The One & Only

Chapter: 595

Police cars with sirens arrived!
Wang Zhixing brought a large number of police officers down from the car, and he asked nervously, “Mr. Chen, Miss Song, you have nothing to do!”
Song Pingting hurriedly said: “Wang Ju, you just came here. These people are all pirates. They are trying to hurt us, so my husband took them…”
Song Pingting was afraid that Wang Zhixing would arrest Chen Ning as a criminal, so she hurriedly wanted to explain to Wang Zhixing for the first time.
Wang Zhixing smiled and interrupted: “Miss Song, our police know that these guys are pirates in the Devil Palace and have been following them secretly.”
“Just now at a dangerous moment, our police sniper cooperated with Mr. Chen and shot and killed the criminals and saved Miss Qin Fenghuang.”
Song Pingting said in surprise: “It turns out that it was the police sharpshooter who shot and killed the gangster and saved Xiao Qin!”
Wang Zhixing smiled and said, “Yes!”
“Mr. Chen, Ms. Song, let the police take care of it here. You can go back first.”
Chen Ning smiled and said, “Okay, it’s hard work.”
After speaking, Chen Ning drove away with Song Pingting, Qin Fenghuang, Song Zhongbin and others.
After Chen Ning’s family left, Dian Chu walked out of the dark.
Wang Zhixing hurriedly saluted: “Hello, Chief Dian!”
Dian Chu nodded slightly: “You treat these pirate corpses in a low-key manner, and don’t say anything, so as not to startle the snake.”
Wang Zhixing looked at Dianchu in amazement, and said calmly: “The young marshal is already angry with the pirates in the Demon Palace and decided to wipe out the pirates in the Demon Palace within a week.”
Wang Zhixing opened his eyes in shock when he heard the words!
The gang of pirates in the Devil Palace traversed the waters surrounding China. The leader, Long Haiping, was known as the Sea God. He had powerful arms such as Seven Sea Kings, and thousands of subordinates, who were powerful.
Moreover, Long Haiping was very cunning. If the army of any country wanted to encircle him, he would hide in the waters of other countries, so he has been at large.
But this time Long Haiping, an extra-legal madman, offended the marshal, and it is estimated that the end will come.
Wang Zhixing nodded and said, “Yes, we will deal with it in a low-key manner, and we won’t make a messy deployment.”
Dian Chu said with satisfaction: “Okay!”
On the high seas near China, a large ship disguised as a freighter was slowly moving forward.
The interior of the cabin is extremely luxurious.
The air was mixed with tobacco, alcohol, perfume and man’s body odor, which made the smell very strange.
The cabin was full of men sitting or lying down. These men were topless and bare-chested, dressed up and dressed up, and looked more fierce than the other, with weapons such as AK47s beside them.
These guys are all pirates of the Devil Palace!
Some of them were drinking with their arms around the women they robbed, and others were gambling with piles of banknotes and gold and silver jewelry in front of them.
The innermost room of the cabin is the place where the pirate leader Long Haiping.
At this moment, wearing a white bathrobe with a few bullet scars and a long scar on his chest, Long Haiping sat topless on a leather chair.
Kneeling in front of him were a few beauties of different skin tones, and a few beauties were sluggish, surrendering at his feet like dogs, waiting for him.
In front of him, there were five guys of different sizes, lined up, standing in front of him respectfully.
These five guys are five of the Seven Sea Kings under Long Haiping’s command.
The first typhoon of the Seven Seas Kings, at this time, he calmly said to Long Hai: “Boss, bad news.”
Long Haiping lay comfortably on a leather chair, opened his mouth and ate a grape peeled by a beautiful woman around him, and slowly said, “Did any small country dispatch its navy to arrest us again?”
The typhoon shook his head and said, “No!”
“It’s the Cyclops and the White Shark. There was an accident.”
Hearing this, Long Haiping frowned immediately: “Didn’t they let them take someone to land and sneak into Jiangnan Zhonghai City to kill Chen Ning? What happened to them?”
The typhoon smiled bitterly: “According to our joint people on the shore, the white shark and the cyclops were all dead. It should be that Chen Ning was successful in killing Chen Ning, but Chen Ningquan killed him.”
