The One & Only

Chapter: 602

Two thousand soldiers from the Raptors Special Forces directly blocked the scene.
A man in a military uniform of a lieutenant colonel came with a large number of his men, and it was Zhang Bao.
When Zhang Bao saw Chen Ning, he saluted Chen Ning in a uniform manner with his men.
Chen Ning raised his hand to return a military salute, and then smiled: “Lieutenant Colonel Zhang, you came just right. This guy claims to be a major general in the North, you come to verify and verify for everyone, is he true or not?”
When Gao Lijun saw so many special fighters, his face was completely scared and his feet trembled.
He was dumbfounded on the spot when he saw Zhang Bao, the officers and soldiers saluting Chen Ning.
No matter how stupid they were, they guessed that Chen Ning must be inextricably linked to the Northern Army, and seeing how respect these soldiers respected Chen Ning, it is estimated that Chen Ning’s status is not low.
Now Li Gui really met Li Kui!
Zhang Bao nodded, then looked at Gao Lijun and said coldly: “Which department of the Northern Army do you belong to, show me the officer ID.”
Gao Lijun was sweating profusely, and said hesitatingly: “I…I don’t take it.”
Zhang Bao said coldly: “There is no band, or there is no such thing at all!”
Hearing this, Gao Lijun bit his head and shouted: “You little comrade, how do you speak, believe it or not, I stripped your skin, who is your superior?”
Zhang Bao coldly snorted, “Taking my skin?”
“Don’t say you are a fake, even if you are really a major general, you may not be able to pick up my clothes.”
“I am Zhang Bao, the deputy commander of the Raptors Special Forces Regiment. I am under the direct command of the North Marshal. Would you like to call the Marshal?”
This person in front of him turned out to be a subordinate of the Northern Marshal!
Zhang Bao’s expression changed again, and he stubbornly said: “I…I don’t care about you, you’d better let us go now, or I will tell your leader when the time comes, you will look good.”
Zhang Bao said indifferently: “You don’t care about me, but I want to care about you.”
“Come on, take them down!”
Immediately, a team of soldiers with live ammunition came up and directly captured Gao Lijun’s gang.
Zhang Bao said: “Take pictures and check their identities.”
Gao Lijun and others were photographed by the soldiers on the spot and entered the photos into the laptop database for identification.
Soon, there will be results.
A soldier reported loudly: “Sir, there is a message.”
“This guy is called Gao Lijun. There are a lot of criminal files in the police archives. He is a liar who was abducted and deceived. He is not a soldier at all, let alone a general.”
Another soldier also submitted the pistol found from Gao Lijun and reported: “Sir, their weapons are also fake, they are just pistol-shaped metal lighters.”
Everyone at the scene was stunned!
Especially Song Pingting, she finally knew at this time that this Gao Lijun was a liar posing as an officer!
She was frightened and angry. She was almost deceived by this guy, mistakenly thinking that the pirates were really wiped out by the Gao Lijun!
Zhang Bao looked at Gao Lijun coldly: “What else do you have to say?”
Gao Lijun was already ashamed, and he was uncomfortable at this time. He trembled and said: “Sir, sir, I was wrong, we all know it was wrong…”
Zhang Bao shouted: “I order you to apologize to Mr. Chen and Ms. Song immediately!”
Gao Lijun turned his head to look at Chen Ning and Song Pingting, showing an expression of wanting to die, and whispered in shame: “Mr. Chen, Miss Song, I was wrong. Actually I am not a general, I am a liar, I hope you forgive me.”
Chen Ning said lightly: “I forgive you, but the law will not forgive you.”
“Lieutenant Colonel Zhang, what should they do?”
Zhang Bao, the special force, was directly in charge of Chen Ning, and Zhang Bao could be regarded as Chen Ning’s abdomen.
He has been with the young marshal for many years and naturally knows his temper.
So, he said in a tentative tone: “These guys like to pretend to be our soldiers in the north. I think sending them to the north for ten years of labor reform will teach them an unforgettable lesson.”
