The One & Only

Chapter: 591

Wu Yueyue couldn’t help but sneer when she heard Chen Ning’s words.
She turned her head playfully to Chen overbearing: “Uncle Chen, this guy uses his friends to scare you!”
Chen Ba frowned slightly. He really didn’t recognize the people around Chen Ning.
It turned out that he belonged to the East China Sea Navy and was not familiar with the military leaders on the Jiangnan side.
In addition, he is a member of the Navy, and it is not surprising that he did not know the leaders of the Jiangnan Army.
He looked at Chen Ning, squinted his eyes and said coldly: “Ho ho, use your hands to scare me?”
“My Chen Ba is really scared!”
“Come here, let your friends and your subordinates report to me the identity of the family, let me see how powerful it is?”
With a smile on his face, Chen Ning faintly said to Wang Daofang and others: “Everyone, this guy from the East China Sea Fleet Headquarters doesn’t recognize everyone, so everyone will report to him!”
Everyone said in unison: “Yes!”
Zhou Ruoshu was the first to speak: “I am Zun Zhou Ruoshu of Zhonghai City!”
Chen Ba frowned when he heard Zhou Ruoshu’s identity!
He is a normal teacher-level colonel, Zhou Ruoshu is a department-level senior, and their status and status are similar.
But at the site of Zhou Ruoshu in Zhonghai City, Chen Ba led a gun to Zhou Ruoshu, which was a taboo.
Just when Chen Ba thought things were a bit tricky!
Wang Daofang has already said coldly: “I am the commander of the Zhonghai Military Region Wang Daofang, the rank of major general!”
When Chen Ba heard Wang Daofang’s identity, he instantly felt that he was struck by a thunderbolt from the blue sky, and he was stupid!
Wu Yueyue’s pretty face also changed instantly, looking at Chen Ning and Wang Daofang in shock.
Xi Men Yu, the injured Xi Men Heng, and Xi Men Heng’s apprentices all showed shocked expressions, and they were even scared at first.
The faces of the soldiers of the Jiaolong Special Forces at the scene changed slightly.
Originally pointed at the muzzle of Chen Ning and the others, he also started to lift up, and he was afraid to point at Chen Ning and the others!
Chen Ba still didn’t recover from the intense shock, and the others had continuously reported their identities.
“I am the commander-in-chief of the Tianhai Military Region, Li Zilong!”
“I am the commander of Dongjiang City Sharp Sword Special Forces Corps, Liang Wenjian!
“I am the commander-in-chief of the Armed Police Brigade of Tianhai City, Zang Liang!”

