The One & Only

Chapter: 592

Capital, Wu Family.
Wu Zhongtang sat on the chair with a blue face. He had just received the message that both his daughter and his old man, Chen Ba, had an accident in Zhonghai and had been arrested for serious handling.
Even if he left the relationship, he didn’t even ask how his daughter and Chen Ba are now?
The relevant departments only told him that his daughter Wu Yueyue had committed a serious crime with Chen Ba and was being dealt with.
After Wu Zhongtang received this information, he was directly stunned.
What is Chen Ning’s status? The consequences of her dealing with Chen Ning with Chen Ba are so serious.
However, although he realized that Chen Ning’s identity was not simple at this time, his heart to avenge his son was not shaken at all.
He has been paving the way for his son for most of his life in order to let his son recognize his ancestors and inherit the incense of the martial arts.
Now that the son doesn’t have any, he doesn’t care about anything, and he’s not afraid of anything anymore. There is only hatred in his heart, only thinking about how to get revenge.
His daughter had an accident with Chen Ba, which made him realize that it is so simple to deal with Chen Ningzhen head-on.
He squinted his eyes and sat in the dark study room with no lights on for a long time, then picked up the phone and dialed a number that he hadn’t contacted for a long time!
Soon, the call was made.
An old but powerful man’s voice came on the phone: “Mr. Wu, it’s been a long time since I contacted him.”
Wu Zhongtang said coldly: “Long Haiping, I saved your life at sea back then.”
“You said that you owe me a favor, now it’s time for you to pay me back.”
Long Haiping!
Huaxia is also the strongest pirate in the waters surrounding Huaxia, nicknamed Poseidon.
Long Haiping has thousands of combat pirates, advanced ships and advanced firearms, and has secret island bases in the waters of many Asian countries or on the high seas.
He often looted the navigating merchant ships of some small countries, and even ransacked cruise ships that gamble on the high seas, and every time he robbed them at sea, he would kill all of them.
Therefore, he is a nightmare for many sailing merchants in small Asian countries.
People who often run into the sea have this saying: It is better to encounter a typhoon and never to encounter Poseidon.
The Chinese Navy also tried to dispatch Long Haiping.
However, Long Haiping was very cunning and hid directly in other island nests in the waters of other small countries. It is not easy for the Chinese Navy to enter the other seas to perform missions.
In addition, Long Haiping rarely ransacked Huaxia’s merchant ships, so he successfully survived and stayed free in the waters around Huaxia.
Long Haiping was silent for two seconds, and then slowly said: “Mr. Wu, let’s talk, what do you want me to help?”
Wu Zhongtang said slowly: “Someone killed my son. I want you to avenge me. I want his family to bury my son.”
Long Haiping smiled and said: “Killing is my old profession, simple.”
“Who is the guy who killed your son?”
Wu Zhong said: “His name is Chen Ning, and he and his wife founded the Ningda Group. They are upstarts in the business world and are not easy to deal with!”
Long Haiping smiled and said: “It turned out to be the Ningda Group. I often run into their company’s cargo ships going overseas. It is said that their liver cancer drugs are very valuable, and a box of drugs can sell for tens of thousands of dollars in foreign countries.”
“I’ve been coveting it for a long time, but seeing them flying the Chinese national flag, I dare not looting them easily.”
“Since they are your enemies, Mr. Wu, then I’m not welcome.”
“As for Chen Ning, you send me his information. I have seven powerful generals under my command, known as the Seven Sea Kings. Sending one can destroy Chen Ning’s family.”
Wu Zhongtang said with satisfaction: “Okay, I will send you Chen Ning’s information back and wait for your good news.”

A few days later!
Jiangnan Province, Zhonghai City.
Today is the weekend, Chen Ning and his family did not eat at home, and went to eat at a restaurant called Jiangnan Fishing Village.
The specialty of this restaurant is all kinds of fish and seafood, which taste very famous.
Chen Ning’s family ordered a piece of sumei, sea prawns, crabs and other dishes, and a piece of mustard green soup, and then sat down to eat happily.
Everyone is in a good mood, except Song Pingting, looking at the seafood, a little sad.
Chen Ning noticed Song Pingting’s strangeness and couldn’t help asking: “What’s the matter?”
Song Pingting smiled bitterly, without telling Chen Ning, “The cargo ship that our group recently transported to the other side of the ocean has been ransacked by pirates after a series of accidents.”
“We lost a lot of goods and suffered heavy losses.”
Chen Ning frowned: “Can you claim compensation from the shipping company?”
Song Pingting sighed: “HNA Transportation Company also suffered heavy losses. Their ship was damaged, and the crew were all killed by pirates. It is estimated that we will have to go to court for our claims, and this lawsuit is estimated to be protracted.”
“Furthermore, we and HNA Transportation Company have suffered heavy losses when encountering such things as pirates.”
“Let’s sue HNA to make a claim against them. It’s a bit of a pitfall. We are not embarrassed to do this kind of thing!”
Song Zhongbin, Ma Xiaoli, Tong Ke, and even Tong Ke, who was only five years old, couldn’t help saying that these pirates were really hateful.
Chen Ning frowned and said: “What pirates are so arrogant, usually ships with our flags, pirates dare not snatch them, why have they attacked our ships recently?”
Song Pingting said: “I asked the HNA Transportation Company. It is said that it was done by the people in the Devil Palace.”
“The leader of the Devil Palace is called Long Haiping, nicknamed the Sea God, and he is extremely vicious. The merchant ships he ransacked rarely have a living.”
A little pirate, dare to call it Poseidon!
The Huaxia Navy is so powerful that Lieutenant Admiral Xing Ruyun has no courage to become a sea god, and even a small pirate can call himself a sea god.
Moreover, this gang of pirates also robbed China’s cargo ship and robbed Ningda Group’s goods.
This is really outrageous!
Chen Ning said, “Little pirates, dare to be so rampant. When I look back, I find someone to destroy them.”
Song Pingting was dumbfounded at hearing this!
Song Zhongbin and Ma Xiaoli are also dumbfounded!
Chen Ning actually said that this gang of pirates would be wiped out. Is this just annoying?
Tong Ke’s eyes bloomed with brilliance. She knew Chen Ning’s identity and knew that Chen Ning was not talking about it, but serious.
Daughter Song Qingqing also looked at her father admiringly, her little face flushed with excitement, and she clapped her little hand excitedly and shouted: “Oh, father is amazing, father wants to wipe out all the bad pirates!
Song Pingting said to her daughter with a wry smile: “Silly girl, your father has retired. Where can he go to fight pirates? He is joking.”
Chen Ning held her daughter and said with a smile: “Ho ho, dad is not joking, at most one week, I will destroy the entire army of these pirates, and the picture of the pirate leader Long Haiping being arrested will appear on the TV news. ”
Song Pingting gave Chen Ning a white look, and said angrily: “You can brag to the child!”
Chen Ning smiled and said, “I don’t brag, everyone will know soon.”
Not far from Chen Ning and the others, sitting a few burly, dark-skinned big men, these people have a faint smell of sea.
These people vaguely heard Chen Ning’s words, and they all showed angry expressions. The eyes of Chen Ning’s family were also full of killing intent.
It turned out that all of them were members of the Devil Palace, and they were all under Long Haiping’s orders. They came to kill Chen Ning’s family under Long Haiping’s order.

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