The Order of the Dragon King

Chapter: 6697

Huo Dong looked down at Chen Ping and snorted disdainfully: “I wanted to kill you with my own hands, but it seems I won’t be able to use it anymore…”

Huo Yuanting also looked at Chen Ping with a sneer, not to mention how proud he was!

His son broke through to the Mahayana realm, he became the master of the Purple Flame Sect, and the Divine Fire Seal is still in his hands!

The most important thing is that Chen Ping is also dead, and the hundred-year enshrinement of the Demon Sealing Alliance is about to be obtained!

Everyone was watching Chen Ping’s joke, but no one thought that Chen Ping had only broken through to the fifth level of the Tribulation Realm, but this thunder tribulation was much stronger than Huo Dong’s Mahayana realm thunder tribulation!

Huo Dong’s thunder tribulation ended early, but Chen Ping’s thunder tribulation is still bombarding. What does this mean? You don’t have to think about it to know!



The old sect master remained silent, counting silently in his heart!

“Father, what are you counting?” Zhu Ling asked!

“Thunder tribulation, Chen Ping has suffered eighty-one thunder tribulations, which are more numerous and fiercer than the thunder tribulations in the Mahayana realm!”

The old sect master said calmly!

After the eighty-one thunder tribulations, the thunder tribulation cloud above Chen Ping also dissipated!

Golden light appeared all over the sky, directly covering a distance of a hundred feet in radius!


Feeling the golden light, Huo Dong suddenly became confused!

You must know that this golden light is much more intense than the divine light when he just broke through!

Feeling the dazzling golden light, the others also looked shocked!

Chen Ping, who was originally sitting cross-legged, has now stood up, his body suspended in the air, bathed in golden light!

The skin that was a little burnt just now is now glowing with golden light!

But the torn clothes made Chen Ping look a little embarrassed!

Especially in front of Zhu Ling and Qian Xiu. After all, they are girls. Seeing Chen Ping like that made me blush a little!

“Senior brother, can you lend me a piece of clothing to cover up?”

Chen Ping looked at Wei Qing and asked!

“Of course you can, but this formation blocks it, how can I give it to you?”

Wei Qing took off his gown and asked Chen Ping!

Chen Ping looked at the blood-colored chain that went straight to the clouds, with disdain in his eyes. He stretched out his hand and grabbed the blood-colored chain directly. With a slight exertion, the entire blood-refining cage formation began to shake!

In just an instant, the formation was broken, and the bloody chains shattered and disappeared!

You must know that Chen Ping did not break the formation through the formation eyes, but broke it with brute force!

This method of breaking the formation is many times more difficult!

But in Chen Ping’s eyes, it turned out to be so easy!

No one understands that Chen Ping has only improved a small level. How come it seems that his strength has improved a lot!

Especially the aura on his body is directly breathtaking, even more awesome than Huo Dongrong’s Mahayana realm!

Gu Tianchao saw that the formation he had worked so hard on broke when Chen Ping shook it casually. He was so frightened that his legs became weak and his pants got wet!

“Junior brother is awesome, I’ll give you clothes…”

Wei Qing yelled excitedly and threw his clothes to Chen Ping!

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