The Protector

Chapter: 1539

“While staying, don’t look at how many catties you are!”

“This time Junjun was arrested, it was definitely for the clan of Xishu.”

“And it must have something to do with King Shu, Ye Junlin, don’t let your face stick gold.”

In the end, Ye Junlin was kicked out of Li’s ancestral home.

Ye Junlin also took it seriously.

There are at most a few troublesome.

As for Jun Jun, he will save.

He will kill anyone who kidnap Junjun.

Don’t leave one!

“The Avengers, the biggest mistake you have made in your life is to catch my daughter of Ye Junlin!!!”

A monstrous hostility erupted from Ye Junlin.

The whole world is in silence.

In the surrounding area, the temperature dropped sharply.

Everyone couldn’t help but shudder.

“Xiaoxi, activate the Zhentian Temple again! Help me find the location of Junjun! Use all your power!”

Although Ye Junlin surrendered the position of the king side by side.

But Zhentiandian has always been in his hands.

After all, Zhentiandian didn’t even know Yanlongwei.

Only that one knows.

After Ye Junlin left.

The Western Shumen Clan began to find people, move rescuers, and frantically search for Junjun’s whereabouts.

At this time, King Shu came to the house of Li’s ancestors.

“What happened?”

He asked.

I heard that Junjun was kidnapped.


His mind is about to explode.

It’s the black dragon!

It’s definitely a black dragon!

After the black dragon knew the master’s identity, he had no reason not to act.

Now it seems that this is the real intention.

The negotiations are all fake.

Because he Junjun was arrested.

If Master knew…

Tang Juefeng was startled in a cold sweat when he thought of this.

“Shu Tianwang please save my daughter, right?”

After seeing Tang Juefeng, Li Ziran quickly came to ask for help.

“Yes, Juefeng relies on you. The person who kidnapped Jun Jun is a bit powerful!”

“Ziran, don’t worry, Juefeng will make a move, you must be troubled!”

Seeing Tang Juefeng come back.

Everyone is relieved.

Regardless of status or strength, Tang Juefeng is too strong.

“Okay, I’ll save Junjun!”

Tang Juefeng agreed.

He must save the emperor if he is in love with reason.

Only in this way can he make up for his major mistakes.

“Thank you! I kowtow to you!”

If it weren’t for someone else’s support, Li Ziran would kowtow.

The child was lost, and I was too anxious as a mother.

Tang Juefeng went to save Junjun, and Li Ziran was ecstatic.

This shot is much more stable than Ye Junlin.

Jun Jun is saved!

“Heilong, you fucking hurt me! You arrested Junjun!”

Tang Juefeng went to Black Dragon murderously.

the other side.

Zhentiandian locked Junjun’s position as quickly as possible.

There is no other reason.

The Zhentian Temple was not closed before, and it has been operating.

It’s just that the North Heavenly King and the others didn’t tell Ye Junlin.

“You have been closed? You have been active?”

When Ye Junlin knew, he was shocked.

But at this time, he didn’t have time to struggle with this matter.

It’s important to save you.

Located in a certain harbor base in Jianghai.

The Avengers high-level are all there.

Jun Jun lay in the middle.

The child already has the strength to struggle to cry.

He just looked around blankly in despair.

“This time is the best opportunity for us to get rid of one word side by side! If we miss it, we will all die! Understand?”

Heilong pointed at several people.

“Understand, we are all ready!”

The others nodded.

“Don’t be nervous, kid, your father will come and die soon!”

“I will let you see the picture of father dying in front of you with your own eyes!”

Heilong laughed at Jun Jun.

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