The Protector

Chapter: 1582

It’s not just them who are confused.

And the black dragon father.

The power that appeared from the supreme-level powerhouse still wondered about Ye Junlin now.

In the end they negotiated a plan.

“Sending someone this time is not to kill Ye Junlin. It’s to test who is protecting him…”

“Well, yes! Test first! It’s not too late to kill Ye Junlin after the test!”

“Okay, just follow your ideas!”

Black Dragon’s father also agreed with this matter.

“So this time we send out a pseudo-Supreme-level powerhouse! This way, those people will not be disturbed, and they will be able to escape when they are in danger!”

“Well, yes!”

The so-called pseudo-superior-level powerhouse means stepping into the ranks of the supreme-level with one foot.

But it’s not really a supreme class…

Of course, the pseudo-superior class is very strong and very strong!

Better than the North Devil!

On the other side, in the Qianlong Project Base.

Jin Fengtian and the two are also investigating why Ye Junlin died.

At this time Shao Xingtian came up.

“Instructor Jin has something I don’t know if I should say it?”

“Say! What’s the matter?”

The two looked at Shao Xingtian.

“I found that instructor Li was a bit weird recently. He was absent-minded in class and kept staring at you secretly at other times. I have seen him come to your residence privately. I don’t know what I’m doing? Do you know?”

Shao Xingtian said curiously.


Hearing this, Jin Fengtian’s brains seemed to explode.

not good!

Li Changan should know something…

No wonder his behavior has been abnormal recently, even Jin Fengtian and the others are curious.


If nothing else, he saved Ye Junlin.

“Okay, we get it! This matter is not allowed to spread! Instructor Li may have betrayed Da Xia…”

Jin Fengtian said.


Shao Xingtian was very surprised.

Li Changan is a famous instructor.

How could you betray Daxia?

However, Li Changan’s recent series of strange behaviors are probably stealing secrets, leaking training plans, etc…

Maybe it’s really possible!

“Don’t say anything about this, I’ll take care of it!”

Jin Fengtian patted Shao Xingtian.

After Shao Xingtian left.

A bloodthirsty killing intent flashed in Jin Fengtian’s eyes: “Li Changan must die! He does not die, it is us who die!”

“Wrong! He must have found out early, and I am afraid that he is collecting evidence now!”

Said the master of physical training.

“We have to speed up! If Li Changan exposes us, we will undoubtedly die!”

Jin Fengtian can’t wait.

Li Changan is still collecting evidence.

But what he didn’t know was that the two of Jin Bongtian had discovered it.

They were already staring at him.


After collecting all the evidence, Li Changan breathed a long sigh of relief.

“I don’t know how Instructor Ye found out? He really got it right! I got the evidence this time, where do I see them flee?”

Li Changan was about to leave with the evidence.


Suddenly, the gates here closed one after another.

No, let’s find out!

“Li Changan, you are so brave, did you come to our site?”

Accompanied by the voice, the two of Jin Bongtian appeared.

Li Chang’an squinted his eyes, and shot all the lights.

“Huh, you two shameless guys! For your own benefit, you killed Da Xia Cai! Now I have collected all the evidence! You surrender yourself! I will consider forgiving you!”

Jin Fengtian smiled: “But the dead won’t tell you! As long as you don’t tell, no one knows!”

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