The One & Only

Chapter: 604

Xu Guangchao and others came out of Song’s house full of anger.
A black off-road vehicle appeared in front of them, blocking their way.
A middle-aged man in a black suit got out of the car!
Xu Guangchao and the others were shocked when they saw the man in the black suit, because the man in the black suit was the bodyguard of the newly retired Rear Admiral Wu Zhongtang of the East China Sea Fleet, Leng Jianfeng.
The third grade official in front of the prime minister!
Xu Guangchao and others hurriedly said, “Mr. Leng, why are you here?”
Leng Jianfeng said calmly: “My master wants to see you!”
Wuzhongtang, General Wu wants to see them?
Xu Guangchao and others did not dare to neglect when they heard this, and hurriedly followed Leng Jianfeng to the Zhonghai City Guest House. In the Peony Hall of the guest house, they saw Wuzhongtang wearing a black cloth.
Xu Guangchao and the others hurriedly saluted, and then asked: “General Wu, you always call us, what’s your order?”
Wu Zhongtang said indifferently: “Your Xu family and Song family are married, and you want to use this plan to enter the pharmaceutical industry, but failed?”
Xu Guangchao looked embarrassed and said weakly: “General Wu…”
Wu Zhongtang waved his hand: “I retired, you can just call me Mr. Wu.”
Xu Guangchao quickly said: “Yes, Mr. Wu!”
“Mr. Wu, how do you know about our family and Song family?”
Wu Zhongtang said indifferently: “I have an illegitimate child, you should have heard of it, right?”
Of course, Xu Guangchao and others have heard about it. In recent years, Wu Zhongtang has rarely paved the way for his illegitimate son Ye Jiandong. Many people in the capital know that Wuzhongtang has an illegitimate son.
However, at this time Xu Guangchao and others were afraid to say anything?
Wu Zhongtang said coldly: “My son is dead!”
Xu Guangchao and others were taken aback: “What?”
Wu Zhongtang was expressionless: “It was Chen Ning who killed him!”
Xu Guangchao and others were shocked again!
quite a while!
Xu Guangchao came back to his senses and asked eagerly, “Mr. Wu, what do you want us to do when you tell us this?”
Wu Zhongtang glanced at Xu Guangchao, and said indifferently: “Talking to a smart person like you is really much easier. I do have something for you to do.”
Xu Guangchao was a little nervous, but he didn’t dare to refuse.
He said with sincerity and trepidation: “Please Mr. Wu’s instructions, we definitely dare not refuse to do what the Xu family can do.”
Wu Zhongtang nodded and said, “I want to avenge my son, but although I have retired, my identity is still sensitive. It is not appropriate for me to come out in person on the matter of revenge.”
Xu Guangchao nodded: “I understand!”
Wu Zhongtang: “That’s why I chose you and let you come forward to clean up Chen Ning and Song’s family!”
“You destroyed Chen Ning and Song family and carve up the Ning Da Group. The benefits of your Xu family are inevitable.
Xu Guangchao’s eyes lit up and he said in surprise: “Mr. Wu, you can rest assured that our Xu family is willing to serve you, and we will go through fire and water at all costs.”
Xu Haodong also said loudly: “I will summon the disciples of our Xu family to smooth out Chen Ning and Song family.”
Wu Zhongtang said with satisfaction: “Very well, I will greet the leaders of Zhonghai City and the military. Your Xu family can let go of the killing, and no one will interfere with your behavior.”
Xu Guangchao and others excitedly said: “Yes!”
Wu Zhongtang turned his head to look at Leng Jianfeng, and said, “Take the blood demon and the red eyes, and bring all the eighteen arhats with you to help the Xu family smooth the Chen Ning family.”
Leng Jianfeng said solemnly: “Yes, the subordinates will do it immediately!”

