The One & Only

Chapter: 603

In the master bedroom in Jiangbin Villa Community, Zhonghai City.
Chen Ning was holding Song Pingting’s pretty face and kissing Song Pingting’s blushing lips.
Song Piting Xiafei had her cheeks closed, her eyes closed, and she snorted. While embarrassed, her hands subconsciously put her arms around Chen Ning’s neck.
The two were a bit naive at first, but they soon became in touch with each other and kissed each other.
Chen Ning is instinctively preparing for the next move!
However, at this moment, daughter Song Qingqing’s voice rang in her ears: “Mom and Dad, what are you doing?”
Both Chen Ning and Song Pingting were taken aback. Turning their heads, they found that their daughter who had been asleep was awake, rubbing her eyes, looking at them with a bewildered face!
Chen Ning and Song Pingting separated quickly like an electric shock.
Song Pingting’s face flushed with shame.
Chen Ning coaxed her daughter and said, “Mom and Dad are hugging.”
Song Qingqing actually said plausibly: “No, you are kissing. The couple on TV kissed you like this.”
Chen Ning couldn’t laugh or cry after hearing this.
Song Pingting’s pretty face showed a touch of shame, and she blamed: “What kind of TV do you watch at your child’s house, and I will punish you not to watch TV for a week.”
When Song Qingqing heard the words, his mouth was flat, and he was so wronged that he wanted to cry.
The next day, the weekend!
Song Qingsong, the elder of the Song family, sent someone over, saying that he invited the Chen Ning family to the ancestral house to discuss matters.
Chen Ning and Song Pingting’s family were very surprised when they received this information.
Everyone wondered, Song Qingsong invited their family over, what do they want to discuss?
Chen Ning, Song Pingting’s family, and Tong Ke came to Song’s old house with surprise.
The ancestral home of the Song family, today, is very hot with distinguished guests.
Song Qingsong and his family members Song Zhongxiong and Song Zhongping were in the living room to entertain a group of guests.
These guests are all from Xu’s family!
The Xu family had a good relationship with the Song family before, and they were considered family friends.
However, the Xu family moved to Beijing later.
As the business grew bigger and bigger, the Song family slowly fell out of favor, and the two had not been in contact for many years.
The Xu family recently intends to enter the pharmaceutical industry. They learned that Song Pingting, the granddaughter of the Song family, turned out to be the new leader in the pharmaceutical industry today.
Therefore, Xu Guangchao, the head of the Xu family, immediately brought a group of family members to Zhonghai to talk to the Song family, and called to see Chen Ning and Song Pingting’s family by name.
When Chen Ning and Song Pingting’s family came in, Song Qingsong was talking and laughing with Xu Guangchao.
When Song Qingsong saw Chen Ning’s family, he immediately smiled and said, “Chen Ning, Xiao Ting, you can count them.”
Chen Ning’s family greeted Song Qingsong, and Song Qingsong introduced Xu Guangchao to Chen Ning and they knew: “This is my world friend Xu Guangchao!”
“The Xu family is a well-known catering tycoon in Beijing. Their high-end hotel restaurants are all over the capital.”
“Master Xu has a close relationship with many high-ranking officials and nobles in the capital, and his status is outstanding!”
Chen Ning’s family, politely say hello to Xu Guangchao.
Xu Guangchao smiled and said: “Chen Ning and Song Pingting, the wise couple are the new leaders in the pharmaceutical industry, and the Ningda Group is a leading company in the pharmaceutical industry. In the future, we must cooperate a lot!”
Song Pingting smiled and said: “Our Ningda Group needs your support from Grandpa Xu in the future.”
Song Pingting’s words were polite, but she nodded when she thought of Xu Guangchao: “You two young people are lucky. Ningda Group is lucky to become a leading company in China Pharmaceuticals, but you are still young after all!”
“You Song family, you still have a military in politics, and you don’t have any background.”
“Nowadays, there is no big backing in this society, and it is destined to not go far.”
Chen Ning, Song Pingting, and even the Song family were stunned when they heard the words. They didn’t understand what Xu Guangchao meant?
Xu Guangchao smiled and said to Chen Ning and Song Pingting again: “However, you can rest assured that our Xu family has been rooted in the capital for decades and has long been integrated into the circle of China’s top powers.”
“There are many people in the political world who have a great relationship with me, as well as major generals in the military.”
“My Xu family and your Song family are family friends. I will take care of you a lot.”
Chen Ning frowned slightly, wondering whether this guy was showing kindness or asking for credit?
Song Pingting also felt a little embarrassed, but she gave Xu Guang a face and smiled and said, “Then we thank Grandpa Xu!”
