The Protector

Chapter: 1564

The others were stunned.

Because those who came to participate in the Qianlong Project were all elite geniuses selected from hundreds of millions of people.

One is more arrogant than the other.

Everyone is the number one posture in the world.

But when I saw a little girl who was going to participate in a training program with them.

Everyone was dumbfounded.

I didn’t agree.

“Our instructor has an ordinary person, so he will endure it!”

“Now here is a little kid, let us train with her? Are you kidding me?”

Everyone showed strong dissatisfaction.

Especially the seedlings of this genius were all cultivated from major hidden powers or some hidden tissues.

Most people are trapped in an isolated place, just practicing martial arts, and don’t know everything about the outside world.

They didn’t know Ye Junlin before, or even heard of it.

So for them, what happened to Ye Junlin’s child?

“Yes, what’s the matter with the kid? Give us an explanation!”

Ye Junlin glanced at them contemptuously and said, “Sorry, I only teach my daughter to practice martial arts! You are just here for a lesson!”

The words are not surprising, Ye Junlin said this.

All members of the Qianlong Project were stunned.

The co-author of Ye Junlin means that he is training his daughter, and everyone else is licking their faces to rub the class?

Hundreds of geniuses are the foils of this little girl?

Everyone is a genius seedling selected from hundreds of millions of people.

Where can I stand this breath?

One by one on the spot!

“You are insulting us!”

“You are not worthy of being our instructor!”

“We don’t need you to train!”

There was almost no one who was not angry.

Little did it know that Ye Junlin was wrong.

They are here to make a lesson.

But this class is better than any of their training plans!

Just make a profit!

Let everyone benefit infinitely!

“What is the use of such an instructor?”

“Isn’t this here to bring the children?”

“Hurry back and take the kids!”

Everyone feels insulted!

Ye Junlin was here to bring the children, but he served as an instructor for them?

“Calm down everyone!”

“Although instructor Ye is an ordinary person, he has a deep knowledge of martial arts! He is qualified to teach you!”

Yan Longwei immediately stood up.

“Okay, let’s see what he can teach?”

“If all things taught are useless, we will definitely force him to leave!”

Everyone stared at Ye Junlin angrily.

The person in charge of Yan Longwei promised: “Don’t worry, Instructor Ye won’t let you down!”

Soon, the remaining instructors all arrived.

Chief instructor Jason, Daxia’s name is Jin Fengtian.

His ancestral home is Daxia, and he became the nationality of the war eagle country more than ten years ago.

He is the most famous special instructor in the world.

Proficient in Daxia martial arts, Dongdao Kendo, various ancient martial arts in the West and modern training methods.

He trained many strong people.

He trained the gods of war in twelve western countries.

It is claimed to be able to develop a person’s potential to the extreme.

There are also two deputy instructors.

One is Li Changan, Yanlongwei’s strongest instructor.

Both strength and instructor ability.

One is a master of physical training in the Tai Kingdom of Dongfangzhou, nicknamed the beast god.

The art of refining the body he is proficient in can build a human physique comparable to the strongest beast.

Plus Ye Junlin and which powerful technique.

It is the most perfect system.

Enough to make Qianlong plan to create a god.

These genius seedlings saw the other three instructors with completely different attitudes.

They all bowed, their faces full of respect.

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