The Protector

Chapter: 1562

He has come to a realm that no one can imagine!

The people who want to kill him are all supreme!

“Hire Ye Junlin as the chief instructor of the Qianlong Project!”

“It just so happens that a new batch of talented seedlings of Qianlong Project have been found!”

Ye Junlin also didn’t think that Junjun’s shot could cause such a big chain reaction.

At least dozens of people from the Western Shumen Clan were eyeing Junjun.

To rush to accept Junjun as an apprentice.

Li Ziran still wants Junjun to be an ordinary person.

But Junjun showed amazing talent.

She can’t be an ordinary person anymore.

The entire Xishu clan will not let it go!

I heard that Jun Jun has this talent.

The emperor of Xishu and Tangbei Dao rushed from Xishu.

To rush to accept this apprentice.

In the end, more than a dozen high-level officials from the Western Shu family were clamoring for the king.

Finally, it was unanimously decided to meet.

Ye Junlin and Li Ziran received a notice and asked them to take Junjun to the meeting.

“No! What qualifications do they have to be the master of the monarch?”

Ye Junlin certainly didn’t agree.

Now in his eyes, Tang Bei Dao is not influential.

Not to mention other people.

“Hush! Keep your voice down, it will be troublesome for others to hear it!”

Li Ziran reminded.

“Now the senior officials of the Western Shu family have taken a fancy to Junjun’s talent, and soon, it is estimated that the other three main gates will also be fancy! Maybe they will come to grab Junjun by then…”

“Who would dare I? Turn them upside down!”

Ye Junlin shot out cold light in his eyes.

“Don’t get excited! Rather than let Junjun go to other places, it’s better to be accepted as an apprentice by a master of the Western Shu family. At least family members, let’s rest assured!”

This is Li Ziran’s consideration.

Since I can’t hide.

It’s better to choose a better master for Junjun.

“No, I don’t agree!”

How can my children of Ye Junlin be guided by your trash?

“If you don’t go, I’ll take Junjun!”

Li Ziran led Junjun to the chamber.

Ye Junlin had no choice but to keep up.

In the Li family chamber, the atmosphere is serious.

Everyone was cold.

But after seeing Junjun, everyone was happy.

Everyone wants to hug Junjun.

Jun Jun was scared to hide behind Li Ziran.

When Tang Beidao saw Ye Junlin, he smiled and said, “I really didn’t expect your child to have this talent!”

Since Ye Junlin’s martial arts were destroyed, he also resigned from the Zhentian Temple and returned to his place.

He was neither arrogant nor afraid of Ye Junlin.

After all, Ye Junlin is just an ordinary person.

“Of course!”

Ye Junlin sneered.

Seeing Ye Junlin, the Emperor Xi Shu just nodded.

Now Ye Junlin is no longer the master of the four gates.

If you don’t drive him out, even if you are in the past.

“Today, the seventeen high-ranking members of the Xishu clan are all here! We have a meeting to decide who will accept the emperor as a disciple!”

“Also refer to her parents’ opinions!”

Said the Emperor Xishu.

“Yes, just let the child’s parents talk about who should Junjun talk to?”

“Come on, Ziran, tell me! Jun Jun is the most suitable for me! They are all big masters, how can Jun Jun be a little girl with them?”

It was the fourth sister of the Western Shu Emperor who was the only woman among them.

“How do you talk? This is a world where strength is respected. What does it have to do with gender?”

Others expressed dissatisfaction.

“Aunt Si, should you consider it? I think Junjun and anyone can do it!”

Li Ziran took a deep breath.

“Who do you think Ye Junlin is with?”

Tang Beidao asked.

“You are not worthy!”

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