The Protector

Chapter: 1584

Seeing that it was Ye Junlin, everyone said angrily: “Ye Junlin, what are you doing here?”

“I’ll find the murderer!”

Ye Junlin said coldly.

“Are you going to the wrong place? What murderer are you looking for? This is a training base, and there is no murderer you are looking for!”

“Leave quickly! Stop making trouble!”

The person in charge of Yan Longwei looked at Ye Junlin dissatisfied.

Can he stop a bit?

After coming down from the high position, Ye Junlin was making trouble almost every day.

This time I came to the training base to make trouble…

“I’m looking for the murderer who killed Li Changan!”

Ye Junlin said angrily.

“You are presumptuous!”

“Li Changan was treason with the enemy and was found to be killed when stealing Daxia secrets! He deserved the crime and should be condemned to death!”

“Why did the murderer say?”

The person in charge of Yan Longwei glared at Ye Junlin angrily.

He is getting more and more outrageous!

“Wrong! Li Changan’s act of treason with the enemy is what we have seen with our own eyes, and the evidence is solid!”

“You should kill him! Daxia shouldn’t have this cancer!”

“Ye Junlin, did you deliberately come to make trouble?”

Shao Xingtian said several people.

“Yes, that’s wrong! Li Changan is very guilty! We found out earlier that he had betrayed Daxia and had stolen secret sales many times! We collected sufficient evidence!”

“It’s impossible for you to vindicate Li Changan! Besides, are you Li Changan’s accomplice?”

Jin Fengtian beat him down.

Splash the dirty water on Ye Junlin.

Jin Fengtian looked at each other and smiled.

Originally wanted to target Ye Junlin.

Unexpectedly, he came to the door by himself.


Everyone looked at Ye Junlin with weird eyes.

“It’s so shameless!”

“You two are the murderers who killed Li Changan!”

Ye Junlin stared at the two.

“Yes, it’s wrong! Li Chang’an was indeed the two of me who killed him! But that was his collaborating with the enemy and treason, we can only kill him!”

“Did we do something wrong?”

Jin Fengtian asked.

“Wrong! Instructor Jin, you did the right thing! Yan Longwei supports you, Daxia supports you!”

“You are not at all wrong! Kill it well, kill it right!”

In the face of absolute evidence, Yan Longwei chose to believe in the two of Jin Fengtian.

Ye Junlin looked up helplessly and looked at the sky. He sneered: “Are you stupid? How could Li Changan betray Daxia? These two people are doing a ghost! It is obviously Li Changan who found evidence that they did evil and was killed. NS!”

“Ye Junlin has all the evidence, what else do you have to say?”

The person in charge of the base threw the evidence to Ye Junlin.

Ye Junlin read page by page.

The smile on the corner of his mouth grew thicker.

Regarding the evidence of Li Changan’s treason with the enemy, they did it perfectly.

You can’t find a fake place.

As for the evidence collected by Li Changan, they had long since destroyed it.

The evidence is absolutely impossible to vindicate Li Changan.

Don’t even think about it in this life.

If you pay attention to evidence, you can only prove that Li Changan is a traitor and Jin Fengtian is a great hero.

After reading the evidence, Ye Junlin smiled.

“How? Ye Junlin, what do you have to say now? Are you still looking for a murderer?”

Everyone asked back.

“It’s wrong! If you are legal, I can’t ask for justice for Li Changan!”

Hearing this, everyone laughed.

Especially Jin Fengtian and the two are even more proud.

Ye Junlin clearly knew that they were the one who killed.

But helpless!

“But I will seek justice in my own way!”

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