The Protector

Chapter: 1531

At this moment, the world was swept by the news that Prince William had died.

Scenes of demonstrations broke out in various regions of Western Continent.

Tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands of people began to march.

Soon, demonstrations broke out in certain areas of Northern Continent, Southern Continent, and even Eastern Continent.

Tens of thousands of people took to the streets, holding banners and holding banners.

Everyone is asking for an explanation for Prince William!

Everyone directly questioned Daxia: Why did you want to kill Prince William?

Daxia has to give a clear answer and hand over the murderer!

Things got worse.

The whole world is the voice of crusade against Daxia.

Everyone is complaining about Prince William’s death.

Major countries and major organizations also criticized Daxia and demanded an explanation.

The situation has evolved into a situation where Daxia is an enemy of the world.

Although Daxia is now very strong.

There is a king sitting side by side, and there are nine heavenly kings.

But the Prince William incident completely ignited everyone’s anger.

After all, they are all on the side of reason.

Several hours passed.

Daxia remained silent.

Nothing has been given.


Shu Tian Wang Tang Juefeng had a gloomy face.

The wall in front of me is full of deep palm prints.

He photographed it.

When the accident happened, he remembered what Ye Junlin had told him.

It’s just too late!

He is too confident.

The Avengers plane was discovered tomorrow morning, but let it enter the summer.

Caused the current consequences.

He should have stopped everything.

Just not being vigilant.

“Shu Tianwang, you have just taken office for a few days, this happened in your area. What’s the matter with you?”

Tang Juefeng was silent.

He could do nothing about this matter.

Let him fight and kill others, but this kind of tactics won’t work.

In fact, when Ye Junlin was cultivating the nine heavenly kings, he had already deliberately guided in this regard.

What he wants is nine kings who can handle things, not nine reckless men who can only use force.

Obviously, the nine people did not realize this.

At this time, King William II, the father of Prince William, was furious.

Prince William is his only son.

He threatened to use all his strength to avenge his son.

At this moment, he is on his way to Daxia.

Face Daxia and avenge his son.

Faced with this situation, Daxia could only send a team of negotiation experts to discuss the most perfect solution with William II.

It is impossible to find out who killed Prince William in a short time.

At present, we can only stabilize the situation.

The location of the negotiations between the two parties was chosen in Jianghai.

For the sake of safety, William II has masters around him.

I am afraid I will repeat the same mistakes.

Of course, the eyes of the whole world are focused on this now, no matter how bold they are, they dare not kill anyone, right?

The king of Shu Tian is in charge of this security task.

Before leaving, he deliberately consulted Ye Junlin.

“Master, I am looking for you again!”

“I’m really in trouble this time, don’t know what to do?”

King Shu knelt at the door and pleaded.

This is his mistake.

He wants to make up, he wants to save.

I want everyone to see their abilities.

“I said it a while ago, it’s not about the world anymore.”

Ye Junlin’s icy voice came from inside.

“Master, the disciple is really confused now! Please give me some advice! If you don’t come out, I won’t be able to get up on my knees!”

King Shu still knelt on the ground.


“Don’t force me to do it!”

Ye Junlin’s angry roar came from inside.

The king of Shu was so scared that he stood up immediately.

It just so happened that Li Ziran arrived at this time.

When she came closer, she was surprised that it was King Shu Tian.

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