Chen Ning smiled and said, “Just follow what Lieutenant Colonel Zhang said!”
Zhang Bao said loudly: “Yes!”
After speaking, he ordered the soldiers around him: “Take them away, send them to the northern border, and reform through labor for a period of ten years.”
Hearing this, Gao Lijun’s several swindlers felt as if they were struck by five thunders, shaking all over, with desperate faces.
ten years!
The price of this deception was too great, and I don’t know if I can survive these ten years in a harsh place like the northern border.
Gao Lijun repented and couldn’t help crying on the spot.
It’s a pity that there is no regret medicine in the world, and they regret it too. They were taken away by the army soon.
After the Raptors Special Forces captured Gao Lijun’s several crooks, the crowd on the street also dispersed.
Only Chen Ning, Song Pingting and Tong Ke were left at the scene.
Tong Ke looked at Chen Ning’s eyes, full of worship.
She thought triumphantly: daring to pretend to be a general of the North in front of my brother-in-law, is really looking for death, don’t you know that my brother-in-law is the marshal of the North?
Song Pingting had already recovered from the shock at this time, and couldn’t help but said: “Oh my God, that guy is really a liar!”
“Chen Ning, how did you know they were liars from the beginning?”
Chen Ning smiled and said: “I have been in the Northern Army for a few years, and the Northern Army has been extremely strict in governing the army. Unless you are doing business, you are not allowed to wear military uniforms outside the market.
“Not to mention taking out a pistol to kill innocent people!”
“Moreover, that guy and several of his subordinates, some have pierced ears, some have long hair, this is the image of an active soldier, it is clearly a fake.”
Chen Ning paused at this point, and then smiled: “Furthermore, I have been in the Northern Territory for many years. If he is a general with less than 10,000 people, how could I not know him.”
“I believed he was fake, and I had a good relationship with Lieutenant Colonel Zhang, so I told Lieutenant Colonel Zhang about the matter, and Lieutenant Colonel Zhang led the team to deal with it.”
Song Pingting suddenly realized: “So that’s it!”
Song Pingting smiled bitterly: “He really put me under control at the beginning. I thought it was him who helped eliminate the pirates. It was him who helped our Ningda Company a lot!”
Chen Ning smiled and said, “How is it possible?”
“I said, it was I who reported to the leader, who attached great importance to it and wiped out the pirates.”
Song Pingting nodded: “Well, I believe in you husband!”
The corner of Chen Ning’s mouth rose slightly: “Since you believe it, shouldn’t it be time to fulfill the bet?”
Song Pingting suddenly remembered that Chen Ning had said half-seriously and half-jokingly that if Chen Ning could deal with the pirates, she would kiss him.
She couldn’t help being flushed with her pretty face, and said shyly: “Here?”
Chen Ning smiled: “Or wait for home first!”
Tong Ke, who was next to him, was confused and asked curiously: “Cousin, have you made a bet with your brother-in-law? What kind of bet do you fulfill?”
Song Pingting’s face flushed, Hongxia spread to the base of her neck: “It’s none of your business, don’t ask too much.”
Tong Ke let out a cry, but his eyes kept looking at Chen Ning and Song Pingting, secretly guessing that Chen Ning’s bet with Song Pingting made Song Pingting very embarrassed.
Capital, Wu Family.
In the study, Wu Zhongtang held a picture of his son Ye Jiandong in his hand, and said nothing for a long time.
At this time, an old servant with high cheekbones and deep eye sockets walked in and whispered: “Master, bad news, the pirate Wang Long Haiping and his men broke into the Jiangnan waters and was discovered by the Jiangnan Navy.”
“Long Hai Ping Ren was annihilated by the navy.”
Wu Zhongtang raised his head and said blankly: “Long Haiping is a trash, this thing can’t be done well.”
“Forget it, kill Chen Ning and avenge my son and daughter. Let me do it myself!”

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