The One & Only

Chapter: 605

When Song Qingsong’s family saw Chen Ning’s appearance, it was like a drowning man who saw a life-saving straw, and they couldn’t help showing excitement.
In the eyes of the Song family, Chen Ning is a bit arrogant, but Chen Ning is actually quite capable.
Since Chen Ning has rushed to face the Xu family’s army, he can’t guarantee that he really has the means to deal with the Xu family.
Soon Song Qingsong and their excitement were poured cold water!
Because they discovered that Chen Ning came here alone.
Oh my!
The Xu family dispatched nearly a thousand disciples, and they all had machetes and other weapons in their hands, and they were murderous.
Chen Ning came here alone, did he think he was Changshan Zhao Zilong?
Song Qingsong’s family couldn’t help showing a desperate expression again, thinking: It’s over, I can’t count on Chen Ning after all.
Xu Guangchao and the thousands of men behind him looked at Chen Ning with a sneer.
Xu Haodong laughed even more: “Hahaha, I have to admire the courage of Chen Ning, you kid, our Xu family sent so many people to come to you to settle accounts, how dare you come to see us alone?”
Xu Guangchao looked at Chen Ning with a sneer, and mocked: “I probably know that he is not our Xu family’s opponent anyway, so give up resistance!”
Song Qingsong and a group of people greeted Chen Ning, all anxious and angry, and complained: “Chen Ning, they all said that a large number of people from the Xu family came to us, why don’t you find a helper to come again?”
Chen Ning smiled and said, “Helper?”
“I really found it!”
Xu Guangchao and others frowned slightly when they heard Chen Ning’s words.
Chen Ning unexpectedly found a helper!
Song Qingsong and others became excited again: “Haha, we know that Chen Ning, you won’t be so stupid, you will come and die by yourself.”
“You said you found a helper, where’s your helper?”
Even Xu Guangchao and the Xu family’s army, and Leng Jianfeng, who were already standing beside them coldly, couldn’t help but look at Chen Ning.
Chen Ning smiled slightly and pointed his finger at the far end of the street: “Here, right there!”
Everyone looked in the direction pointed by Chen Ning, and at the end of the long street, there was indeed a group of people.
To be precise, it is a group of knights, eighteen knights.
Eighteen black knights rode sternly on the horse, with swords hung on their waists, and their clothes were hunting and hunting by the evening breeze.
These eighteen knights are the eighteen knights temporarily stationed in the northern border of the Zhonghai Military Region.
Xu Guangchao and the others, Leng Jianfeng and others, and the Song family were all stunned when they looked at the eighteen knights at the end of the long street in the distance.
Soon, Xu Guangchao showed sarcasm and sneered: “That’s it?”
Xu Haodong couldn’t help laughing: “Hahaha, his mother, what age is it, there are still people riding horses.”
“Furthermore, the eighteen knights want to face the thousands of elite members of our Xu family, dreaming!”
The corner of Leng Jianfeng’s mouth also showed a seemingly non-existent smile.
Song Qingsong’s family was completely dumbfounded. Song Qingsong turned his head to look at Chen Ning, and said eagerly: “Chen Ning, are you talking about the helper, are these only a dozen people?”
Chen Ning smiled and looked at the eighteen horses in the north, and said lightly: “These ten people are more than enough to defeat a thousand army, and kill the enemy’s head like a flower and moon watching. They are more than enough to deal with the Xu family. ”
Chen Ning’s words directly angered Xu Guangchao and others.
Xu Guangchao sank his face and said coldly: “Haodong, first kill Chen Ning and his pretending knights to let them know the fate of offending our Xu family.”
Xu Haodong answered in a deep voice, then turned his head to look at the Xu family behind him, and shouted: “Go for a hundred people and kill the knight over there.”
“Shi Wanlong, go and unscrew Chen Ning’s head.”
Xu Haodong’s voice just fell!
Immediately there was a tower man with a height of nearly two meters, a face full of flesh and spouting muscles, and he walked towards Chen Ning with a grinning grin, trying to unscrew Chen Ning’s head.
At the same time, there were a hundred elite Xu family’s subordinates armed with samurai swords, roaring like wolves, and rushing towards the eighteen horses in the north.
Shi Wanlong was born with supernatural power and was called a Hercules.
He can kill a buffalo with one punch, and blow a person’s head directly with one punch.
At this moment, he was like a tiger coming out of the cage, whistling towards Chen Ning, raising his hand towards Chen Ning’s face and punching hard, and shouted, “Boy, go to death.”
Shi Wanlong carried the bad wind with his fist and rushed to Chen Ning’s head with terrifying power.
“it is good!”
When everyone in the Xu family saw Shi Wanlong’s domineering punch, they couldn’t help but cheered.
Song Qingsong and the others really squeezed a cold sweat for Chen Ning.
Seeing Shi Wanlong’s fist was about to fall on Chen Ning’s face, Chen Ning took the shot and caught Shi Wanlong’s fist casually.
Shi Wanlong’s shocking punch was actually caught by Chen Ningxin.
His eyes widened in an instant, showing an expression of disbelief.
The guys around who cheered Swanlong suddenly made no sound, all of them were stunned.
Chen Ning held Shi Wanlong’s fist with his left hand and said calmly: “Let me die, you are not worthy!”
After Chen Ning finished speaking, he swept out his whip and swept towards Shi Wanlong’s head.
A loud noise!
Shi Wanlong’s head was like a watermelon being swept, with red and white juice splashing, crashing to the ground, killing him on the spot.
When Xu Guangchao met Xu Haodong and others, they were all shocked.
Leng Jianfeng couldn’t help but frown slightly, seeing Chen Ning’s gaze with more attention.
Everyone in the Song family couldn’t help showing surprise when they saw Chen Ning’s clean defeat of the Xu family’s master.
They all remembered that Chen Ning had the courage to be improper, and could not guarantee that Chen Ning would really protect the Song family tonight.
In the distance, the Eighteen Horsemen in the North boundary saw a hundred Xu Family Swordsmen kill.
Zhao Yun, the leader of the eighteen riders, slowly pulled out the long, narrow and sharp sword, pointed the sword forward, and shouted coldly: “Fight!”
The order is down!
Zhao Yun had already urged Zhao Yeyu lion’s crotch, and Zhao Yeyu lion roared and galloped out.
The rest of the northern warriors also immediately followed and rushed to kill.
The eighteen riders charged together, the hoofs of horses were like thunder, horses were like tigers and people were like dragons.
Swallow thousands of miles!
Eighteen riders turned out to be a mighty force.
The one hundred Xu family swordsmen who rushed to the northern eighteen knights holding samurai swords changed their expressions drastically and realized that something was wrong.
Eighteen riders in the north are extremely fast, it can be said that they are very fast, and they have been killed in the blink of an eye.
The Xu family’s subordinates were too late to escape, so they could only bite the bullet and fight.
The autumn wind sweeps the fallen leaves, the thunder strikes the deadwood!
Eighteen riders in the northern border rolled past, and the Xu family’s men were like paper, they were directly destroyed.
One by one, their heads were in different places, fragmented, and blood splashed on the spot.
The Xu family father and son and others in the distance saw a hundred swordsmen who were crushed to pieces by the eighteen horses in the north, and they were completely shocked.
Even Leng Jianfeng couldn’t help but his pupils suddenly enlarged, and he whispered, “These guys are so strong!”
Eighteen riders in the north face directly smashed a hundred swordsmen directly.
But their speed did not stop, like eighteen sky thunders, rolling towards the Xu family…

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