The Protector

Chapter: 1574


It’s terrible!

What is hiding in this world?

Those secrets are in the hands of very few people!

The key is that Yan Longwei can only know the tip of the iceberg!

“But we must also actively prepare! For example, Qianlong Project, etc.! I hope to create a few strong people comparable to the North Devil!”

“The crisis may come one day!”

The senior officials of Yanlongwei were very afraid of this day.

But it must be actively prepared.

At this moment, it is located in a wooden house on the ice and snow in the northeast.

Heilong’s father and others were also very melancholy.

They sent out many people to investigate, but there were no clues.

It seems that no one is protecting Ye Junlin at all.

“I can’t wait, the enemy who killed my son is still alive, I can’t stand it!”

“Yes, we want to avenge the third brother!”

Heilong’s father and two older brothers had bloodthirsty killing intent flashing in their eyes.

“Quite your anger!”

“The supreme-level powerhouse is here, and the world will be completely messed up!”

“People still have to kill! We must never think of another way!”

Others persuaded.

“Then think about it! If I can’t figure it out, I will kill Ye Junlin myself!”

Ye Junlin naturally knew that he was missed.

But he doesn’t care.

Kill as many as you come.

He is still the same as usual.

In addition to life, in leisure is to train Junjun and them.

Soon, he discovered that Li Ziran and Zhou Nanyan both had extremely high talents.

It is even more talented than the students of Qianlong Project.

They are improving too fast.

Second only to Junjun.

But Li Ziran didn’t know it at all.

Just to keep fit.

Little did they know that Ye Junlin turned them into peerless masters!

Next, it seemed to be cultivating crazy everywhere.

In the Qianlong Project base.

After Shao Xingtian and others forced Ye Junlin away, everyone was extremely excited.

Put more energy into training.

In order to beat Ye Junlin’s face.

But after more than three days, they suddenly discovered a problem.

Everyone doesn’t seem to be making much progress?

Mingming Jin Fengtian and other three instructors have completed their training.

There are no signs of progress!

It is basically on par with the rapid progress of the first stage!

In the beginning, everyone took it seriously.

But after five days, there is still no progress.

Everyone started to panic.

No progress in seven days.

No progress in ten days.

Half a month has passed. Although everyone has made progress, they can basically be ignored.

It seems that their potential has been exploited to the maximum.

Can’t be developed anymore.

The students began to panic.

The instructors and the person in charge of Yan Longwei were also anxious.

Basically stand still?


The training plan follows the program, so there are no problems.

The students also have no problems.

So what’s the problem?

The main reason is the rapid progress in the first stage, which is simply unimaginable.

But in the second stage, after kicking out Ye Junlin, why was the fire suddenly dumb?

“What’s the matter with instructor Jin? If this continues, we will be laughed at by Ye Junlin!”

Shao Xingtian and others were anxious like ants on a hot pot.

“It should be our training program. You have developed it to the extreme. We have to change to another training program!”

Jin Fengtiandao.


The other two instructors also agreed.

They changed another set of training programs.

Continue to start the training program…

“I don’t believe it!”

Everyone refused to admit defeat.

Little did they know that their progress was basically related to the fact that the training program was not worth a dime.

It only has something to do with Ye Junlin’s withdrawal.

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