The One & Only

Chapter: 607

Xu Guangchao and his son were beaten and scolded by Song Qingsong, and moved out of Chen Ning to scare them.
His father and son finally couldn’t bear it!
Xu Guangchao said angrily: “Song Qingsong, don’t deceive people too much.”
“Do you really think that our Xu family can’t clean up your Song family?”
“We only underestimated you this time, and then the ditch overturned the boat. We will wait until the next day when we make a comeback, which is when your Song family’s disaster is imminent.”
Song Qingsong’s family remembered that the strength of the Xu family was much stronger than that of the Song family, and the Xu family’s connections and backstage were not comparable to the Song family.
When Song Qingsong’s family thought of Xu’s coming back in the future, their expressions suddenly became difficult to look.
Xu Haodong also wiped the blood from the corners of his mouth at this time, looking at Song Qingsong and Chen Ning and others, sneered: “That’s wrong, and Chen Ning, do you know who you killed just now?”
“They are all under Major General Wu Zhongtang who has just retired from the Navy!”
“Now you have not only completely offended our Xu family, but also completely offended Major General Wu. Do you think you can still live in this world?”
Rear Admiral just retired!
When Song Qingsong’s family heard the words, they all gasped.
They were scared silly!
They are just ordinary giants in Zhonghai City, without the backing of the political and military.
Suddenly offended them as a major general, and they felt that the sky was about to fall.
Xu Guangchao and Xu Haodong looked at the arrogant Song Qingsong family just now, and now they became apprehensive, and they both sneered.
At the same time, they both looked towards Chen Ning.
They hope to see Chen Ning’s negative emotions such as shock, fear, fear, and regret from Chen Ning’s face.
If Chen Ning was scared to pee, or to kneel down begging for mercy, then it couldn’t be more perfect.
Unfortunately, to their disappointment, Chen Ning still had a calm expression on his face.
Even the corners of Chen Ning’s mouth rose slightly, with a smile that seemed like nothing.
Chen Ning looked at Xu Guangchao and his son mockingly: “Ho ho, I said earlier that your Xu family is nothing in my eyes.”
“As for Wuzhongtang, I didn’t take him seriously.”
“But he has troubled me over and over again. After today’s incident, even if he doesn’t come to me anymore, I will ask him to settle the accounts.”
Chen Ning has to take the initiative to find Mr. Wu to settle accounts!
When Song Qingsong’s family heard this, their eyes widened in shock.
Xu Guangchao and Xu Haodong’s father and son also couldn’t believe it, their mouths opened slightly, and they felt that Chen Ning was crazy.
Xu Guangchao came back to his senses and sneered: “Only you can dare to call Mr. Ban Wu. It is really longevity that Shouxian Weng eats arsenic.”
Xu Haodong also sneered: “I hope that when he sees Mr. Wu, he can still be as hard-hearted as he is now, so he won’t be so scared to kneel and beg for mercy.”
The voice just fell!
Suddenly a large number of military vehicles came in the distance!
These military vehicles are all from the Zhonghai Military Base.
In the shocked eyes of everyone at the scene, one after another, heavily armed soldiers jumped from the military vehicle and quickly assembled.
A tall man wearing a school officer’s costume, with a group of soldiers, came to Chen Ning and the others.
This school officer is exactly Zhan Tiejun, the guard captain of Major General Wang Daofang, the commander-in-chief of the Zhonghai Military Region.
Zhan Tiejun saluted Chen Ning and the others, and then said: “Mr. Chen, General Wang and General Wu would like to please!”
General Wang is naturally king!
General Wu, that must be Wuzhongtang.
Song Qingsong’s family paled instantly, and Chen Ning and their family had just offended Major General Wu Zhongtang, and they thought that the army would come to “invite” Chen Ning.
Chen Ning has gone, and it is estimated that he will not be able to come back!
Song Qingsong’s family panicked and said in horror: “Chen Ning, it’s over, Major General Wu really came to trouble you, how can this be good?”
Chen Ning smiled and said, “Master, you stay safe, General Wang and the others are inviting me over instead of arresting me.”
“Don’t worry, nothing will happen.”
Song Qingsong couldn’t help but anxiously said: “Oh, Chen Ning, you are too young.”
“They naturally said that they were inviting you over, just like the police station said they would invite you to have tea. You really thought they were going to have tea. They wanted to accompany you, silly boy.”
Xu Guangchao and Xu Haodong couldn’t help laughing when they heard the words.
The two of them had just threatened that Mr. Wu would find Chen Ning to settle the accounts, and they didn’t expect that the troops would come. This speed came faster than they thought.
Xu Guangchao looked at Chen Ning with a sneer: “Boy, I said you couldn’t afford to offend Mr. Wu, this time you are finished.”
Xu Haodong also sneered: “There is also the Song family. After Mr. Wu took Chen Ning’s operation, it is your Song family that needs to be cleaned up later.”
All of Song Qingsong’s family paled.
Chen Ning snorted coldly: “It’s said that General Wang invited me over, so why don’t you think I’m going to finish it? It’s unreasonable.”
After Chen Ning finished speaking, he took Dianchu Eight Tiger Guards and Eighteen Horsemen in the North, ready to go to the Chinese Navy Base with Zhan Tiejun.
Zhan Tiejun said to Xu Guangchao and Xu Hao: “General Wang said, you two will also go over.”
Xu Guangchao and his son determined that it was Major General Wu Zhongtang who asked Major General Wang Daofang for help and wanted to clean up Chen Ning.
The two of them were very happy to follow Chen Ning’s fate, so they laughed again and again: “Yes, yes, we will go with you, the chief.”
Zhan Tiejun left hundreds of soldiers to deal with the scene!
He took a group of soldiers, accompanied Chen Ning and others, and returned to the headquarters of the Zhonghai Military Region.
In Wang Daofang’s reception room in the base of the Zhonghai Military Region.
Wang Daofang and Wu Zhongtang were sitting on two chairs on a small coffee table. They were smoking and chatting.
Wu Zhongtang brushed the ashes toward the ashtray on the coffee table, and smiled: “General Wang, the cigarette you smoke is really strong.”
Wang Daofang smiled and said: “I used to be in the North, and I had been with the marshal for three years, and became like the marshal who likes smoking and drinking.”
Only then did Wu Zhongtang remember that Wang Daofang was still a small lieutenant colonel a few years ago, and it was because he was vigorously promoted by Chen Ning that he became a major general.
Of course, in addition to the promotion of the young marshal, it also has a lot to do with Wang Daofang’s several major contributions.
But in general, if there is no promotion, Wang Daofang will not be promoted so quickly even if he has made several great achievements.
Wu Zhongtang smiled and said: “I spent most of my life in the navy, and when I retire, I only became a major general. You are not the same as a general. You are only thirty or forty years old, and you are already a major general. Shuai is optimistic about you, your future is unlimited!”
Wang Daofang glanced at Wu Zhongtang, and intentionally or unconsciously said: “The young marshal is so kind to me, my life is the young marshal, he said that I will not fight the west. Moreover, who dares to be against the young marshal, I I will never agree.”
Wu Zhongtang wondered how you became loyal to the marshal in front of me, which is really weird.
Wu Zhongtang smiled and said, “The young marshal must also be relieved to have a subordinate like you!”
“By the way, General Wang, this time I ask you to help me deal with Chen Ning’s affairs. You have to sell me face anyway!”
Wang Daofang still has no words!
The voice of the guard came from the door: “Report, Captain Zhan has invited Mr. Chen!”

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