The Protector

Chapter: 1570

Ye Junlin’s words stimulated them!

Are they inferior to a bunch of useless people?

This is unbearable!

“You will have a chance to compare! But not now!”

Ye Junlin said.

“Ha ha ha ha……”

“You are just talking big!”

“That group of dead people can’t practice martial arts for life, and can’t even recover! Not to mention any progress!”

“Ye Jun is here to attack us, think of a better reason anyway!”

I heard that Ye Junlin’s law arrangement was compared.

Everyone was happy.

Everyone thinks that Ye Junlin is making a joke!

“Ye Junlin, you must apologize to us, to instructor Jin Fengtian!”

Shao Xingtian, the strongest among the students, pointed to Ye Junlin and said angrily.

“Yes, you owe us an apology! You owe instructor Jin an apology!”

Everyone shouted.

Resolute attitude.


It seems that if Ye Junlin doesn’t apologize, he can’t get out of here.

The movement here quickly attracted the attention of the other three instructors and the person in charge of Qianlong Project.

They rushed over one after another.

“What happened?”

Several people asked one after another.

Everyone told Jin Fengtian what had happened just now.

“What? I have never seen the world? Hahaha…”

Jin Fengtian smiled.

The body refining master of the Tai Kingdom also laughed.

Their skills have always been at the top of the world.

How could they have never seen the world?

Jin Fengtian glared at Ye Junlin with a sneer and said: “I dare to say that these students are the ones who have made the most progress in my experience! There can be no faster than this!”

“Wrong! This rate of progress was unheard of before!”

The person in charge of Yanlongwei, Li Changan and the master of physical training also said one after another.

Such rapid progress made them more affirmation of Jin Fengtian’s training plan.

Relying on this training plan, you can definitely create a new word side by side.

There may be more than three, or even ten.

This made Yan Longwei see hope.

All this was brought to them by Jin Fengtian.

So they all believed in Jin Bongcheon unconditionally.

As everyone knows, the students’ crazy progress is mainly due to Ye Junlin’s class.

It has little to do with the other three.

“No matter what instructor Ye said, you were wrong in this matter! You have to apologize to instructor Jin, and to the students!”

The person in charge said.

Ye Junlin smiled: “What did I do wrong? Do I need to apologize?”

“You are talking nonsense, you are despising Instructor Jin!”

Shouted the person in charge.

“But there is no way. The first batch of students next door progressed faster than them! But it still didn’t reach the speed that I was satisfied with, so what happened to you guys who have never seen the world?”

At present, the only thing Ye Junlin is satisfied with is Jun Jun.

“Hahaha, I don’t believe there are any faster progress than them? No! Absolutely no!”

Jin Fengtian vetoed it in one fell swoop.

“If you haven’t seen it, it doesn’t mean that you don’t have it! So you haven’t seen it before!”

Ye Junlin smiled.

But these words completely angered everyone present.

“Ye Junlin, you don’t even realize your mistake! Don’t you want to apologize?”

The crowd roared.

“I’m all wrong, why should I apologize? You have a problem in your mind?”

Ye Junlin looked at them like a fool.

“Okay, don’t you apologize?”

“I propose to expel Ye Junlin from the post of instructor! The reason is very simple, his training plan is pediatrics! This is well known!”

Shao Xingtian suggested.

“I agree!”

“I agree!”

All the students agreed.

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