The Protector

Chapter: 1583

“Yes, as long as you die, no one will know our secret!”

The master of physical training also showed a weird smile.

At this moment, Li Changan felt a strong killing intent.

“I am Yanlongwei’s person, do you dare to kill me?”

Li Changan’s complexion changed.

“Do you know the consequences of killing Yan Longwei?”

Li Changan naturally did not believe that they dared to kill himself.

“What if you are Daxia’s traitor? You are dead, everyone clapped, right?”

Jin Fengtian laughed suddenly.


Li Changan’s face changed drastically when he realized something.

He also thought of what Ye Junlin had reminded him.

This group of people really killed him!


Li Changan immediately thought about evacuation.

“Want to run? Late!!!”

Jin Fengtian and the two immediately locked Li Changan’s escape route.


Li Changan can only kill out on his own.

In a small space, a fierce fight was staged.

But after all, Li Changan was outnumbered.

Finally he fell in a pool of blood, dying…

The two Jin Bongtian also pretended to be injured.


At this time, all the doors of the laboratory were opened.

Shao Xingtian brought everyone here.

“Before I was only skeptical, I didn’t think that instructor Li, you really betrayed Daxia and came to the laboratory to steal information!”

Shao Xingtian received the notice from Jin Fengtian and he came immediately.

Seeing the scene in front of me, it was a scene where Li Changan was about to steal data and was taken by Jin Fengtian.

“Instructor Jin, are you okay?”

Shao Xingtian and the others began to care about Jin Fengtian.

“Fortunately, you guys came quickly, otherwise you really let him escape!”

Jin Fengtian wiped the blood donation at the corner of his mouth.

Li Changan, who fell in a pool of blood, looked at several people, gurgling to donate blood.

His eyes are about to fly out!


In the end, Li Changan died without saying a word.

Li Changan is dead.

The Qianlong Plan base made a sensation.

Yan Longwei made a sensation.

Li Changan stole Daxia secrets, leaked training plans, and betrayed his country to seek glory. He was discovered by two instructors Jin Fengtian and many students and was killed on the spot!

Although this matter is full of doubts.

But the evidence is conclusive.

Jin Fengtian and the others have devised evidence of Li Changan’s traitorous collusion with the enemy in the past few days.


There is no possibility of a comeback at all!

Li Changan died when he died.

Have to carry the infamy of a traitor!

The two Jin Fengtian and several students also received awards.

“Next get rid of Ye Junlin and sit back and relax!”

The two Jin Fengtian smiled bloodthirsty.

When they came up with Ye Jun’s idea.

Ye Junlin certainly received the news of Li Changan’s death.

He thought that Li Changan could escape.


“To kill my compatriots, but also to bear the infamy of traitors!”

Ye Junlin was angry.

He must seek justice for Li Chang’an in the sense of reason.

Before Li Changan came to remind him.

Ye Junlin still remembered this kindness.

“I didn’t want to intervene in this matter! You forced me!”

Ye Junlin was very angry.

“I personally go to the base to seek justice!”

Ye Junlin quickly went to the Qianlong Project training base.

His arrival surprised everyone.

“What are you doing?”

Many students stared at Ye Junlin.

Ye Junlin shouted at the base: “Get out of the murderer who killed Li Changan!”

This sound was like a roar of thunder.

Spread throughout the base.

Everyone inside was shocked and all rushed over.

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