The Protector

Chapter: 1572

In one month, they took a report card that had improved by at least five times, and slapped Ye Jun’s face fiercely.


What impact did this incident have on Ye Junlin? He just practiced them incidentally when he was practicing Junjun.

After returning to Jiangbei, Ye Junlin went to see Xiao Feng’s 100 people specially.

These 100 people are really desperate for sleepless nights and foods.

They all sighed.

Rely on strong faith to fight hard!

“Benefactor! You will be our benefactor in the future! We will do everything for you!”

A hundred people in Xiao Feng knelt on the ground.

“You can recover and become stronger, I am happy too!”

Ye Junlin smiled.

He smiled at the few people who had been arranged by King Shu to protect him: “Let’s practice together, anyway, idleness is also idleness!”

These people are excited about the training.

I look forward to the day when these hundred wastes will shine!

During this period, Yan Longwei and Shu Tianwang have been investigating.

But there is always the footprint of the “North Demon” class powerhouse.

The most frightening thing is that the on-site inspection results show that there are a total of three strong men who are stronger than the Northern Devil who have fought.

This result came out.

Everyone was shocked in a cold sweat.

A Northern Demon was upset in the summer.

The three of them all at once were still better than the North Devil.

this is too scary!

More than that.

Some mysterious people were captured in various areas.

They come and go without a trace!

Suddenly appeared, then suddenly disappeared.

Can’t catch it at all!

The risk factor is extremely high!

And the actions of overseas countries are also very strange.

It seems that many secrets and people or things in the dark have appeared…

for example.

An unknown island in the East Island suddenly burst and sink…

Someone saw a swordsman walking across the sea in the flames…

Star Country Star City coaxed the urban area to suddenly run out of a monster covered in flames, and burned many people.

Similar weird things happened in the War Eagle Nation and many other countries.

Especially the War Eagle Nation is in a variety of conditions, and it seems that something big is brewing.

A series of weird phenomena is by no means accidental.

Yan Longwei’s high-level sense of smell is still very strong.

I quickly realized that something was wrong.

“Immediately make this matter classified! It seems that Daxia is not at peace, the world is not at peace!”

“Maybe the next thing is beyond our control!”

When Yan Longwei said these words, the members below were shocked.

All looked at several senior executives incredible.

Daxia still has things that Yan Longwei can’t control?

Yanlongwei is the highest institution in everyone’s cognition!

Yan Longwei can’t control it, who can control it?

too terrifying!

Everyone was shocked in a cold sweat.

“So we started the first-level emergency plan ahead of time!!!”

“Please follow us to the archives room!”

Under the leadership of a few people, everyone came to the archives room.

But the archives room is not the point.

The focus is on the place inside the archives.

After opening three protective doors in total.

Everyone finally came to the most confidential area of ​​the archives room.

The files placed inside are the top secrets of Daxia.

The files before Ye Junlin are also in it.

To view it, you must have permission.

“Everyone first calm down! What you see next may subvert your cognition! Please don’t be overly shocked!”

Senior Yan Longwei asked.

The people’s hearts became more and more horrified.

What kind of file is it?

Will subvert everyone’s cognition!

When everyone was nervous, one person took out the top-secret file.

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