known as a new generation of ancient martial arts leaders. I thought it would be possible to find him to kill Chen Ning.”
“But I didn’t think that Xi Men Yu turned out to be a big mess, and Chen Ning was hitting the ground looking for teeth!”
Her capable subordinate Wu Dingbang couldn’t help but ask: “Miss, Chen Ning is trickier than we thought!”
“Chen Ning was able to kill your brother Ye Jiandong, and now he easily defeated Ximen Yu, which shows that he is very capable. What should we do?”
Wu Yueyue sneered and said: “He is very skilled, can it be better than bullets?”
“No matter how good he is, can he be better than the army?”
Wu Dingbang widened his eyes when he heard this: “Miss, you mean…”
Wu Yueyue held up her pretty face and said triumphantly: “I don’t have all the treasures in the hands of Xi Men Yu. The facts also prove that Xi Men Yu is a pustule.”
“Before I came to China Shipping, I had contacted my dad’s most loyal old subordinate, Chen Ba, the naval colonel of the East China Sea Fleet!”
“I asked Chen Ba to lead a team to Zhonghai to join me and help me deal with Chen Ning.”
Wu Dingbang was pleasantly surprised when he heard the words: “Haha, Chen Ba is the commander of the East China Sea Fleet Headquarters and the Special Forces of the Navy’s Jiaolong Special Forces. He is also an old subordinate of the master. He leads his hands to clean up Chen Ning. It is not too easy!”
“Chen Ning’s nine lives this time are not enough to die!”
Wu Yueyue smiled and said expectantly: “Ye Jiandong is dead. I killed Chen Ning. From now on, Dad will hand over the Wu Family to me to inherit!”
At this moment!
Chen Ning and Song Pingting were driving away from the parking lot.
On the way, Chen Ning received a call from Dian Chu.
Dian Chu said respectfully: “Master, I want to report something to you.”
Chen Ning said lightly: “What’s the matter?”
Dian Chu said honestly: “I don’t know what, many chiefs of the Jiangnan Military Region know that today is your birthday, and now Wang Daofang and other leaders are hosting a banquet in the city guesthouse, and want to give you a simple celebration.
Dian Chu was also a little worried when he said this.
The marshal has always kept a low profile. This time everyone will have a banquet without asking for permission in advance. If the marshal is angry and does not attend, it is also possible.
Chen Ning is still in a good mood now. He learned that many chiefs of the Jiangnan Military Region came from the provincial capital or Dongjiang to celebrate his birthday.
If you don’t attend, you will be a little bit cold.
So he said faintly: “I don’t advocate celebrating birthdays, but since everyone has come from afar, then I don’t agree, it’s a bit of a disappointment to everyone.”
“I will come to the guest house later, but remember, this is not an example.”
Dianchu and others got excited when they received Chen Ning’s approval, and Dianchu said loudly: “Yes!

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