The One & Only

Chapter: 600

Chen Ning saw that everyone didn’t believe him, he smiled, and then casually said, “Well, it’s actually the pirates in the Devil Palace that are too rampant. Not only did they rob our goods, they also came to extortion.”
“So, I told the city leaders about the situation.”
“The city leaders attached great importance to it and reported the matter to the military. They didn’t expect that Long Haiping and the pirates would really be dealt with.”
After listening to Chen Ning’s words, Song Pingting and others all showed stunned expressions.
Lin Wei couldn’t help but said: “The city leaders really take care of our company!”
General Manager Xia Ping said with a smile: “It’s no good if you don’t take care of it. Our Ningda Group is now a leading pharmaceutical company in China and an important part of Zhonghai City’s economic taxation.
“We were bullied by the pirates, and the leaders can’t leave it alone.”
When Long Haiping was arrested, the crisis encountered by the Ningda Group was also lifted.
Song Pingting announced the end of the meeting, and she went home with Chen Ning.
When I got home, I found that Song Zhongbin, Ma Xiaoli, Tong Ke, and Song Qingqing were also watching the news.
When Song Zhongbin saw Song Pingting, he was pleasantly surprised: “Xiaoting, the pirate Wang Long Haiping who robbed our company’s goods on the high seas recently, he and his men have been wiped out by our Chinese military. ”
Song Pingting smiled and said, “Yes!”
“Chen Ning had patted my chest before and promised that the pirates would be wiped out in a week.”
“I thought he was bragging. I didn’t expect him to report this to the leader. The above really wiped out the pirates.”
Song Zhongbin and Ma Xiaoli couldn’t laugh from ear to ear, saying that Chen Ning was the lucky star of their family, and they could turn everyone into good luck.
Tong Ke rolled her eyes secretly, thinking about her brother-in-law’s luck.
It must be the brother-in-law who mobilized the navy and wiped out the pirates like Long Haiping.
Otherwise, even if the leaders of Zhonghai City report the situation, the military will have to go through a cumbersome approval process before starting to act. That might be as fast as it is now!
have dinner!
Song Pingting felt depressed before she was relieved, and she became particularly relaxed.
She took Tong Ke to go shopping with her!
Two women drove to Emerald Hui Shopping Plaza, a famous shopping paradise in Zhonghai City.
The two of them visited several jewelry stores and clothing stores, bought big and small bags, and drank a drink in an open-air coffee shop in the shopping plaza.
Several off-road vehicles with military licenses on the street roared in, attracting the attention of passers-by.
Even Song Pingting and Tong Ke noticed these conspicuous vehicles.
What made them think of was that these off-road vehicles had stopped on the side of the street not far away from them.
Then, a tall man in a major general’s uniform, along with a few soldiers in military uniform, got off a few off-road vehicles.
The people around couldn’t help but exclaimed: “Ah, he turned out to be a general, he’s still so young.”
“Yeah, he must have been a major general at such a young age!”
“He is so amazing and handsome. It would be great if my future husband had him so good.”
This tall major general, after getting out of the car, looked around, his eyes fell on Song Pingting and Tong Ke who were sitting beside the open-air coffee table.

The corners of his mouth rose slightly, revealing a playful smile, as if a hunter saw his prey.
Immediately, he took a few soldiers and walked towards Song Pingting and Tong Ke.
“Song Pingting, it’s really you. We haven’t seen each other for five or six years, right?”
Song Pingting stared at the man in the major general’s uniform in front of her in amazement, before recognizing him after a long while: “Ah, it turns out to be a college classmate back then, Gao Lijun!”
Gao Lijun, wearing a major general’s uniform, said with a smile: “It seems that Song Beauty, you still remember me, it’s really an honor for me.”
Song Pingting smiled when she heard the words, and then she looked at Gao Lijun’s major general’s epaulettes, and couldn’t help asking: “Gao, why haven’t you seen you in a few years? You have joined the army and have become the chief?”
Gao Lijun smiled and said, “Ho, what chief, I am now a major general, the smallest general, not worth mentioning.”
Song Pingting has always respected soldiers, and she immediately said: “Major general is also a general, already the chief, Gao Lijun, you are really young and promising, we classmates will all be proud of you!”
Gao Lijun said with a smile: “Serving the people.”
Song Pingting felt more and more that her classmate had changed. The changes were so great.
I remember that when she was in college, her classmate was a well-known Poppy in the department. She borrowed a lot of money from her classmates and didn’t pay it back. There was even a record of stealing and cheating.
She secretly sighed the great changes in people, and said with a smile: “Sure enough, she is the head of the person, and the pattern and realm are high.”
“By the way, what are you doing here, the chief executive?”
Gao Lijun shook his head and laughed and said, “Not on business, I’m here to look for your old classmate.”
Song Piting was stunned: “Looking for me specifically?”
Gao Lijun smiled and said, “Yes, I borrowed money from many classmates back then. I remember that I didn’t have money to eat at that time, and I borrowed two hundred dollars from you, but I haven’t paid it back.”
Song Pingting smiled and said, “I forgot all about it.”
Gao Lijun said loudly: “I remember it in the army these years, and I have always wanted to pay you back a favor.”
“Not long ago I heard that your company was repeatedly robbed by a gang of pirates, and they even came to blackmail your company’s money.”
“After I learned, I asked the navy to help and directly help you eliminate Long Haiping’s pirates.”
Song Pingting and Tong Ke both opened their eyes!
Song Pingting was even more shocked and asked, “What, did the pirates kill me because you helped me?”
Gao Lijun stopped back and looked like he took it for granted: “Of course, you helped me back then, and you are the most beautiful classmate in our university, I always remember your goodness and your beauty.”
“After learning about the actions of the pirate king Long Haiping, I was filled with righteous indignation and decided to kill him and his men.”
“I’m so angry that I am a confidant, hahaha…”
Song Pingting was completely stunned at this time!
Tong Ke was secretly angry in his heart.
Tong Ke looked at the guy in front of him, and almost couldn’t help but go crazy.
The gang of pirates in the Devil Palace, it was her brother-in-law who mobilized the navy to exterminate them, was it good, how come this guy who didn’t know where he came from became an angry confidante?
At this moment, Tong Ke has serious doubts that Gao Lijun is lying, and she even doubts whether Gao Lijun’s identity as a major general is true?
Gao Lijun was tall and wore a military uniform, so there was no clue for the time being.
Tong Ke took a peek at the soldiers standing behind Gao Lijun, and immediately discovered the problem.
Although these soldiers tried their best to stand up straight, they did not have the clank and iron temperament of a soldier.
Even Tong Ke carefully discovered that among these soldiers, some had pierced ears, and some had longer hair!
This is not what a soldier in service should look like!
Tong Ke squinted her eyes. She was almost certain that Gao Lijun was a liar at this time. It was very likely that she had read the news, so she deliberately pretended to be a soldier to lie to her cousin.
After all, her cousin is the chairman and president of Ningda Group. If her cousin is fooled, it is estimated that Gao Lijun can cheat a lot of money from her cousin.
Moreover, judging from Gao Lijun’s anger as a beauty, this guy is probably not only worried about his cousin’s money, but also about his cousin’s beauty.
Think of it this way. Tong Ke was full of anger.
She sat in a chair, pretending to be playing with a mobile phone, and secretly took a picture of Zhang Gao Lijun with her mobile phone and sent it to Chen Ning.
In addition, a message was sent to Chen Ning, telling Chen Ning the matter.

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