The Protector

Chapter: 1597

People always miss when they are lost.

Only when you lose it can you know the preciousness and want to cherish it.

But most of the time, there is no regret medicine at all.

In the battlefield.

The nine heavenly kings successfully contained the two supreme-level powerhouses with a combined attack.

Leading an army of one hundred thousand began to counterattack.

This makes Daxia see hope!

If there are no supreme-level powerhouses in town, defeat them!

Daxia is really famous in the world, invincible.

When Heilong father saw this, he was angry!

“Kill them!!!”

There are actually two supreme-level powerhouses in this team.

Add the black dragon father.

A total of five supreme-level powerhouses!

The five supreme-level powerhouses shot together.

The sky is shaking!

The entire No. 1 prison, such a solid building.

They were even knocked down one after another.

Even the entire area collapsed.

A big hole appeared.




The nine heavenly kings saw red one after another.

The nine people flew out one after another.

Fall to the ground and can’t get up again.

They are too far apart from the supreme powerhouse.

Relying on Ye Junlin’s combined attack technique, he was able to contend with the two supreme-level powerhouses.

But the five supreme-level powerhouses are not opponents at all.

Soon, Heilong’s father came to Ye Junlin’s side.

“You want to kill me directly?”

Ye Junlin asked.

“Hmph, I want to take you to my son’s grave to kill you!”

Black Dragon’s father said furiously.

Immediately, the two brothers of Heilong grabbed Ye Junlin and left.

Ye Junlin also showed no resistance.

Let them be.

“Master, Master…”

Everyone made a hysterical sound as Ye Junlin was taken away.

But there is no way.

A hundred thousand elites can’t stop three thousand people.

Little did he know that when Ye Jun was about to leave, he showed a weird smile; “Don’t worry, I have nothing to do!”

But Ye Junlin’s words were unheard of.

Taken away by this group of people, it must be inevitable to die.

have no choice!


So many people even said that the entire Daxia could not keep Ye Junlin.


But supreme-level powerhouses exist like gods.

They are invincible when they are born.

“What should we do now? We are out of hand!”

“This next word is undoubtedly the king will die!”

Yan Longwei was silent up and down, and everything was shrouded in shadows.

“The only hope now is whether they can make a move?”

A high-level Yan Longwei said.

“Who are they?”

Everyone asked curiously.

“They… hey…”

The man just sighed.

Heilong’s father three thousand people brought Ye Junlin to the grave of Heilong.

“The Tomb of Tuoba Longcheng!”

Seeing the words on the tombstone, Ye Junlin knew the real name of Heilong.

It turned out that this group of people came from the Tuoba family.

Double surnames are rare!

Mostly the background is great!

“Long Cheng see who I brought?”

Heilong’s father Tuoba Zunwan said to the tombstone.

“He is Ye Junlin who planned your death with one hand!”

“Today, he must splash three feet of blood in front of your tombstone to avenge you!”

Tuoba Longcheng’s two older brothers, Tuoba Longfeng and Tuoba Longyuan, stared at Ye Junlin.

“Third brother, we avenge you!”

Ye Junlin stood in front of the tombstone.

Like a lamb to be slaughtered.

Waiting for a slaughter at any time.

“Respect Longcheng!”

“Respect to Young Master Three!”

Three thousand people have a bowl of wine in their hands.

Under the leadership of Tuoba Zunwan, they drank one after another.

After drinking, they smashed to the ground one after another.

“Kill, take revenge!”

At this moment, Ye Junlin’s momentum changed.

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