Long Haiping’s eyes widened: “What?”
“The white shark and the Cyclops are fierce generals who have been with me for many years. Together with you, they are called the Seven Sea Kings, and they are very powerful.”
“They can even miss Chen Ning against a mere Chen Ning?”
Typhoon said: “Boss, Mr. Wu used to be Rear Admiral, so he is quite powerful.”
“He wants us to help deal with Chen Ning. It is reasonable for Chen Ning to be difficult to deal with.”
Hearing this, Long Haiping nodded: “It seems that I underestimated Chen Ning!”
Typhoon and others asked, “Boss, what should we do now?”
Long Haiping coldly snorted: “We promised Mr. Wu’s thing to be completed, and the two brothers, the white shark and the cyclops, can’t die so in vain. I plan to go ashore personally and seek revenge on Chen Ning.”
Typhoon and others all showed shocked expressions!
The typhoon couldn’t help but said: “Boss, you can kill Chen Ning with a sledgehammer, why do you need to do it yourself?”
The rest of the people also said: “Yes, boss, you personally landed ashore, what if you are targeted by the Chinese military?”
Long Haiping smiled and said: “We have rarely robbed China’s cargo ships over the years. China has always paid little attention to us.”
“Furthermore, we are now working for Mr. Wu, who used to be Rear Admiral.”
“We are really being targeted by the Chinese military, and Mr. Wu will help us out, so don’t worry.”
When the typhoon and others heard the words, they nodded subconsciously.
The typhoon asked again: “Boss, how many people do you plan to lead ashore to kill Chen Ning?”
Long Haiping groaned a little and said, “Well, killer whale, octopus, sea lion, crocodile, all four of you will go ashore with me, and another hundred elite men will go along with me.”
Four of the seven sea kings, killer whale, octopus, sea lion, and crocodile, responded in unison: “Yes, boss.”
Long Haiping looked at the typhoon again: “Typhoon, you stay, lead all the members of the Devil Palace, disguised as a passing cargo ship, secretly enter the waters around the South China Jiangnan, and meet us at any time.”
The typhoon said loudly: “Yes, boss!”
Two days later!
Jiangnan Province, Zhonghai City.
A group of senior executives from Ningda Group were discussing in the meeting room with panic faces.
It turned out that half an hour ago, Long Haiping, the largest pirate in Asia, had sent people to the Ningda Group and asked the Ningda Group to pay 10 billion for the road.
The people sent by Long Haiping made it very clear that after the Ningda Group paid 10 billion, the Devil Palace would no longer rob the goods shipped by the Ningda Group overseas.
Otherwise, the Ningda Group’s goods will be looted by them as long as they travel by sea.
At this time, the senior executives of Ningda Group are talking about it!
Some people advocate giving this money and spending money to buy peace.
Some people argue that no money should be given. In the future, Ningda Group’s goods will be shipped by air. They would rather spend more money on transportation than cheap these pirates.
Some people advocate reporting to the police!
There are also people who disagree with calling the police, thinking that calling the police will not solve the pirates in the Devil Palace, but will irritate the other party.
When everyone was talking about it, Chen Ning opened the door and walked in.
Song Pingting was having a headache. When she saw Chen Ning, her eyes lit up, she immediately told Chen Ning, and then asked: “Chen Ning, you are the chief consultant of our group. How do you think this is the best thing to do?” ”
Chen Ning heard that Long Haiping had robbed a lot of goods from the Ningda Group, and now he threatened to ask for money.
The corners of his mouth raised slightly, and he sneered: “My opinion is not to give a penny, and I want to kill them.”
Song Pingting and a group of executives on the scene were all stunned.
Even the navy has never been able to deal with Long Haiping, but Chen Ning uttered wild words that he wanted to wipe out the pirates like Long Haiping?
This is too far-fetched!
Chen Ning smiled and said, “The fortune teller has lied to you for ten or eight years. Whether my words are true or not, it only takes three days at most to see the difference.”

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