The Protector

Chapter: 1599

Three thousand masters.

Among them are three supreme-level powerhouses.

Fourteen Pseudo Supreme Powers!

The rest are master-level powerhouses!

This team is simply terrible!

If it is released, Daxia and Yanlongwei may be scared to death!

This team has fifty masters who are better than or at the Northern Devil level.

If it had been before, it would have been impossible to imagine.

Fifty North Devils appeared together…

Disaster in disaster!

But now is different from the past, stronger people have appeared.

The Northern Devil is nothing.

“bring it on!”

Ye Junlin rushed towards the enemy group.

Fight with three thousand people together.

This battle was really dark.

Beat a piece of pure land into purgatory.

The blood was everywhere.

Miserable cry

The sound of broken bones;

Howling wind

All kinds of sounds are combined to compose a death killing song.

After a while.

Only one person stood in the field.

That is Ye Junlin.

Everyone else fell to the ground, silent.

Especially Tuoba Zunwan’s body stiffened, but his eyes stared like copper bells.

He is unwilling…

At this point, Tuoba’s three thousand army was completely overthrown.

After doing all this, Ye Junlin left.

When Yan Longwei sent someone to find here, he was dumbfounded.

“Who did this?”

“Are they completely overthrown? This, this…”

Everyone is going crazy.

“Where is Ye Junlin? Find him quickly! Then release the message!”

Soon, the message was released-the mysterious organization was completely overthrown, including five supreme-level powerhouses and 14 pseudo-extreme-level powerhouses.

The world is shocked!

Da Xia was once again covered with a veil of mystery.

So many supreme-level powerhouses have fallen.

What does Daxia have?

It is also from today that supreme-level powerhouses enter everyone’s eyes.

The secret of the covenant of the gods will also start to be revealed a little bit.

Fengtian city is buried deep in the deep mountains and heavy snow.

“Is Tuoba Zun Wan crazy? He came out of the mountain!”

“Did he disregard the covenant of the gods?”

They just learned that Tuoba Zunwan had left with his line.

“It’s not good, the big thing is bad!”

“If Tuoba Zun’s line is overthrown!”

At this time, a message came.

“It’s over, it’s over, this time is over!”

“Tuo Ba Zun broke the agreement of the gods in disregard of the agreement! They must have done it!”

A similar voice was also heard from the Yanlongwei base.

“They must have done it!”

There are high-level Taoists.

“They? Who are they?”

Everyone is curious.

“The god who guards Daxia in the dark!”

Everyone was shocked: “That is, those people you said that the North Demon is not qualified to let them take action?”

“Right! Wrong!”

“The North Devil is far from qualified, but now that the supreme-level powerhouses have come forward, they are going to make a move! These people are already up to their standards for making a move!”

“Believe it or not, Ye Junlin is now safe and sound! Go to Jiangbei to find him, you can definitely find him!”

“Because they took action, Ye Junlin will definitely live!”

Yan Longwei’s senior leaders are extremely confident.

Soon Yanlongwei sent people to Jiangbei.

Sure enough, I saw Ye Junlin.

Safe and sound.

Everyone in Yan Longwei laughed.

Sure enough, Daxia’s secret patron saint had acted.

Little did it know that the person who shot was Ye Junlin.

Have a trivial relationship with other people?

“Mr. Ye, your life is very big, but you have to thank Daxia!”

“It was the patron saint who made the move, and you were able to survive!”

Several people laughed.

Ye Junlin was stunned.

Does this have anything to do with other people?

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