The Protector

Chapter: 1565

Martial arts can be different from sports.

A basketball coach, he doesn’t need to know how to play, he only knows how to use tactics.

You can tune a lot of basketball superstars.

The same goes for other sports.

But martial arts training is different.

General instructors and masters are definitely top masters.

They can teach genius.

But now Ye Junlin is an ordinary person.

For example, he can’t demonstrate it himself when he teaches a exercise.

How to teach others?

Let alone teach the profound meaning.

So everyone is not convinced by Ye Junlin.

Especially after he took his daughter and said something.

Everyone couldn’t respect Ye Junlin.

That’s why they have completely different attitudes towards the other three instructors.

Of the three instructors, except for Li Changan, the other two were also mocking Ye Junlin.

Then the Qianlong Project officially began.

The first item-choose whether to practice the exercises handed over by Ye Junlin.

As a result, there is no one choice.

After all, there are lessons to be learned.

The first group of a hundred people chose to practice this exercise, and they all became useless.

I can’t practice for a lifetime!

So everyone didn’t believe in this practice, nor did they believe in Ye Junlin.

Some people even said that Ye Junlin didn’t hand over the real exercises at all.

Everyone would rather have a low achievement than take this risk!

Another is that everyone is too high-spirited.

Because they hated Ye Junlin, everyone was unwilling to practice his exercises.

Always thinking of practicing other techniques to surpass Ye Junlin before.

“If you don’t practice, don’t practice! I train Junjun, and they just follow!”

Ye Junlin didn’t mind.

Now the mentor has given him too much knowledge.

He has a lot of cards in his hand.

As long as these boys learn a little bit of fur, their future achievements will not be low.

“I don’t think you can build a strong person by relying on this technique. You have to integrate a hundred schools of exercises and the most scientific training methods!”

Jin Fengtian made a detailed training plan.

Hundreds of Daxia exercises, Dongdao Kendo, and various ancient martial arts secrets from Western Continent are all integrated for training.

There are also various modern medicines to increase body strength and develop potential.

Finally, there are a variety of modern equipment blessings, such as special armor and so on.

The purpose is to create the strongest fighter.

After Jin Fengtian was dug back to Daxia with a lot of money and many favorable conditions, he almost devoted all of it.

His training plan was approved by Yanlongwei.

Let Yan Longwei give up Ye Junlin’s technique.

I think it can be replaced.

“I agree!”

“I agree!”

The other two instructors agreed.

“We agree too!”

The students showed expectant expressions one after another.

This training program is brand new.

They have never heard of it.

They look forward to becoming strong!

“You guys train, just come and practice with me in your free time!”

Ye Junlin said it didn’t matter.

After the Qianlong Project started.

Ye Junlin asked Yan Longwei about the first batch of a hundred people.

“Ah? They are completely useless. Like you, they can’t practice martial arts for life! What do you ask them to do?”

The person in charge of Yan Longwei was surprised.

“They are all useless because of me! Let me see what’s wrong?”

Ye Junlin asked.

“Well, then you come with me!”

Finally, Ye Junlin was taken to a place.

A hundred abandoned genius seedlings are locked in one place like criminals.

After seeing them, Ye Junlin smiled: “I can only practice now!”

Because they are completely useless, but they are enough to practice which exercise standard.

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