The Protector

Chapter: 1577

Jin Fengtian took out the potion specially.

“If you use all of this bottle, your strength will instantly increase by more than ten times! The price you can pay is to consume all your energy and die on the spot!”


The masters of physical training all took a breath.

“So you need to use the medicine to improve this group of students in a short time, so that Daxia can see the effect?”

The master of physical exercises asked.

“Yes, that’s wrong! We can achieve the effect with a small amount of potion! Then Daxia will be satisfied!”

Jin Fengtian nodded.

“The effect is there, Daxia will be satisfied! But this group of children will be abandoned! Even if you use a small amount of medicine, it will eventually consume their life!”

“They will be ruined all their lives!”

The master of physical exercises asked.

When taking the medicine, they will improve significantly and become strong.

But once the medicine has passed.

They run out of life and lose their energy…

Not to mention becoming a peerless powerhouse, it’s another matter whether you can keep your life.

This vicious way is not fair to them!

The master of physical training is very sorry for these young talented seedlings.

If it is really useless because of this incident, his conscience will be overwhelmed.

“But can we do anything else now? Only give us three days. If we can’t do it, everything about us will be lost!”

Jin Fengtian stared at him frantically.

Soon, the master of physical training became silent.

When it comes to self-interest, he also has no laws.

“What if you find it?”

“When we find out, we have got what we want. Besides, it must be our problem? It’s the student’s own problem!”

Finally, the master of physical training was made clear by Jin Fengtian.

The next day.

Jin Fengtian called everyone together.

Said that he found the problem.

Next, change to a training program, which is definitely effective.

Everyone was convinced to devote themselves to the training.

Sure enough, it worked this time.

Gradually there is progress!

Seven days later, the progress rate of the first stage has been reached.

And it is still in continuous progress, getting more and more rapid.

The students are very satisfied!

Yan Longwei is even more satisfied!

They praised Jin Fengtian for his greatness!

“Let me just say, our progress and strength have a dime relationship with Ye Junlin!”

“Instructor Jin is the person I admire most!”

Shao Xingtian’s face was full of uncontrollable excitement.

Li Changan frowned, he felt that something was wrong.

Although the training program has been changed, it is actually the same as the previous few times.

Logically speaking, it is impossible to change the status quo.

But the facts are unexpected.

For a moment, he couldn’t think of why?

In the Qianlong Project base, there was an atmosphere of enthusiasm everywhere.

Jin Fengtian is regarded as a god-like existence!

Especially the students, it’s not good to worship!

Who is unhappy when he sees himself becoming stronger every day?

But under these gorgeous appearances are all riddled with holes that have been corroded by ants.

Shao Xingtian and their bodies are like this!

Although the strength is advancing by leaps and bounds.

But the body is overdrawn…

It’s just that I don’t know it.

Obviously it was Jin Fengtian who used their bodies in exchange for what he wanted.

As a result, Shao Xingtian and others are still grateful to Jin Fengtian…

“See? They can’t find it! We can increase the amount!”

The corner of Jin Fengtian’s mouth swept coldly.

“Seven times! We have improved seven times! Did you see Ye Junlin?”

“Hurry up and let Ye Junlin come and have a look!”

With the increase in the amount of medicine, the faster everyone progressed.

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