Soon, an amazing trail message came out from Zhonghai City.
It is said that the Song family offended the Xu family in the capital, especially Chen Ning, and completely angered Xu Guangchao, the owner of the Xu family.
Xu Guangchao has summoned more than 800 disciples, aggressively looking for the Song family’s mildew.
After the Song family learned this information, they got confused.
Song Qingsong couldn’t help complaining about Chen Ning: “It’s all on you, you shouldn’t offend Master Xu, now the Xu family has come to us to settle the accounts, how time is this!”
Chen Ning said indifferently: “Don’t worry, old man, if Xu Guangchao just talks, if he really comes to find something, I will definitely make them pay the price.”
Song Qingsong shook his head, he felt that Chen Ning was too young.
The Xu family has been rooted in the capital for many years and is very popular in all circles of politics, military and business in black and white.
Although Chen Ning and Song Pingting’s Ningda Group made some money, they were not worth mentioning when compared with the power of Xu’s family. The money bag was nothing but a gun.
Song Qingsong had no clues, so he could only personally seek help from the leaders of Zhonghai City.
However, after listening to the Zhonghai City leaders, they all answered him with a smile: Don’t worry, nothing will happen.
The leaders of Zhonghai City mean that your grandson-in-law is the young marshal of the Northern Territory and the God of War of China, and it will be troublesome if the Xu family comes to you, so don’t worry.
Song Qingsong didn’t think so much!
He thinks it must be the Xu family who greeted the leaders of Zhonghai City. The leaders of Zhonghai City favored the Xu family and would not help them with the Song family.
Finally, Song Qingsong and others, dragged their exhausted body, returned home in a desperate mood.
When he got home, Song Qingsong sat down with Song Zhongxiong and Song Zhongping and just wanted to eat.
At this moment, a servant suddenly rushed in from outside, and said with a trembling, “Master, the big business is not good!”
Song Qingsong was surprised and angry: “What’s the situation?”
The servant said in horror: “Outside, a lot of people came outside, one by one with weapons such as samurai swords, murderous, and the water surrounding our house could not be leaked.”
Song Qingsong lost his voice: “What?”
“Who are they?”
The servant trembled: “It seems to be from the Xu family. They said they came to settle accounts with our Song family and let Chen Ning get out with us and die.”
Song Qingsong sank back into the chair and said, “Chen Ning has done a good job!”
Song Zhongxiong hurriedly ordered his son: “Quickly, call Chen Ning and ask him to come and be responsible.”
At the gate of Song’s house, the wide and long street had been cleared long ago, and there was no one other than nearly a thousand people from the Xu family.
Xu Guangchao and Xu Haodong stood at the forefront of the team, and the two sneered at the besieged Song Family Ancestral House.
And behind them, Leng Jianfeng stood indifferently.
Behind him stood two fierce subordinates, the two masters, the blood demon and the red eyes. There are eighteen burly men behind, eighteen arhats.
Leng Jianfeng and his party are here to help the Xu family sweep down the Song family and kill Chen Ning.
At this time, Xu Haodong coldly shouted: “The Song family inside listen carefully, and immediately come out and die!”
Soon, the door opened.
Song Qingsong hardened his scalp and walked out with Song Zhongxiong and Song Zhongping’s male relatives.
Song Qingsong looked at the Xu family’s army in front of him with an extremely ugly expression: “Brother Xu, our Song family just rejected your Xu family’s request for marriage. Are you like this?”
Where did Song Qingsong know that the Xu family came to find the Song family moldy, not just because the marriage was rejected.
Xu Guangchao said with a sneer: “To blame, your grandson-in-law Chen Ning is looking for death. Where is he, let him get out and die.”
Song Zhongxiong bit his scalp and said, “Xu Guangchao, don’t deceive you too much. Rabbits will bite if they are in a hurry.”
“I warn you that Chen Ning is not easy to provoke. I have notified him that he is coming.”
“You better leave now, otherwise Chen Ning will come and you will regret it.”
Xu Guangchao and others couldn’t help laughing after hearing this!
Xu Haodong sneered: “You inform Chen Ning that he is here, ho ho, I guess that kid heard that our Xu family led the crowd to kill him, he should be a turtle to hide and dare not come?
As soon as the voice fell, a loud and powerful voice came from a distance: “Who said I didn’t dare to come?”
Everyone on the scene looked sideways, and then they saw that the man who was speaking was a tall man with a star-like look, it was Chen Ning.
Chen Ning, actually came.

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