The Protector

Chapter: 1588


The pseudo-superior master in the dark was frightened.

It turned out that I had been discovered long ago.

not good!

Ye Junlin is not an ordinary person at all.

He lied to everyone!

The pseudo-extreme master slowly walked out.

Ye Junlin smiled.

The reason why he didn’t catch this person on the spot.

He was to give Xiao Feng a hundred people a test of life and death.

Their strength of one hundred is enough for now.

But the battle of life and death has not been experienced.

Only after this battle could it be transformed.

It’s the graduation exam for this training.

But other people’s exams are test papers.

Xiao Feng and the others have to take the test…

The opponent is very strong!

The Pseudo-Supreme-level powerhouse also understood what was going on.

This is to practice hands with him!

“Ye Junlin wants to kill me with these hairy boys? Dreaming!”

“I’m already a false supreme-level powerhouse! If the supreme powerhouse is not out, who can do anything to me in this world?”

He shouted.

Xiao Feng and others are unheard of to the Supreme Powers.

Immediately surprised.

But everyone can feel it.

This person is much stronger than the North Demon!

It’s really hard for them to get out alive!

“This opponent is stronger than ever, if you want to live, you must kill him!”

“Wish ya’ll good luck!”

Ye Junlin left a few words, and then left with Junjun and six guards.


He even locked the training base.

Don’t let a person run out.

Those who are alive are qualified to run out.

This battle lasted for half a day.

Even the base-specific alloy walls were beaten up and down, all traces…

The fighting sound has always been loud.

It’s like being bombed all the time.

One can imagine how fierce this battle is.

Ye Junlin waited for nothing before returning to the training base.


When the alloy door opened, a pungent bloody smell came over.

The blood flowed out even more.

In the training base.

There is no one standing.

All fell to the ground, or crawled, or squatted…

Everyone is covered in blood…

Looks extremely embarrassed…

Some people are even convulsing, dying…

Ye Junlin found a pseudo-Supreme-level powerhouse in the middle.

He has no breath.

Was alive to death by hundreds of people…

On the other hand, although Xiao Feng and these people were all seriously injured, everyone was breathing.

They all defeated the pseudo-extreme powerhouse alive!

I don’t know what happened during this battle.

Xiao Feng and others were basically eliminated.

They will survive with the belief that they will win.

The reason why he died alone.

It still comes from their tacit cooperation.

During this time, everyone regarded each other as brothers and sisters.

You can give the back to each other.

Their belief is either all live or all die.

Don’t give up anyone.

In this way, they came to the end.

The pseudo-extreme powerhouse was killed by them!

“You didn’t disappoint me!”

Ye Junlin nodded with satisfaction.

After this war, these young people will make a qualitative leap!

They can really stand alone when they go out.

According to Yanlongwei and Daxia’s vision-to create three existences comparable to the one-word king.

This idea can basically be realized.

But this is the beginning of Ye Junlin’s devil training…

It is estimated that the black dragon father’s group of forces did not think of it.

The pseudo-Supreme-level powerhouse they sent actually let Ye Junlin’s students practice their hands and kill…

After Xiao Feng and the others settled down.

The person in charge of the Qianlong Project brought people here.

The punishment is coming…

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