The Protector

Chapter: 1603

Everyone laughed when they heard it.

“This kid! I really love Dad!”

“Father is the tallest and most powerful in the eyes of a child!”

Several people Zhou Yingying smiled.

In fact, Ye Junlin really wanted to tell them that he was invincible.

But he held back.

On the contrary, now he is an ordinary person, which can stimulate Li Ziran’s motivation even more.

Let them progress faster.

It’s definitely a good thing.

I won’t disclose it for the time being.

Almost all Daxia is actively preparing for the war.

At this time, in the snowy mountains of Fengtian City.

The strong men with Tuoba Zunwan and the others also began to move.

“He’s just like a stunned boy, he doesn’t listen!”

“Is it all right now? Become a victim of the Covenant of the Gods! The whole family is destroyed!”

“I said that as long as he goes out, the masters who made the covenant of the gods will definitely slaughter! He just won’t listen!”

Everyone was very angry.

It is believed that the ruler who made the covenant of the gods killed the line of Tuoba Zunwan.

No one had thought of Ye Junlin’s destruction of them.

“No way, Zunwan died like this. What kind of face does my Tuoba clan have? He doesn’t take revenge, let’s take revenge!”

“Now that the covenant of the gods is broken, we can enter and leave wantonly!”

“Command, Tuoba clan, everyone gather! Go south, kill Ye Junlin!”

There are four major forces in the Tuoba clan.

Tuoba Zunwan is the third child.

Now the other three veins are united and are going south.

After the covenant of the gods was broken, the supreme powerhouses around the world were ready to move.

But it was the Tuoba clan who really took the action.

They headed southward and mighty.

More than three times stronger than the previous Tuoba Zunwan team.

Especially the number and strength of supreme-level powerhouses can be more than three times.

As soon as the Tuoba clan came out, they called out the slogan—the one who blocked the road, kills no mercy.

Yan Longwei could only clear the way and let them come.

at the same time.

There are supreme powerhouses all over Daxia.

But they are not as high-profile as the Tuoba clan.

Everyone sneaked into the world of ordinary people quietly.

At this moment, Xiao Feng and others who are in charge of the central theater of Daxia.

See Tuoba’s family heading south.

They are anxious.

“They should… shouldn’t they go to Ye En people?”

“Absolutely! It is their Tuoba clan who broke the covenant of the gods! Now they are definitely going to Ye En people!”

Everyone said.

“We want to stop, and we can’t let them hurt Ye En people!”

Everyone is in a desperate posture.

Xiao Feng thought for a while and said, “Let them go!”


Everyone was taken aback.

“Xiao Feng, what do you mean? Watching them deal with the benefactor?”

Everyone is very puzzled.

Xiao Feng glanced at the crowd and said, “First of all, we can’t stop them! Going to fight with them is only a mere increase in casualties!”

“Secondly, Ye En people definitely have a way to deal with it!”

“Huh? Ye En people can do it?”

Everyone was taken aback.

“Ye En people are definitely not ordinary people! It’s impossible for ordinary people to train us to such a degree? And how good Junior Junior Sister Junjun is, do you all know?”

Everyone is thoughtful.

“What’s more terrifying is the last time the pseudo-Supreme-level powerhouse, how did he know that he was in the dark? He also specially brought it to the training base to let us fight?”


Thinking of this, everyone showed crazy expressions.

“So I say that Ye En people are by no means ordinary people!”

Xiao Feng was very sure.

Finally, the Tuoba clan left in the central theater.

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