The Protector

Chapter: 1605

This sound shook the audience.

Only Ye Junlin had a calm face.

Because he had known someone secretly.

The mysterious person who has been monitoring their family.

At this moment, he appeared.

Ye Junlin also knew why this group of people had been spying on their family during this period of time.

They are here for Junjun.

It is estimated that Junjun’s talent has long been taken care of.

Now that the Tuoba clan wanted to take Junjun away, they naturally refused to agree.


Everyone in Tuoba’s clan became vigilant.

I saw several figures appearing at the top of the villa.

They beat Xuexue in white, and they have a dusty temperament on their bodies.

But every one is a supreme powerhouse.

“Da da da……”

There were footsteps around.

Dozens of young people.

These people are all pseudo-Supreme-level powerhouses.

As soon as they appeared.

Tuoba’s expression immediately became solemn.

They already have a foreboding of each other’s strength.

“The Tuoba clan, right? We are Wushuang City in Shu!”

“This little girl is what I saw in Wushuang City! You can’t get involved!”

“What? Wushuang City in Shu?”

When Tuoba Zunpeng and others heard this, they were shocked.

No one else has heard of it, but Ye Junlin has never heard of it.

Familiar with the Tuoba family!

Before the appearance of the covenant of the gods, Wushuang City was one of Daxia’s super powers.

Known as the top of Western Shu!

Rumor has it that there are hundreds of supreme-level powerhouses.

Now that the silence has disappeared for so long, I don’t know where Wushuang City has reached.

The Tuoba clan is far beyond comparison.

The two sides are completely different.

In addition, the supreme-level powerhouses are also divided into ranks.

In the world of the strong, there is a saying that the Supreme Nine Heavens.

Divide the supreme-level powerhouses into nine levels, from the supreme one heaven to the supreme nine heaven.

Jiuzhongtian is naturally the highest.

It is also the most difficult to achieve.

Rare in the world.

There are many supreme powerhouses all over the world.

But basically ninety-nine percent are of the Supreme Grade.

The above is very difficult to be very few.

The strongest of the Tuoba clan is Tuoba Zunpeng, the Supreme Triple Heaven.

Tuoba Zunwan who was killed by Ye Junlin was a supreme double heaven.

But the Wushuang City in front of us has a lot of powerhouses of the Supreme-level Triple Heavens, and even several elders are the Supreme-level Quadruple Heavens.

The most frightening thing is that Wushuang City possesses a supreme level five heavenly powerhouse.

Therefore, Wushuang City is the top power in Daxia.

At the top of the list.

It is definitely not something that the Tuoba family can contend.

Put it this way, a supreme-level Quadruple Heavenly powerhouse can basically annihilate the entire Tuoba clan.

The higher the level of the supreme-level powerhouse, the stronger.

The difference at every level is truly astonishing.

That’s why the nine heavens are used to divide the realm.

When the Tuoba clan heard about the name of Wushuang City, they immediately panicked.

If one is not careful, it makes the other person angry.

They must be annihilated.

“Huh? The seedling that Wushuang City is fond of?”

Tuoba Zunpeng’s teeth were shaking.

“Yes, that’s wrong! Before the covenant of the gods was broken, we were eyeing this child!”

Wushuang City is not telling lies.

Jun Jun and the others have been eyeing it long ago.

Wushuang City is in Xishu, in the same area as the gates of Xishu.

Therefore, they all know the size of the West Shu gate clan.

Especially the emergence of genius seedlings like Junjun, they have long been eyeing.

After the covenant of the gods was broken, the elders of Wushuang City rushed to observe the king.

Observing this period of time, I feel that Junjun is the strongest genius of this era.

Just as everyone was planning to take it away, the Tuoba clan appeared.

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