Xu Guangchao smiled and waved his hand: “No thanks, no thanks, I have been friends with Lao Song for many years.”
“Moreover, I will bring my family to Zhonghai this time. Apart from recounting the past with you, I am also going to get closer to your Song family!”
Everyone in the Song family was confused when they heard this.
Song Qingsong couldn’t help but said, “Brother Xu, I’m confused by you.”
“We are both family friends. Are we not close enough? How can we be closer?”
Xu Guangchao said with a smile: “Not enough, not enough family relations, our two families must become relatives.”
relatives by marriage!
Chen Ning, Song Pingting, and everyone from the Song family at the scene were stunned.
Xu Guangchao smiled and looked at Chen Ning’s arms, Song Qingqing, who was so cute as a ceramic doll, then waved to a boy behind him: “Little tiger, come here.”
Chen Ning and others focused on the boy who was about ten years old.
The boy’s name was Xu Xiaohu, one of Xu Guangchao’s grandsons.
Because Xu Xiaohu’s parents were married by close relatives, all Xu Xiaohu was born with mental retardation. At this time, he was drooling and was playing with a little yellow duck toy.
Xu Guang called Xiaohu several times towards his face. Xu Xiaohu seemed to have never heard of it, drooling while playing with toys.
Xu Guangchao was a little embarrassed, coughed, and then said to Chen Ning and Song Pingting, “This is my grandson, Xiaohu, since childhood.”
“I know that the two have a jewel in their hands, so I want my grandson to be engaged to your daughter.”
“Our Xu and Song families have made a marriage contract. From now on, our two families will become in-laws. We will develop together and grow stronger and bigger together.”
The expressions of Chen Ning’s family changed drastically, and even the expressions of Song Qingsong and others changed.
It is very common for wealthy families to marry each other.
Even, it is normal for the fingertips to be married.
However, the grandson of the Xu family was born with mental retardation. He would not call his parents when he was a teenager and would only drool.
Xu Guangchao actually wanted his grandson to be engaged to Song Qingqing, so that Song Qingqing would marry his mentally retarded grandson in the future.
Chen Ning’s face sank first!
As the father of his daughter, he absolutely cannot accept that his daughter becomes a victim of the family, let alone be engaged to a mentally retarded daughter. This is a joke about the happiness of his daughter’s life!
Song Pingting also had an ugly face, and said bitterly: “Grandpa Xu, our daughter is still young, and I don’t plan to consider marriage. I think it’s a matter of course…”
Xu Guangchao and the group of Xu family members behind him, their expressions all sank.
Xu Guangchao’s eldest son Xu Haodong also scolded angrily: “Song Pingting, our Xu family is willing to marry your Song family. This is worthy of your Song family.”
“Don’t you Song family shamelessly, toast and not drink fine wine.”
Song Qingsong thought that things would suddenly become like this, he hurriedly said to Xu Guangchao: “Brother Xu, discuss things slowly, don’t get angry, don’t get angry…”
Xu Guangchao squinted his eyes and said lukewarmly: “Old Song, I give you face, but your Song family doesn’t give me face!”
“Don’t think that Ningda Group has become a leader in the pharmaceutical industry, you are amazing.”
“The political leaders I know have gone with the military chiefs more. As the saying goes, the magistrates of the broken family destroy the prefects of the door.”
“If I just say hello to the leaders, I will be able to put you in the Song family and the Ningda Group to death, do you believe it or not?”
Song Qingsong, Song Pingting and others turned pale!
The Song family did not have any political and military backing, just as Xu Guangchao really wanted to rectify the Song family, then the Song family might really end up miserably.
Just when everyone in the Song family was so scared!
Chen Ning raised the corner of his mouth slightly, and said with a sneer: “The toad is yawning, it’s a big tone.”
The whole room was shocked when these words were spoken.
Xu Guangchao was shocked and angry: “Boy, what are you talking about?”
Chen Ning said coldly: “I said that your Xu family is in my eyes and nothing. In front of me, you’d better put away your hooliganism.”
“In addition, my daughter is the jewel in the palm. I would not agree with her to marry a demented child for the benefit of the family.”
“Now, you can roll, before I get angry.”
Xu Guangchao was shocked and angry with everyone, and it was really unreasonable to think that Chen Ning would not give the Xu family any face!
Xu Guangchao was full of anger and pointed at Chen Ning: “Boy, I’ll give you three days to send my daughter to our Xu family as a child bride.”
“Otherwise, at your own risk.”
Chen Ning said coldly: “In less than three days, I can answer you now. My daughter won’t marry your grandson, you can go away.”
Xu Guang was trembling with anger, leaving a sentence that you would regret, and then left with his men.

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