Everyone reported their identities one after another. Every time a person’s identity was reported, the faces of Chen Ba and others became ugly.
Soon, Chen Ba was already cold in his hands and feet, sweating all over, as if he had been fished out of the water.
Wu Yueyue, Ximen Yu, Ximen Heng and others were also pale. Everyone was thinking: Oh my god, what kind of fairy are these people for help!
The soldiers of the Jiaolong Special Forces had all pointed their muzzles in the air, and without Chen Ba’s order, they were afraid to point at Chen Ning and others.
Finally, the self-reported person is Dian Chu.
Dian Chu looked at Chen Ba and others, and said coldly: “I am the guard captain of the commander-in-chief of the Northern Army, Dian Chu!”
Commander-in-chief of the Northern Army!
The captain of the guard of the North Marshal!
Chen Ba, who was already crumbling, immediately looked at Chen Ning in horror after hearing the identity of Dian Chu.
Could it be that Chen Ning is the legendary Northern Marshal, the Chinese God of War?
This thought caused Chen Ba’s blood pressure to soar, and he almost vomited blood on the spot.
He now has the desire to die. If he had known that the man who had offended the Wu family was the marshal, he would not dare to help the Wu family get ahead!
He looked at Chen Ning in horror at this time, remembering that Chen Ning had said that he did not deserve to know Chen Ning’s identity!
He was cold all over, as if he was in an ice cave, his whole body shivered, and he trembled: “You, you, you, you are the young marshal of the North…”
Chen Ning’s Northland Marshal!
Wu Yueyue widened her eyes in horror.
Ximen Yu and Ximen Heng’s nephew were also shocked!
The Jiaolong special fighters at the scene were greatly shocked by the spirit.
The northern marshal is a god of war, and in their minds is an idol that has been worshipped for a long time.
The Jiaolong special fighters had fantasized about various ways to meet the God of War, but they had no idea that the first time they met the God of War would be in this scenario.
They even pointed their guns at the God of War just now!
At this moment, they couldn’t hide their guilt one by one.
Chen Ning sat on the chair, looked at Chen Ba calmly, and said lightly: “It seems that you are not too stupid, you can guess my identity.”
Really young handsome!
Chen Ba almost wanted to cry!
At this moment, there was a sound of “da da da” footsteps outside the guest house.
It turned out that a large number of troops arrived!
A large number of soldiers from the Zhonghai City Military Region, as well as 2,000 soldiers from the Raptors Special Forces temporarily stationed in Zhonghai from the Northern Army, surrounded the guest house imperceptibly.
The two school officers stepped forward and saluted Chen Ning, Wang Daofang and the others!
“Report that the marshal and the chiefs, the 3,000 elite soldiers of the Zhonghai City Military Region, have surrounded the guest house. Please the marshal and the chiefs for instructions on the next step.”
“Report the marshal, the two thousand soldiers of the Raptors Special Forces Regiment have entered the designated combat area, please order.”
Chen Ning didn’t give an order, but looked at Chen Ba playfully, and said coldly: “Chen Ba, do you automatically put down your weapons to accept punishment, or do you want my men to come in and arrest people?”
Chen Ba’s face was pale, and he quickly said, “Misunderstanding, this is a misunderstanding. Give me Chen Ba a water tank as a courage, and I dare not offend you, the marshal!”
He quickly turned around and ordered his men to disarm and accept punishment from the marshal and other chiefs.
In fact, the Dragon Warriors behind him didn’t need his instructions at all, and they were already afraid to aim their guns at Chen Ning and the others.
After all, this is the commander-in-chief of the Northern Army, Marshal Chen Ning!
Soon, all the Jiaolong fighters took the initiative to disarm, submit to the same place, and accept punishment.
After the scene is controlled!
Chen Ning looked at Chen Ba and said coldly: “You leave the defense zone without authorization, use power for personal gain, and drag a group of dragon soldiers into the water. I will hand you over to the Military Political Department. Do you have any comments?”
After Chen Ba knew that he had collided with the young marshal, he knew he was finished.
If he was handed over to the internal disciplinary department, it would be considered light for him to lose his position, and he might be sentenced in a military court.
He bowed his head and said with a trembling voice: “No opinion!”
Chen Ning told Dianchu: “Transfer Chen Ba and his team members to the relevant departments.”
Dian Chu said: “Yes!”
Wang Daofang looked at Wu Yueyue, Ximen Yu and the others, and asked Chen Ning, “Marshal, what should they do with the two gangs?”
Chen Ning’s eyes fell on Wu Yueyue and others!
Wherever they looked, Wu Yueyue and the others couldn’t stand still, and they knelt down with fright.
They begged for mercy one after another: “Marshal, we don’t know Taishan, we know we are wrong, please give us a chance, let us go!”
Chen Ning looked at Wu Yueyue and said coldly: “I gave you a chance just now, but you don’t cherish it. Now it is too late to beg for mercy!”
When Wu Yueyue heard this, her intestines were all green in regret.
Chen Ning looked at Ximen Yu again: “I taught you a lesson in the dining room. I didn’t think you had repented, but you’ve gotten harder. Now it’s too late to admit your mistakes.”
Ximen Yu, Ximen Heng and the others, all their faces were ashes.
Chen Ning turned around and ordered Dian Chu: “Send all of them to the North Border Military Prison without missing any of them for a three-year labor reform.”
Dian Chu said loudly: “Yes, young handsome!”
Wu Yueyue, Ximen Yu and others looked desperate.
Who didn’t know that the climate in the north is treacherous, the mountains and ridges, the wind and snow, these aristocratic young ladies who grew up in fine clothes and food, were sent to the frontier, and three years could make them worse off.

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