The Protector

Chapter: 1573

This file contains the secrets of the past!

Everyone has never heard of the content inside.

“What is your highest definition of the strong?”

Someone asked at this time.

“Grandmaster! In the past hundred years, it is definitely the strongest Grandmaster level!”

“Yes, this is recognized by all countries!”

Everyone said one after another.

“Then I tell you, Grandmaster level is not the end, but the beginning! There is a realm above the grandmaster!”


Everyone was surprised.

All the time, I have only heard that Grand Master is the strongest!

The judging standards of various countries are like this!

Even if the rating is as strong as the North Devil, it is also a master!

“Then I will tell you! There are Supreme Powers above the Grand Master!”

“The grandmaster-level powerhouse is strong enough, right? The strongest grandmaster-level like the Northern Devil may have no way in a country!”

“But in fact, the Northern Demon can still be killed! That is to activate nuclear weapons! No matter how strong the Northern Demon is, there is no way to deal with nuclear weapons! But nuclear weapons are not to be used as a last resort!”

“But the supreme-level powerhouse must be stronger! Even small nuclear weapons can’t kill the supreme-level powerhouse!”

“This is the supreme class!!!”


Hearing this, everyone uttered cold breaths.

Can nuclear weapons not be killed?

Is it strong enough?

This is absolutely beyond the human category!

It all feels like listening to ancient myths…

“Then why have you never heard the appearance of a supreme powerhouse for so long?”

Everyone looked confused.

“This is in the past 100 years, and there is no one who can reach the supreme level. This is the case in all countries!”

“And the other supreme-level powerhouses before are all silent in the dark! This also makes the supreme-level a legend and a secret!”

The senior explained.

“Huh? Why would a supreme-level powerhouse choose to be silent, since no one has appeared for a hundred years?”

Someone asked questions.

“Even I have to know!”

“From the top-secret file data, Daxia and the powerhouses at and above the supreme level all over the world chose to be silent overnight. I don’t know why!”


“This is terrible too!”

“What happened? All the supreme powers in the world have disappeared? What are they afraid of? Or is there any reason?”

This is everyone’s question.

“I don’t know, there is no record in Yanlongwei’s file!”

The executives shook their heads.

“To show everyone this confidential file today, the purpose is very simple-the supreme-level powerhouse may be born!”

“Based on the recent circumstances, it is inevitable that the supreme-level powerhouse will come to this world and unknown difficulties and dangers!”

“Don’t look at the majesty of Daxia, the suppression is too much to look up overseas!”

“But once they release the real demons, it’s not known who will kill them!”

Everyone began to worry: “What can we do? In case the supreme-level powerhouse emerges and these unknowns come, we really have no way?”

“What should Daxia do?”

Things are beyond control.

Yan Longwei was also helpless.

At this time, several senior officials looked at each other and smiled: “When danger comes, someone will always come out to suppress it!”

“Then when the Northern Demon was rampant, no one would come out to suppress it? Ye Junlin was the solution!”

Everyone is curious.

“That’s because the Northern Devil is not even qualified to let them come forward!”

“In other words, the North Devil’s degree of danger does not reach the standard for them to shoot!”

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